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  1. GiantsJam

    Speedskim blades

    :popcorn: :risas:
  2. GiantsJam

    If The Was One Thing???

    learn to drive first and get van :lol:
  3. GiantsJam

    Crap plastering tools

    OX pipe trowel was supposed to be "stainless steel" turns out ozzys dont know the meaning of the word :inocente:
  4. GiantsJam

    Renderers labourer/improver wanted

    believe me mate I'm regretting it now
  5. GiantsJam

    Renderers labourer/improver wanted

    I'd snap your arm off at that owls, if I could drive. :rayos: for fucks sake!! :tonto:
  6. GiantsJam

    Segregation of the industry

    I've been to college Imago and in my experience their s**t, they've cottoned on to the fact the can teach very little on the pracitcal side, so they save money on materials all the while claiming £3500 per student in funding, therefore they produce people that can only do so much. I would give...
  7. GiantsJam

    Refina skimming spatulas

    50 notes for the small one fits the pole in with it too, 55 for bigger one. Suppose they look good and professional, essential for the more clumsier spread.:rayos:
  8. GiantsJam

    Refina skimming spatulas

    @cassie have you seen the cases hand tools express made especially for the refina spats? They had some wood one's and now have aluminium. Bit pricy mate but defo worth a punt considering price of the spats.
  9. GiantsJam

    Refina skimming spatulas

    You should have a look at the EZE spat mate from @Plasterers1StopShop you can change the blades, dont think you can with the refina, alot of money if the blade gets bent or chipped its funked.
  10. GiantsJam

    Upgrading Level 2 to 3

    @Geason should be able to help mate
  11. GiantsJam

    What super hero would you be and why

    The hulk coz then you'd be let off for getting angry and smashing s**t up :frenetico::musculoso::muyenojado:
  12. GiantsJam

    premium nela supaflex 18"

    Their out of stock on the website mate, the new ones are out soon.
  13. GiantsJam

    Secure job

    No I think what he's trying to say mate is don't make site work or subby work your only avenue for work.
  14. GiantsJam

    Trainee/ Labourer

    thought you were gonna ring me dave? ive gone and gotten self employed because of you, and now your advertising for someone else??? :wtf:
  15. GiantsJam


    Get on as a plasterers labourer instead learn the trade that way then after 3 years go do nvq through osat. I've done the college route mate most of them are very below par and don't teach you everything and are only intrested in passing people so they get funding, and the diploma you get from...
  16. GiantsJam

    course recommendations

    On venetian at manchester mate, main one's down south.
  17. GiantsJam


    @Danny yes mate much better @hstoke the cut wasn't that bad it was my pride that took the most damage lol, but it was more fun always wondering if the ladders would go again :rayos:
  18. GiantsJam


    was doing an artex stair ceiling, had the ladders jammed against the stairs and bulkhead, went up there with a hawk full of gear the ladders slipped lost most of the gear on the floor and sliced my forehead with my trowel, thats when I knew this trade was for me. :bailando:
  19. GiantsJam


    cheers matey :tanguero:
  20. GiantsJam


    love this place you learn loads of stuff, @clivo just a question what's the benefits of going over old render with thin coat, as apposed to hacking it off and starting from scratch?
  21. GiantsJam

    Seen this clown today

    I'd have jumped out and snipped them off for him, threw the cut offs in car "there you go bud now they fit in your car" haha o_O
  22. GiantsJam

    NVQs Are Required for your CSCS Card Application/Renewal.

    What if say a person attended what they thought was a well funded college for a poxy level 2 diploma (not NVQ) and it turned out the college and it's staff were under funded and all together useless, and didn't teach the full practical assessments for level 2, leaving said student at a major...
  23. GiantsJam

    24 hours on....

    takes abit of geting used to as expected, but other than that looks good :bananahappy:
  24. GiantsJam

    Trainee/ improver

    I'm working on getting registered with HMRC dave, I'll be in touch shortly mate.
  25. GiantsJam

    Merry Christmas

    merry xmas lads, and dont forget to empty your sacks in the morning :RpS_laugh:
  26. GiantsJam

    The Plasterers Forum 2014 Xmas Pool Competition

    haha fuking brilliant that arti :RpS_lol:
  27. GiantsJam

    Brush or Bottle

    charging some old bird out of her pension for not even second rate work lol
  28. GiantsJam

    Brush or Bottle

    but you admitted at the start of the thread you can't get a good finish so how can you plaster if you can't get a good finish? and why would you charge some old lady money to not give her a professional standard of work? why not just ring a local spread offer him the job and when he turns up ask...
  29. GiantsJam

    Nvq level 3

    Best thing is the college I went to has been to the world skills show at the NEC this year and last showcasing fuking fibrous and they didn't teach us anything lol :RpS_lol:
  30. GiantsJam

    Nvq level 3

    Believe me mate I've thought about it, haven't carried on with level 3 for obvious reasons, wanna get on with somebody and learn properly.
  31. GiantsJam

    Nvq level 3

    I totally agree I've just finished my level 2, and we never learnt drylining or any render finishes apart from rubbing up plain face, never did any fibrous work i.e making reverse running mould, and the tutor told most of the students the answers during the exam so that they'd pass!!
  32. GiantsJam

    Civil engineering contractors are calling for immediate action on training

    Because it's classed as specialist work, there isn't alot of call for fibrous on new build houses, they just throw up some gyproc coving if needs be.
  33. GiantsJam

    Civil engineering contractors are calling for immediate action on training

    only funding for 17 to 19 year olds ryan or maybe up to 24 but over your on your own, otherwise your employer has to pay half course fees, and no employer gonna take anyone if they have to pay.
  34. GiantsJam

    Speed skim

    Got the 1200 and 600 never occured to me to lay on with it though, serves me right for listening to speedskim when they said its just for flatening :glare: never again I tell thee
  35. GiantsJam

    Handle question

    they do an ergonomic handle aswell, you've just got to specify when ordering it's more like a MT handle than the cork
  36. GiantsJam


    bet he cant float and set for **** though lol :flapper: only joking top work that dele
  37. GiantsJam

    Caption this

    Looks top notch that @dele mate well done :RpS_thumbup:
  38. GiantsJam

    Quick question

    Go to wickes and buy their "master" trowel range, lets customers think your a "master" plasterer always handy :RpS_thumbsup:
  39. GiantsJam

    Question about bondit/scratch coat

    I think this is happening more and more to be honest I had 2 tutors at college one was 25 started teaching at 21, the other was 52 was timeserved been in trade 30 odd years apparently, and they didn't teach us hardly anything apart from internal stuff @tuttle86 your scratch coat is your first...
  40. GiantsJam

    plasterers one stop shop!

    I bought an OX pipe trowel, it said on the side it was stainless steel, now you can't see it for the rust :RpS_cursing: I'm not bothered about the money it cost, more the fact I thought I was buying something that it clearly wasn't fukin OX power my left knacker :RpS_thumbdn:
  41. GiantsJam

    unhappy client,texture finish

    Is it projectile vomit finish?? For the more discerning customer :RpS_thumbup:
  42. GiantsJam

    Looking for work Huddersfield west yorkshire

    Sorry lads only just seen this, thought you were supposed to get an notice whenever someone replied to your post :RpS_sneaky: I'll be sure to drop you both my details, and no robby I can't at the minute but it's something I'll be sorting ASAP cheers fellas
  43. GiantsJam

    Looking for work Huddersfield west yorkshire

    Alright Gents, I'm 32 just finished my Level 2 Diploma at college I'm in brighouse/Hudds area, looking to get on with a time served spread to teach me properly, I'm keen as mustard I can get a good finish, mix up, bead up anything just wanna learn this trade off a good spread. Fingers crossed...
  44. GiantsJam

    Looking for work Huddersfield west yorkshire

    Hi Gents, I'm 32 and just finished my level 2 Dip at college I'm based in Brighouse/Huddersfield, I'm looking to get on with a timeserved spread to teach me properly lol I can get a decent finish and I'm keen as mustard to be a good spread. Hopefully one of you guys can help me out as it's...
  45. GiantsJam

    top or bottom thats the question

    Top right to left when floating, and top left to right when setting, reason for this is your leaving finshed work behind you as opposed to dropping plaster on finished work. Suppose it all comes down to preference and how you were taught, different strokes for different folks lol :RpS_thumbsup:
  46. GiantsJam

    2 best

    Probably OX stainless steel or I'd give the refina s*p*r*lex a try
  47. GiantsJam

    Lady plasterer... Soon to be :-)

    Hi sooze, welcome and good luck with it all
  48. GiantsJam

    How important is education

    Great advise beader thankyou
  49. GiantsJam

    How important is education

    Yeah sorry I didn't make it clear in my original post, I haven't learnt **** all no floor screeding, no fibrous, Only rendering I've done is krend and thats it.
  50. GiantsJam

    How important is education

    Hi all, I'm currently at college doing my diploma level 2 and I love it, but I've got high standards and expectations for my new career move, yet the college I'm at is way too small as in 56m2 including tool and material storage. We have 3 blockwork bays and 4 small timberstud bays and a...