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  1. algeeman

    beautiful sundays

    quite proud of myself usually wankered in bed snoring the neighbours baby to sleep what are you tramps up too :whistle:
  2. algeeman

    good morning

    you wanna be thick millionaire cuunts :cool:
  3. algeeman

    sweets and beer

    still the same price cost of living surley hasn't changed
  4. algeeman

    drunken sister

    anyone got an alcoholic sister I can call :birra: :bailando:
  5. algeeman


    wankers plans today :birra:
  6. algeeman


    noticed my balls have started to bounce between my legs more as I'm cross trowleing the bottoms of the walls is this a normal process of getting older ?? to the older cuunts do you balls sag more with ripe old age (y)(y)
  7. algeeman

    morning all

    plans this weekend?? I've a wedding in South Manchester today better wash the skim out my hair and brush my 6 teeth get suited and booted beach day with kids tomorrow (y) what you lot up 2 :cool:
  8. algeeman

    right the boyz and ladies

    like my s*x life ANY SECOND NOW 9/1 what you beautiful people going for :birra:
  9. algeeman


    we draw scotland :cool: :numberone: :birra: shut you hairy back cuunts up once and for all :hola::birras:
  10. algeeman

    red deisel

    All building sites in UK have to use white at forecourt prices from April the first.... gonna be a rise in new build prices
  11. algeeman


    what you lot up 2
  12. algeeman

    well ??

  13. algeeman

    happy valentine

    @Vincey you gorgeous little man eater :chica::hola::whistle:
  14. algeeman

    brown grit

    guts have fallen out of me @Cockney1 my love the smell the sound uncontrollable mate :X3::rayos::frenetico::frio::llorando:
  15. algeeman

    kebab time

    @Rossi46 :birra: :cool: :cool:
  16. algeeman

    happy xmas

    some cracking lads and @JessThePlasterer on here put your feet up and enjoy the time off cheers all :birra: TPF :birra:
  17. algeeman


    @stuart23 thought I'd start a thread because I sort of felt left out :birra: my gorgeous man x
  18. algeeman

    remembrance sunday

    packed up here bands are in full swing minutes silence 11 am morning all (y)
  19. algeeman


    hope your not as rough as me tomorrow you little beutiies not you @Olican @theclemo @Groove37 hope you cuunts are suffering :birra:
  20. algeeman

    my pint glass

    @essexandy did you get your pint glass yet?? @Danny lazy arse might get a train down and pick the fuckiung thing up fancy a beer andy :birra:
  21. algeeman


    @smoother09 you ok brother me and @stuart23 thinking of you x
  22. algeeman

    squeeky bum time

    come on Kane
  23. algeeman

    happy birthday

    scarlett :birra: :cool: 14 today
  24. algeeman

    swinging chair

    fuucked am i watching Liverpool in that bar il enjoy my beer and brandy on this swinging chair @Rossi46 1 how do you eat them ghost chillis
  25. algeeman

    getting old

    feels like I've spent 3 days on the shitter might spend a week here I could actually sleep here :wtf:
  26. algeeman

    who wants to be millionaire

    easy money
  27. algeeman

    jamie you in the saddle

    @smoother09 anything on today sir :birra:
  28. algeeman

    who the f**k

    @John j who's spudcunt he thinks he's omar the great
  29. algeeman

    grown men

    @algeeman skimming and drinking @Danny from trying to get rich @Plasterers1StopShop trying even harder @smoother09 gambling @Olican doing what he can to help everyone @Stevieo being so mad @John j thinking the world is free @Nath80 trying to be being intelligent @Casper let's have it...
  30. algeeman


    @stuart23 fiuucked me :llorando: :birra:
  31. algeeman

    oh yes

    ITS COMING HOME :cool: :birra:
  32. algeeman


    all welcome round mines beer chicken wings footy :birra: :cool: :numberone: ENGERLUUUUUND XXX
  33. algeeman

    kettles broke

    argh well :birra:
  34. algeeman


    foooooking love it :birra:
  35. algeeman


    @Stevieo @Casper 30 seconds in the microwave :estudioso:
  36. algeeman

    english engineering

    England v Ukraine
  37. algeeman

    go on Hancock

    get her juicy knickers off :cool: :birra:
  38. algeeman


    you jock fuucking c**ts are buzzing not conceding more then 5 goals f**k**g mum shagging shiits ENGEEERLLAAANNDDDD :birra:
  39. algeeman


    just wondering If @Casper and @Dollar mask up when riding each other :birra:
  40. algeeman

    work today

    telling apprentice to cut his hair get a hat or loose his job telling joiner to fuuck off sills should of been fitted first telling spread next door I'm not here to hold your hand telling Paul who I work for next plots better be better than the last 10 s**t holes telling myself to get...
  41. algeeman

    site safety

    young 17 year old fell through bedroom into garage and broke his wrist yesterday house builder won't pay out because he never signed in that morning joiners fault he fell through aswell poor young lad has only just started in the game.
  42. algeeman


    can I borrow 10 grand off you arseholes to put on west ham win both to score il give you all a decent return
  43. algeeman

    family problems

    power nap on the sofa After work all I can hear is Hitlers SS first infantry matching towards me opened an eye its her and my oldest daughter munching on walkers crisps and doritoes as loud as they can f**k**g eat them in the garden I'm trying to sleep :sleep: didn't go down so well with...
  44. algeeman

    not looking a bad bet

    2 Manchester clubs are favourite in Europe (y)
  45. algeeman

    a bit shy

    but f**k it.... @Dollar was your period late after your jab :rico:
  46. algeeman

    good weekend ??

    I'm trying to get wankered as fast as possible before tomorrow rolls round :birra:
  47. algeeman

    blue s**t

    gonna drink that next
  48. algeeman

    an inspiration

  49. algeeman

    cant think of anything

  50. algeeman

    jet engine

    took the sting off it :frenetico: