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    9.5mm boards

    9.5s cost more than 12.5s
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    Refina s*p*r*lex 2

    Chip pie Plastering, can’t be very busy
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    Help with 8x4 15mm ceilings.??

    Bought a board lifter, paid for itself in two days, had it now for about 20 years, Couldn’t do without it now
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    Best method for inside fireplace recess

    scratch 3-1 sand hydraulic Lime, top coat next day the same mix
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    Plastering over old plasterboard

    If the plasterboards are sound then a coat of pva diluted 30/50 would be fine
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    Wood burner info

    Hydraulic lime 3-1
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    Rendering with lime?

    Hi been plastering for 40 years, never had problems with render s&c using 6 & 1 mix with plastersicer. Have used a 6 / 1 /1 cement sand lime mix, which occasionally gets hair line cracking.
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    EZE - Speedskim - Refina skimming spatula - devices

    Refina spats, best tool to come out in plastering for years