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  1. nickelarse

    Should I stay or should I go now

    To skim or to run. That is the question
  2. nickelarse


    What's the best scrim going atm and where are you getting it from. Just tried to get some catnic which I used to use and everyone seems to be out of stock. They said it's comes through that steel plant which is odd
  3. nickelarse

    Looking for a apprentice/improver milton keynes - north London area

    As above. Looking for someone who Is keen and wants to learn. Needs transport and ideally some knowledge/experience of the trade. Pm on here or call 07765 924082 Thanks Nick
  4. nickelarse


    Knocking a wall down today at home. Extension from the 70s. There's a grey plasterboard nailed to the wall with sparkles in it on the face. Any ideas ?
  5. nickelarse

    Prefered system

    Quick vote. Which system and why. On domestic jobs. Has to be coloured. Mono or base coat and acrylic
  6. nickelarse


    A job I'm looking at has just decided to spec some clay plaster in some hallways. It's white colour with mica. The sample was only about 2 inchs square so a little hard to get a feel for how it will look. is this something that could be done by a reasonably competent plasterer or will it need...
  7. nickelarse


    What radios do u lot have. Need a battery one but f**k paying 200 quid for a radio battery and charger
  8. nickelarse

    London work

    Anyone interested in various work in London let me know. Mainly commercial. Decent rates. Not full time bit a decent amount.
  9. nickelarse

    Streaming boxing

    I don have sky. Anyone got any sites to stream from. Usually use first row but virgin blocks it!
  10. nickelarse

    G4 won't pump

    The star wheel runs fine independently. The motor runs. The water seems fine. The rotor and stator spins. But when all run together and the gear is going through it goes all stuttery and the genny nearly stalls. And the gear wasn't stiff. Any ideas ?
  11. nickelarse

    I sections

    Where's the best place to get an isection these days? I have a refina but need a 2nd. Need it by sat
  12. nickelarse

    What would you do

    If you were going to jack in plastering and start a new career what would you do. Wether It be go and work in an office or invest 100k into something or start up a business. It's something iv wanted to do for years. Iv just never had a good enough idea. I'd be Intrigued on your thoughts. See if...
  13. nickelarse

    Diesel pump

    Anyone got one for sale
  14. nickelarse

    internal sand and cement

    any ideas on internal sand and cement alternatives to cpi? its 4.75 a bag now which is getting a but pricey. ocr i got quoted 5.30. sand and cement shouldnt be double the price of hardwall
  15. nickelarse

    Screed material

    Can anyone give me an approx on screed material prices ie sand cement and fibres per m2? I could work it out but really can't be arsed :)
  16. nickelarse

    Nvq level 3

    Does anyone have any info or knowledge on how easy/possible it is to get a quick nvq level 3 assessment? Thanks
  17. nickelarse

    MP finish over artex

    Anyone tried it. How did it go?
  18. nickelarse

    spraying finish

    has there been any changes or updates in the way anyone is spraying finish atm? has anyone tried it through an airless or similar. wondering if there is a little easy light setup without needing a gang?
  19. nickelarse

    rain forecast

    what do u gayboys find a decent site to rain forecasts?
  20. nickelarse

    cheap van

    any1 got a cheap van going? only want to spend a few hundred ideally, only need a months worth of driving. ideally a astra size van
  21. nickelarse

    another one...

    Former England Star Left Homeless | Soccerly
  22. nickelarse

    G4 and Genplus 12.5 Kva Genny

    Selling my G4. with genny, 20m pipes, gun, compressor, waterpump, powercables, 2/3 r+s, etc. pm me if anyones interested
  23. nickelarse

    anyone from near glastonbury?

    as above? need some info cheers
  24. nickelarse

    the van

    right. im selling my tranny if anyone is interested. its an o2 swb 100ps 300 with 103k on the clock. its an ex bt so has all the services and iv changed oil and filter each yr with each mot. just had a new clutch and new front pads and disks. still runs very well, gearbox is still smooth etc...
  25. nickelarse

    little job if anyone fancies it?

    its in harrow. a bathroom lid, approx 1.5-2m x 1.5-2m its on the piss. the lab tacked and skimmed it in his last few days, not sure if he wedged it against the wall or what but its very pissed. anyway, needs pulling down, joists levelling/packing if theyre not level, possibly insulating but...
  26. nickelarse

    rendering plinths

    when using sand and cement, if were doing the plinths weve always just beaded the whole lot and floated the plinths at the same time as the wall. a guy the other day i was speaking to was adamant that he would scratch and float the plinths first, then cut a line above them and sit the bell...
  27. nickelarse

    any ideas?

    did some ocr for someone a few weeks back outside. was some old brickwork so i put a light coat of microgobetis over it first. left it a few days and then floated it out. blokes just called me and said that it has hairlined a bit and in places sounds hollow. any ideas as to why?
  28. nickelarse

    refina power float

    used it for the first time today scraping back mono. initial opinion is pretty sexual
  29. nickelarse

    why would this happen?

    been spraying parex blanc. didnt seem to spray that nice compared to normal g00. screaped nice tho. as were going over a pre rend were spraying a bit stiffer. but it has since blocked the air nozzle quite a few times. 3 times in 25 bags today for example. any ideas as to why? air hose to far...
  30. nickelarse

    something of interest for ritmo guys

    just seen this. a new finish from knauf called multi finish. and its desgined to be sponged. by the looks of it according to their times on the vid, it takes 6-7 hours to finish. looks a bit different anyway
  31. nickelarse

    chelsea vs barcelona

    whats a good site to stream it from?
  32. nickelarse


    any1 getting fed up with it yet?? only managed 2 days outside last week. off today and looking s**t for tommorrow too.....
  33. nickelarse

    would u mono in this?

    Harlow Hourly Weather Forecasts - BBC Weather : Harlow
  34. nickelarse

    bloody rain

    forecast heavy rain till lunch. thats handy
  35. nickelarse

    mono by hand

    did my first day today monoing by hand. it is the first and most definatly the last time i will ever being doing it. it is possibly the gayest thng i have ever done. that is all
  36. nickelarse

    Ritmo for sale

    ok gents the time has come for the ritmo to go to a new home. I have....... ritmo plus m 240v 8kva generator 15m air and render hose with gun 20m power cable spray finish setup - 15m air and thin coat hose with spray gun. water pump with water hoses cleaning hose this setup costs approx 7k...
  37. nickelarse


    does it prime/holdback the wall aswell as key it?? ie if its not only on gloss i have aquired a tub but dont wanna use it unless i no......
  38. nickelarse


    any1 no who stocks it?
  39. nickelarse

    mono job

    200m parex. needs to be done by 2 weeks today. south east london if anyones interested or wants to jump in with me?
  40. nickelarse


    anyone used it? it was on a job i was doing today. looks the nuts if its affordable
  41. nickelarse


    im living with 10 guys working away atm. theyre c.unted every night and im on price. good laugh but dont get a lot of sleep. last night the screeder ws trying to p1ss in the lounge. completely out his head. ah well, home tommorrow...
  42. nickelarse

    site agent

    had a great one today. the site agent is trying to get us to basecoat atm. keep telling him its too cold. he keeps threatening to strike the scaffold. anyway. he starts again today. i looked at the thermometer they have outside and it said -5. obv wind chill inc he tells me, no, its fine to...
  43. nickelarse

    putzmeister gipsomat

    anyone know much about them?
  44. nickelarse

    not amused

    had a screed to do today. approx 40m, 3 rooms. was pretty deep, between 100-125mm. so quite simply if working at 100mm it should be approx 4m3. so thats give or take what we had ordered plus a little extra. anyway turned up and the readymix was already on the drive. me and my mate thought it...
  45. nickelarse

    another bargin

  46. nickelarse

    opinions please

    right. i have a small mono job to do. staying away so need to get it done as quick as poss. want to be done in 2 days. over lightweight high suction blocks. what do u think is the best way to do it? either bead up, micro blocks and then put on last thing and hope all is well in the morning, or...
  47. nickelarse

    oooh bargin

    B&Q Thistle Multi Finish & Bonding Coat (Part Used) | eBay
  48. nickelarse

    made me laugh

    was at work today with my mate. one of his mates, a window fitter rung him and said iv got a number of a guy im pricing windows for, he wants he house plastering inside and mono out. so my mate gives him a call and gives him the rates for each aspect. the customer, who was from an ethnic...
  49. nickelarse


    just thought id start this up so me and my soon to be new ritmo buddies can talk all things ritmo away from the G** big machine boys :-)
  50. nickelarse

    overnight and day spray

    any of u sprayed over night yet? im using parex mono this week which i am yet to have had the privelage. a few guys have said it sets slower than weber. what do u reckon to same day spraying, its gonna be about 14 in the day which is norm ok for weber, but now the clocks have gone back...