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    I thought I'd start a new thread about good customers, I always hear of bad ones never hear of the good ones! Just finished a job for an elderly couple, float n set dwarf walls in a conservatory. I turn up at 8 and they've got a bacon sarnie waiting for me lol, she put a fan incase it got to hot...
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    cost of travis perkins materials

    I pay 58 pence for 2.4 m thin coats, £4.60 inc vat for multi.... Stick to small merchants, there more competitive and need your custom more than travis! I had a cash account at travis n used it once, still bombarded with e mails telling me to come back lol.
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    does anybody no the answer to this??

    Would rather skim in the dark than use halogens.... Chasing shadows!!
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    Retired spreads.

    My grandfather retired aged 71.... He started in his mid twenties, Die hard spread riddled with arthritis lol. Customers used to always call him my "dad", so either he looked good for his age or plastering has aged me 20 odd years?? Sorry for that 'Hector' moment :RpS_mellow:
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    some customers just live in a dream world !! lol

    It's like going into tescos and saying ill give you £50 CASH for £100 worth of food...... Hate customers like that! Just got to go with your gut instinct!
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    Are things getting worse all over?

    Well at least they let you know that you haven't got the job malc... The past two months I've had nothing but timewasterers.... But you have to speculate to accumulate.
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    What a tit

    You reminded me of a time when I lost my phone... Couldn't find it anywhere, found it about a year later in bushes in garden all chewed up and well hidden thanks to our dog who was a puppy at the time!
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    I wonder jcr has started his evening course in electrics yet.....
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    I just charged a fella £80 to skim a dot n dabbed fire breast and returns, two thin coat beads bag a multi! So I would say that a fair price, but could have pushed a bit more.... My opinion before jcr bites my head off....
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    ripples in skim

    Stop chasing shadows....painter will get over it!
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    A tale of 2 Customers

    The only time I finish a job without a cheque in my wallet is when I do jobs for local builders whom I trust will pay..... Oh and insurance jobs when they keep you on phone for about a month....
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    Plaster in the eye

    I was skimming under stairs little curved ceiling 1st coat really thick to get the curve 2nd coat bit of movement were scrim tape looked up just as scrim tape was falling..... Scrim tape wrapped around my face! Then had to walk half mile to taps, then drive home about 30 miles..... Oh yeah then...
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    OK whats your fav-aspect of being a spread

    Misses said you weren't to great.....
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    OK whats your fav-aspect of being a spread

    Mine has to be walking through my front door after hard days work, to be greeted by my misses telling me to take all my clothes off.......
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    Gone back to the spot and...

    I don't think you do...... My mate removed casing once..... And put it this way he only ever done it once!! Get the owner of the house your working on to do it much safer!
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    Rated People ?

    My builder is pretty fair no membership.... Leads range from £1 to £8 had a few jobs which have lead to some decent customers who always come back with more work.
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    Rated People ?

    I thought that only three tradesman can buy the same lead John??
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    Rated People ?

    Mate I wouldn't even bother with em! Check out one of my old posts i wrote about rated people. A customer budget of £250 and a lead price of £25 summin + vat.waste ofttimes.
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    how big is yours !!!!

    I had a mt when I first started, this is know my roughing trowel. And use a spear and Jackson tyzach trowel 14" finishing. Several midget trowels, mt floor trowel, finger trowels, pipe trowels small tools etc different trowels for diffrant jobs.
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    accident be careful

    that is just brutal....
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    fkin electricians

    tell him he better buy another 6 more down lights!!!!!
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    Banter while working.

    Can't beat banter mate..... You ever thought of being a librarian???
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    Working away

    But ain't it about $5 for a loaf of bread??
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    Quoting on work till this time!

    Wrong thread again.... ******* computer.
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    Quoting on work till this time!

    Congratulations John Doe.... Just don't make the mistake me n misses made by letting them sleep in your bed... Mine comes in at about 2am and gets into our bed then I'm sleeping on a inch strip down my side!! Nightmare
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    Unprepeared walls.

    No offence taken, just waffling mate..
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    Unprepeared walls.

    Priced A big dining room up the other day, customer wanted me to price for removing wallpaper and make good of walls! I just explained that his guess is as good as mine as to the condition of wall condition!! So just priced removing wallpaper on day rate, then once removed advise and quote for...
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    Unprepeared walls.

    Priced A big dining room up the other day, customer wanted me to price for removing wallpaper and make good of walls! I just explained that his guess is as good as mine as to the condition of wall condition!! So just priced removing wallpaper on day rate, then once removed advise and quote for...
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    My eye's....they're burning!!!

    Painter will get over it....
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    Float and skim vs board and skim

    Wouldn't advise snorting hardwall bubbles, cant be good for you....
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    Out of date multi finish

    Couldn't have said it any better minh!!
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    PVA on plasterboard

    Apparently Chinese chips taste nicer because they cut there potatoes sideways?? is this true??
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    just advice on a mixer.

    still got mine lol, its 3rd reserve after my bosch 18v cordless with a paint whisk on it.
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    Switches and sockets

    DA JA VU (think I spelt that right.)
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    Switches and sockets

    I always take fronts off its the proper way to do it, but ive never put them in terminal blocks.... also always clean out boxes after polish!! but I don't on site, I like to cut cables about 10mm from back of box.....
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    Just finished a job that I shouldn't of started

    second class citizens us spreads.....
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    I hate joiners.

    I remember this chippie on site watched me scrim toilet ceilings n walls out. Knocked one up came back, during this time he decided he was going to start putting on skirting board on. He started whinging whilst I was putting ceiling on. I replied haven't you got an umbrella...... he soon got the...
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    pva multi, what a con!

    Why would you fcuck off down the café.............. I have to eat sarnies in one hand trowel up with the other. p.s NEVER leave a set!!
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    pva multi, what a con!

    Why would you put a set on then fcuk off down the café..... I usually eat sarnies in one hand trowel up in other!!
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    Rated people/checkatrade views & experience?

    Rated people have the customer traffic but there all a bunch of bell drips... bad experience with them!!
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    I can not look the client in the eye any more

    Got my misses one for valentines day....... for some reason she thought it was a piss take, proper fridged.
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    Customers got to love them? NOT

    Priced a kitchen ceiling up all board work done by the customer. Half days work, charging customer full day, turn up and he had put these rustic looking 2x2 beams in!! couldn't even get my trowel in, plus he wanted me to tape beams up!!*****.
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    Trowel protection

    And I Cant read questions properly...........
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    Trowel protection

    Ive got a rail down one side of van, just slide trowels & hawk in.
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    air bubbles in my hardwall

    I never put two coats of hard wall on, just put on thick, leave for a bit then rule off!!
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    Rated people joke mate. Bought job lead called customer she said that she wasn't moving in for another three weeks..... called back allowing time, she said she found some one else!! tried reporting bad lead wanting my money back they said there was a 14 day period to report bad lead. Even...