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    Scraped render

    if it was that small, you should have just cut a square/rectangular shape around it, remove it all the way back and patch it up. Once scrapped back the only visible marks would have been the little edges of your cuts, which from a distance are not even noticeable. But then again, if it's the...
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    rendering mesh

    try to go for 160g/m2 as that's better quality and it will make your life easier especially when you want to embed it into your skim coat! Go on ebay as there are quiet a few decent suppliers! and I wouldn't pay more than £40 a roll...
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    Is this good quality plastering? Am I being ripped off? Advice

    that's more like a 10k job. prime it (thistle bond it) + a coat of bonding and mesh + full skim. And it looks like a church to me, so no money should be spared. Hire proper tradesmen next time! who in their right ming would even start that for £1.5k? were they smoking something?
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    Uxbridge area for July full house skim and outside rendered

    Hi Dave. I live in Harrow. Let me know if you still need a quote for the works as I could pass by and have a look. Also pictures of previous work and references available. Cheers. Peter
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    ashlar lines nw1

    Scratch coat: 3:1 - Final coat: 4-1, no lime on this one - standard mix. And because it got painted, this time we got away with using stop beads, altough for other jobs I have a refina ashlar tool and a home made one(which is better)......
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    ashlar lines nw1

    I know that's " cheating", but it got the job done and the client was very happy with the result. And anyways it got sprayed with some acrylic paint.....which covered the stop looks pretty good and it does match the neighbour's house.....
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    ashlar lines nw1

    That's a job I've done in central London. We used pvc stop beads (very tedious) but the client asked for long lasting edges......:P