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    Polished walls

    The youth have changed also don't want to Labour for a year or two and learn from the experienced lads. Can always tell the difference in the lad that laboured and learned the trade and the know it all cxxt that was spoilt
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    Was there much suction on the background lad
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    In all fairness did the customer not want it to re boarded
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    Rubbing on sand and cement

    Do you mix with the 4 bag mixer
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    Rubbing on sand and cement

    Havnt seen any pump systems on private houses. A take it that ud hav to use a fine sand and plenty of mortar mix in the mortar to get her to pump.
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    Rubbing on sand and cement

    Is there many still rubbing on traditional sand and cement render with the hawk and trowel or is the pump machine doing must of it now
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    Up the full height on the high stilts doing a big ceiling with leads and lights scattered around a floor ya do need ur wits about you. Seen a far few fall
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    Pebbledash to smooth finish

    Paint existing a different colour
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    Sponge floating

    Why not just float the wall with a wooden float like the old timers did and bin the sponge. If u want a perfect finish