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  1. johniosaif

    Render over a concrete shed

    OCR or sand and cement , ?
  2. johniosaif

  3. johniosaif

    Refina stirrer died

    It was working fine then. It wasn't , there is power in the lead and in the drill but nothing happens when the trigger is pulled , what's the common problems here ,switch ?
  4. johniosaif

    Paint for external piazza oven ?

    What paint would you use , ?
  5. johniosaif

    Pizza oven rendering

    Got to render this oven , sp says , insulate ,rock wool/ loft wool , eml , then render with 4/1 sand cement, wondering if the heat will affect it...
  6. johniosaif

    Basingstoke area

    Small k rend repair and internal job repair
  7. johniosaif

    Looking for a labourer

    Lower Richmond Rd near Putney Bridge , if interested, a labourer or apprentice /learner , 1 week to maybe full time ,
  8. johniosaif

    Skim coat ( Irish )

    Haven’t used it myself but it’s Ireland’s multi finish, hitch cock and king selling it for £23 A bag saying they have only a small Mark up
  9. johniosaif

    Render strength

    What’s the scratch coat you’d use over cement /concrete block and then the top coat ?sand /cement
  10. johniosaif

    Carlite finish

    Used my first bag of carlite today , well 6 bags or so , nice enough gear , takes a bit of getting used too , finished up nicely ( grey ) And they wanted to keep the bull noses , used an old pva can and plastic to round them
  11. johniosaif

    The jobs ready to go !

    Went to look at a job today , they said it’s ready to go , it was outside re render over pebble dash , they had painted a grit on it , turns out it was thistle bond it from BG , I said it’s not suitable, needs parex parinther or similar, they settled on eml’ing it with riblath ,
  12. johniosaif

    Price of board and multi £20 a bag

    I see you can buy a pallet at £20 a bag , seems the essential jobs are ordering it in and selling it on
  13. johniosaif

    The week of the wall .

    Digging out the garden outbuilding, had knocked garage leaving outer wall , it was a bit flimsy but removed 4 foot of its height, the grab lorry wouldn’t take the first load due roots and grass in it , the skip was gone, the next lorry was not till the next day , muck Piled up , wall collapsed (...
  14. johniosaif

    £1010.00 ceiling cost

    Pulled down existing, denailed, cleared rubbish , returned after sparks , fitted two noggings , 100 mm rock wool , boarded with normal 12.5mm , bonding around edges , skimmed , cleaned up , hoovered down stairs etc , left protective cover for painter , good price or not , around 10 m squared
  15. johniosaif

    Pva and artex ,

    The artex bubbled and all had to be scraped off , the owner didn’t want a board over and scraped it off himself
  16. johniosaif

    The handy jobs ,mm

    Parapet walls , hack off, cap , re render , never works out
  17. johniosaif

    Floating sand/ cement over painted brick and plinth

    The customer to be ?? Wants sand/cement and skim over this painted brickwork and plinth , they have sbr’d it before , would you ?
  18. johniosaif

    Thermal insulation board

    What’s the best thermal insulation board to stop heat loss on an old property?
  19. johniosaif

    Bad work / lazy stupid spreads

    Not one socket or switch undone , plastered over paper , they finished it yesterday,I was asked to fix , passed on it , said to get a decorator to sand it , easifl etc
  20. johniosaif

    Finishing a job , tayson plastering got run from

    Nearly finished the stairwell that tayson plastering didn’t even start , they got sacked for not coming in , not for the rough work , plastering and Mf work was bad , the chippy used an axe to hack off to put skirting on
  21. johniosaif

    Lying 3 faced @@@@

    I had a 9 flat job booked in for the summer ,just after my knee replacement had healed , lots of to and froing with the owner , they wanted a price for the mf ceilings ,walls etc and the wet work, I normally only do the wet work , So I got surveyors to price it etc then asked for people who...
  22. johniosaif

    Did I ever mention the knee

    I had it replaced in April this year , was back at work after 9 long weeks off , I am much improved and off my usual 8 co codamol a day , it’s a brutal operation, the boredom, lack of sleep , lack of appetite, anxiety etc , I definitely needed it doing
  23. johniosaif

    GPS & Johniosaif

    Is it gps
  24. johniosaif

    Shadow gap beads

    starting a job soon, 3 new houses, they added shadow gap beads to the job around the door frames and along the stringer , they thought I could put the shadow gap beads before they fitted the frames , I suggested ,frames fitted first then the chippy to fit the beads as the are cut at 45s and need...
  25. johniosaif

    Joins they said

  26. johniosaif

    Viva la tories and the irony of their working class support