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    Just curious see if any members are going next week for the final? Cmon you mighty reds
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    Refina 3

    Got one a couple of months ago haven’t hardly used forgot I had it ! Has any been using them regularly? And what’s the verdict?
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    Refina power float

    Hi all probably been asked on here ? Thinking of getting one of these power floats couple of questions are they any good on sand and cement bit of lime ? Are they worth the investment? Go steady thanks .
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    New stand

    Hi all haven’t used a stand for years fancy a change anyone know of getting a descent stand from? Brought one from toolstation looked good in the book but luckily it was damaged. Thanks
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    New Refina

    Has anyone used the new s*p*r*lex 3 trowel can be used for second coat ? Just got one today
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    Internal sandstone

    Hi all only a small area to redo it’s sandstone what’s the best mix ratio lime virgin after all these years !but am learning
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    Lime pointing

    Hi all I’ve read up a bit I’m thinking to repoint sandstone use 3 -1 sharp sand and hydrated lime slaked any tips much appreciated thanks
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    Arenino vk2

    hi all has anyone used this before ? Got a small job and I'm after as much info on it as possible i.e. Do I need a primer? How to apply and finish it's only 5 bags but need to be done right .many thanks nick
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    Plaziflex spat

    hi all fellow spreaders has anyone got or used the Refina plaziflex spat ?are they any good ?just ordered one just curious many thanks all the best to all forum members for 2017 ! Kind regards nick aka Bagrat
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    hi just a couple of questions if any more experienced members can tell me please I've use ocr over rendaid fine but been price to much for rendaid so am thinking of trying hp12 then ocr on top ? It's only a small job I trying hp12 because of it availability. Thanks in advance
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    Tape tech

    I've got a variety of tape tech gear some hardly used a pump automatic taper boxes nail spotter etc if anyone can pm then I will forward all pictures.many thanks a bargain for a taper flex sander also thrown in pick up only from Liverpool
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    hi all can any tell if I can purchase a speedskim in Liverpool any stockists ?need one for Tuesday did have one but sold it ha but thinking of giving them another go !also I have several NELA trowels for sale if anyone is interested? Thanks
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    NELA s*p*r*lex

    after using nela s*p*r*lex trowel since they came out recently I've noticed on the butt end of boards they show lines where the boards join onto the other boards .my method of using the trowel is 2 cross trowels at the end of the gauge but I do lay on only 2 mil !my question is is it because I'm...
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    Thistle dri coat

    hi there all can anyone tell me if it is possible to skim the same day ?have used it about 10 years ago can't remember if I let it dry 24 hours ?also who stock it ?bq done it not to sure many thanks Nick
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    storing trowels

    Hi all was after a few ideas on storing trowels in the back of the van .lve been hanging them up in my old van but would ideally Ike to lay them flat on the floor maybe a compartment or box many thanks for any ideas.
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    renault trafic

    Hi all looking to sell my van Renault trafic 06 76000 on the clock its a quick sale sold as seen the bad points few dents oil leek seat belt playing up top seal missing windscreen side door drops all the time rip in drivers seat obviously not clean! the good points in my opinion if some one was...
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    ty mawr lime top coat

    Hi all great forum well the only forum has any one ever used this lime top coat finish plaster before? Ive got to over the base coat which has now cured thanks in advance kind regards nick
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    cracks in render

    The ancient chinese have beat all your stress cracks problems apparently they used sticky rice in the mortar !on the great wall would you believe forget ebay for cheap rolls of mesh !im looking for a rice suppliers !
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    smokestained pebbledash

    Hi all stuck on a job now and pebbledash is smokestained small area any ideation to clean rather than remove?thanks in advance heeeeeeeelp!
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    eze spat s*p*r*lex

    Afternoon all being a recently converted eze spat owner love it more than my missus lol! I always finish with plazzy after 2 or 3 spats has any of you guys used the spat in conjunction with finishing with a s*p*r*lex nela ofcourse any advice appreciated many thanks
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    garden wall

    Hi all ive got a small garden wall to do in a krend the wall is only small concrete block but top block is celcon.iam a bit concerned of suction iam doing it two passes no mesh its only a days work for me .will it be slightly colour different?or crack ?thanks lads
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    I love plastering because

    1 my mrs cant do it. 2 my next door neighbour cant do it .3 you can always pull the wool over people who havent a clue just like mechanics! 4 love the nice little earners . 5 trowels and handtools are cheaper than joiners ! 6 we annoy other trades with our mess .7 the plasterers forum .8 we...
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    scs wakefield

    went for a days course today lads learnt thincoat system on boards very impressed with it .worth a visit lads if your a novice like myself tutor colin very good.
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    accident be careful

    lve never been one for all health and safety i mean where was it 20 years ago! a fellow spread fell over his own floor scraper whilst talking to us and fell right on his trowel.whan he hit the floor the trowel went through his non spreading handand he spent 2 nights in hospital and lost the job...
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    drywall adhesive on bitumen

    ll merry xmas been t
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    tape tech tools

    for sale bazooka flat boxes pump x2 flex sander not to sure if its working correctly various other bits and bobs pump gooseneck corner finisher few poles not the 40 or 50 day type ha! f interested pm please regards bagrat
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    aright lads

    aright lads havent been on site for a while no l havent been stuck down well maybe for my plastering ! work myself in liverpool mainly just for builders and sparks dont get me started on sparks! love the job most of the time cheers nick bagrat .
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    Scratch coat in ft silicone

    Hi lads a lad who works with had to render some small areas in krend .he informed me tonight one section he scratched it the top coat ft.Iam worried what the colour will turn out as the rest of it had hp12 on it he just couldn't be bothered to mix up a bit of there anyway round this...
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    Labourer or plasterer?

    Hi lads been on a job for weeks now big extension etc.been getting put in a corner by builder for a question is if it takes 4 weeks with 2 plasterers how long would it take a one and one gang bear it mind the labourer will be getting exactly half as much as argument is it...
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    Mono baywindow ply

    Hi chaps can anyone tell me please what the spec on a bay window ply ?the job is basecoat then topcoat I use the big roll of fibre tape over ply instead of elm? Many thanks time to be sensible nick.
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    Help please rip of van insurance

    hi lads just had renewal through .the monthly payments fully comp gone up from45 to 75 !!if anyone knows of any decent brokers I would be very grateful.many thanks bagrat
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    Magnesium hawk

    Just brought a magnesium hawk from carobyn quality bit of kit lads .am sure a few of you will be using's a mobile spotboard lol!
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    I section

    Can anyone please advise me please? Got a front bay round to do in mono scratch.I've got a isection 1.2m but the bay is maybe 2m any ideas what to use as I don't think you can get a isection bigger than 1.2 m . I've got some primary channel but am not sure if would be good To open up? Many thanks
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    Can anyone advise please?am going existing render with hp12 and then topcoat .should I pva or straight over with hp .the existing is solid many thanks.
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    Tesco tape and joint

    Just been to brand new tesco in park road Liverpool .the finish I presume is taped is dreadful .going up the escalator the external angles are all over the show.they must of been cscs registered to get on site so they must know what there doing?I mean for brand new work for a company as big as...
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    Wrong house

    My fellow spread looked at the job on monday morning.we turn up this morning knocking on the door 10 mins no answer .then he phones the builder up it's only the house down the road 5doors down .the house with the massive pillars outside embarrassing or what.when we got he says let's get the dust...
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    to sponge or not to sponge ?

    hi lads never sponged before been reading a few threads on it and am prepared to give it a whirl.can anyone tell me the script ie when using the sponge is it circular motion etc .many thanks some people say I was born to sponge being a scouse!lol.
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    Can anyone tell me please why you shouldn't add lime to the mix whilst using freeflo?or did I read it wrong on back of tub thanks!
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    Shepards pie

    Fuming just done a 14 hour day .all I get of my better half poxy shepards pie .am livid I mean how hours do yo have to do for a decent meal !am calling a meeting.
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    Trowels on ebay

    Anyone seen the trowels on eBay they seem a bargin ?iam tempted to put a bid in but something is telling me not to!there's 5marshalltown different sizes currently74 pound .what do you think?the seller has no history?
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    Gable end

    Hi lads got a gable end to do with chimney on it.I was just wondering would anyone use lime in topcoat render?also would it be stopbeads all the way or angle beads it's a monster gable and I'm thinking with angles they bend like bananas when planted on top of each other.thanks bagrat!
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    Public liabilty

    can anyone tell me the going rate for a Leo sayer spread.sole trader one man band thanks.
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    Wot no skim

    Can anyone remember the great drought on plaster.I think it was2002 might be wrong .what a joke it was being on price was a mare.we were on a new build site working for Elvis presley builders .every cheque was return to sender .the groundworker put the bucket of his digger on top of the roof...
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    Bay window

    Been asked to render front of house. I would like to do it mono render but I've never done a semi circle front bay in the mono.I've dashed a bay similar in the past so i know the bead has to be in a circle any tips thanks bagrat.
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    Com rend

    I've used hp basecoat going to use standard com rend for top.will top coat drag or will I be able to use a spat to achieve a flat finish before I scrape thanks lads.
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    The worst bodge you have seen

    The worst bodge I have seen.I wasworking on a swimming pool and the lad doin the tiling wanted to use bathroom and shower sealant for the internals. Needless to say he was a made me laugh for weeks the sealant was from b&q priceless.
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    Tree loppers

    Can't believe what happened on the job today.two blokes turn up chainsaw a medium sized tree down .it took no more than a hour woman gave150 they wanted300.myself and some other spread were there 4 hours made a tenner more plus we supplied3bags for the ceiling.I'm thinking of buying a chainsaw...
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    Jobs for the famous

    I've often wanted a job on someone house who is famous.but all I seem to get rip of back doctors rich people who moan about the prices.worst of all love jobs.ive had a few local celebs in Liverpool well 1 actually out of all the jobs over the years. Just give me cillas no eh lol
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    Painted blockwork

    Can anyone tell me what's the quickest and cheapest way to stick boards.the blockwork is glossed and some areas are not.I don't think client wants to use thistle bond it.any ideas on a alternative thanks lads.
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    Back spasms

    Am sure we've all had back problems.went to back clinic last night cheeky so and so charged me 90 pound for half an hour.she said would I work for 80 a day so I said no I gave her 30 quid now I've got a ceiling to do for her for a poxy 60 and me back is worse.where's the justice eh wrong...