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  1. LTJ

    K-rend same day or overnight

    I’ve got a small job to complete in k-rend FT. Are people still doing them overnight or will they complete in a day? Going onto a meshed base of HP12.
  2. LTJ

    Negative review

    Right lads has anyone had experience of asking Checkatrade to remove a review? Being a fairly new business I joined to get some extra work. They’ve sent me an email telling me some f**k*r’s putting a review saying I didn’t answer the phone to them or see their job. No missed calls or nothing off...
  3. LTJ

    Skim stripes

    When I finish the wall they’re always trowelled down enough not to be felt and never show through when decorated, when I give the skim a flatten it looks great but after the first wet small ones some show through but only in some places, could this mean I’m introducing water just a bit too...
  4. LTJ


    What can cause them to bend the wrong way?
  5. LTJ

    Dewalt radio

    Does anyone know if the dewalt 54v mixer batteries will fit in this or do you need smaller ones?
  6. LTJ

    Carbon permahsape

    Are these any better than the normal MT carbons
  7. LTJ

    Need a screwgun

    What’s peoples preference, dewalt or hilti are my options
  8. LTJ

    Bent trowel

    Been wearing a 13inch MT in for a while and was using it on OCR which seems to have bent it only slightly the wrong way, should this come out just through trowelling up?
  9. LTJ


    Anyone know if you can fit an 8x4 sheet in a SWB transit?
  10. LTJ


    What’s the best way to get rid of it on a carbon, didn’t dry mine as well as I thought last time I used it:tonto:
  11. LTJ

    Apprentice question

    I’ve started flattening my second coat in the way I lay it on (up and down) and have been filling pits out which I haven’t been before. Used to give it a light as fuuck ‘cross trowel’ to close it in and get the lines out, but then got told to go up and down, is there a problem with doing it that...
  12. LTJ


    Anyone used a marshalltown pro slim spat? Looks identical to the refina spat and about half the price
  13. LTJ

    Tiger stripes

    Starting doing small foreigners to get myself skimming again and have been getting them tidy, one did tiger stripe in some places though, what can cause it or what should I try changing?
  14. LTJ

    She’s soaking wet still

    What do you lads do when the bondings hanging then:endesacuerdo:
  15. LTJ

    Hard decision to make

    I’m 18 coming to the end of my nvq 2 working with my old man ended my first year in college skimming tidy for someone new to the game and learning floating and rendering fairly quickly aswell, after that first year the old man got into airless and never gave me anymore experience on skim, now if...
  16. LTJ

    Wearing in a carbon

    Is wearing a carbon in on ocr a good or bad idea lads
  17. LTJ

    Quick set dab

    What’s the best way to set dab off quick lads, need for a door way getting dabbed and skimmed up(y)
  18. LTJ

    Carbon trowel

    apprentice question here I know:rayos:i like to finish with an 11 inch and was thinking of getting a carbon Xtralite but on mt can only find spring steel, is that carbon?Also how are they best maintained?
  19. LTJ

    Sharp internals

    Seen lads on videos using what looks like a small black plastic putty knife or scraper to get sharp as fuuck intervals, have any of you lads got any idea where they get them from?
  20. LTJ

    Bonding £££££!

    It’s a good vintage year so no Daft offers lads
  21. LTJ

    Mesh in skim

    Usually bed rend mesh into Bonding on uneven walls before skimming but next job using carlite finish doesn’t need the bonding, is bedding the mesh into the carlite gonna be easy to put a nice 2nd coat onto or a headache
  22. LTJ

    Carlite finish

    Not used this gear before lads, alright going over green bonding and decorated walls (bonding agent used, PVA) or should I sit tight for some board finish
  23. LTJ

    What am I worth

    I can labour, board into stud, float and skim. What should I get per day
  24. LTJ

    What am I worth

    I can labour, board into stud, float and skim. What should I get per day