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    Hi ladies and gents I’m after some advice. I have been asked to price to redo a couple of Dormas that have been done (poorly) with loc and Weber tf, my question is can I go straight on top of the Weber tf with primer/sealant and Weber again?or will it be a scrape off job and start again? All...
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    Hi guys I’m thinking about taking on a labourer (as getting to old to do it on my own!!) what is the going no rate for one, is it just minimum wage? I’m a bit nervous about doing it. Always worked on my own really. Is it worth it? All help appreciated [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lime render course

    Hi people I could do with getting on a lime render course as I turn them down and pass them on when I do get them it's something I've been looking at getting into for a while so any recommendations on course gratefully received
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    New user

    Hi all my name is gianni plasterer from Peterborough looking forward to getting involved in some chat on here, read some good stuff already