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    Poor render job

    My 10 year old could do a better job absolutely shocking how the f**k do these people get away with it its beyond belief it wants takin of and doing again
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    With a bicycle wheel on the bottom
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    Plastering Charges v brick laying fees

    In my opinion both are proper trades and should be paid proper but there’s a lot a people who think skimming on board is being a plasterer in the same way people think laying bricks between two profiles is being bricklayer what i will say is being a chippy has changed a lot in the last 25 years...
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    One coat plastering

    My first boss used to do one coat, his work was crap and always full of tigger stripes because I think he knocked it up to dry and put on to thick and he was a f**k**g chancer my best advice is do 2 coats and do it properly
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    That’s just how them bastards work it’s the same with fuel quick to go up slow to come down
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    We’re paying near double for Timber at the mo 18 months ago we were paying £1.25 for 4/2 now it’s near £2.40 a meter things have gone up a fair bit not everything but a lot of stuff has and the quality is of gear is s**t
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    Yep always add aleast one extra 0
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    Can’t say I’ve personally noticed beads being short
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    That’s ex vat
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    Why the f**k r u lot paying £8 a bag for multi I’m paying £5.25 a bag at TP
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    Someone going over your work.

    At 22 u can barely make a proper cup of tea just about handle a brush and the only thing u should b skimming is the backs of cupboards whined ur neck in he’s probably trying to teach u something
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    Covering Artex ceiling with EasyFill

    If u use filler over a large area like that by the time uve sanded it back it will look like waves of the f**k**g sea
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    Covering Artex ceiling with EasyFill

    You have not got a clue one spaw
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    We had a pallet from Jewsons that were BG after using kunaf from Tp the BG ones are utter dog s**t soft as f**k
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    show me ya lime burns

    I nearly sliced the very end of finger of the other day giving me trowels a clean nearly f**k**g passed out cos I’m not good with blood and has been sore as f**k for the last week
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    show me ya lime burns

    That looks a bit stingy
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    the wheat from the chaff

    I could still learn a lot now never done any silicone rendering or whatever it is never made cove since college!
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    the wheat from the chaff

    DJB Building services 1996 3year block relase I started there when I was 12 weekends school hols in 1996 started my aprentership in 2000
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    f**k**g get

    Congratulations tapit
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    Youll enjoy this one guys.. pics included

    My son been to work with me a few times and I reckon he’d make a better job of that boarding and he’s 10 , id love to have look at some of the windows he’s fitted
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    Welcome along
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    Plastering Finish

    Don’t like slagging other peoples work of but that’s s**t money back I reckon
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    How much you say is fair

    £30 a day is not enough I employ lads needs to be £100 a day min
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    Stopped money !!!

    f**k Them don’t need people f**k**g u over like that better off staying at home than risking working for them for free
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    Plastering before windows

    If you can put up with I would leave it it’ll cost more in the long run and you will never know what damage they will do when the fit the windows, however it is possible like John j suggested
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    Extra time additive

    Very nice done some big stuff in my time but nothing as big as that
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    New guy, old firehouses.

    Hi nice of u to join us
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    So it's settled then..

    I always take a piss sat down take the weight of
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    Covid jab

    That stuck it in my left arm lucky for my I’m right handed s*x is all right but u can’t beat the real thing
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    Covid jab

    Had my jab today so far bit of a sore arm but f**k all else sooner they had given it to my mum or dad but I’m classed as vulnerable because I have epilepsy so I’ll let u all know if I die tomorrow
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    Still problems with multi and board??!!

    I’ve f**k*d my flex of just more shite to lug around and my finish has just been getting worse and worse back to ss mt and no problems like u said it’s the time of year with the plaster
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    So it's settled then..

    Its a hawk!!!! never herd the word hand board till I came on here I’ve been at it for 25 years stupid name I know but it’s a hawk
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    Still problems with multi and board??!!

    All I’ve noticed is my finishing was s**t till I stop using my s*p*r*lex can’t say I’ve noticed much else just the time of year init
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    Trowel size.

    18 inch for skimming 13 inch for rendering both mt have quite a few different sizes but that’s what I mainly use
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    Gotta share the good news

    I’ve read his book twice the first time I packed it in for about 3 years then one day a bad one at that bang back to twenty a day
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    What are peoples views on super flex trowles

    I No this is a bit boring and work related but I’m rapidly going of mine it dose take the pressure of ur joints but the work I’m turning out don’t seem to b as good as it use to and have now gone back to just using ss mt And a speed skim and the results speak for there self really
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    Gotta share the good news

    Good for u keep it up I didn’t and am now vapeing which I also f**k**g hate
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    Rendered Walls Gone Powdery

    Hi there my best gues would be to many or to much in the way of additives
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    Buy a crew cab tipper rip out the back seats fit ur tools in there then u can put a whole pack in the flatbed of the tipper if u want or sand or anything wouldn’t be without mine
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    I ant Judging u mate everyone has to work peoples circumstances are different and it’s not an easy call for anyone I’m lucky with the work I do and we’re I’m working and my situation
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    Still working but only on site, wouldn’t fell right working on domestics at the mo but I can totally understand peoples different financial situations it’s not easy if uve got a wife 3 kids and all the bills to pay
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    Sand cement

    Haven’t done any float and set in years and that’s more key than I’ve ever given it with no problems ever, give it four or five days in a warm house it will b good to go I reckon
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    Permitted Development for outbuildings and Building regs

    This might be of use it depends what you intend to use the “office” for
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    Cylicone renders looks bumpy with lights on

    f**k me what about his electric bill let alone enviromental damage and light pollution
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    Permitted Development for outbuildings and Building regs

    My wife is a planning consultant she says have you read the guidance on the planning portal the link is: guides/outbuildings/Outbuildings.pdf PM me if you want to speak to her once you’ve read it.
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    Saturday job

    That’s what matters and at the end of the day it gets dark