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    Ewi gang looking job in s. Wales

    Hi Radek, Still looking for work, Please contact ThermalGuard for on going work in Wales Regards Dave
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    EPS Quoins

    Need quoin stones we have stone effect, bath stone, all types of cosmetic enhancements available huge range. You send photo we will recreate most sections in X.P.S light weight. find us www.Thermalguard
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    EPS waste

    Eps waste problems, contact ThermalGuard EPS recycling we recycle all ,EPS white, grey, XPS contact ben recycling manager 07823414753. Regards Dave
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    EPS Quoins

    We have a lot of enhancements available, products new to the Uk market, a number of quoin stones, stone effect matting, brick, wood,Etc available check out ThermalGuard web site save you alot of time and money. Regards Thermalguard