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  1. GrantyBoy

    Sponge finish coloured render?

    We float and sponge k-rend k1. Rubs up lovely if you catch it right just keep water off it and the colour stays uniform.
  2. GrantyBoy

    Rendering over pebbledash

    If you need advice on prepping for render you shouldn't be doing the job.
  3. GrantyBoy

    Patchy/drippy KRend, what went wrong?

    What product is that? It looks like lime render with formed corners. Was the house stone originally? If they've done that over block that's wild unless you wanted it not to look modern and wanted a cottage look? It's a strange one
  4. GrantyBoy

    Patching thin coat

    Never seen a properly seemeless thincoat patch. Some much better than others but it's never 100%.
  5. GrantyBoy

    K Rendered borders in garden

    I suggest you tell the builders who got this joker in not to use him again he is not a renderer.
  6. GrantyBoy


    Obviously the rendagrip manufacturer won't stand by going over painted substrates there's too many variables and you'd have clowns trying to sue them after rendering over flaking paint. Grind, wire brush, jet wash and whatever paint is still on the wall rendagrip over that.
  7. GrantyBoy

    Roughcasting is rough.

    That's shocking.
  8. GrantyBoy

    The f**k**g sun

    It's a b*****d for sure but it's a hand finish it's never 100% perfect in glancing sunlight.
  9. GrantyBoy

    Basecoat dragging not flattening

    What a miserable b*****d. There's plenty of Plasterers out there who struggle with polymer basecoats so you my friend have no chance.
  10. GrantyBoy

    Glasgow Rangers Champions

    Last 16 of Europa league again. Not too shabby for coming from a micky mouse league! Let's go
  11. GrantyBoy

    Glasgow Rangers Champions

    Stevie will want a crack at champions league with us he won't be considered for Liverpool gig for a few years.
  12. GrantyBoy

    Glasgow Rangers Champions

    What team do you support big shot
  13. GrantyBoy

    Glasgow Rangers Champions

    You OK Stuart?
  14. GrantyBoy

    Roughcast quantities

    Jewson I use
  15. GrantyBoy

    Roughcast quantities

    Pre-bagged enewall £5.30
  16. GrantyBoy


    Its a new craze mostly for younger people to show off their new build shite house they overpaid for.
  17. GrantyBoy


    Not excusing that work as it does look particularly bad BUT these lights are a joke. Some downlights don't effect the look of the render if they're out a few inches more on the soffit but these f**k**s are too close to the wall. Shine a bright light directly down substrate internally or...
  18. GrantyBoy

    Flaking roughcast

    Insufficient overhang. Not your problem.
  19. GrantyBoy

    Celtic park last night

    This dump is looking more like barlinnie prison by the day with the celtic board erecting fencing around the parimeter to stop the animals getting to the players and coaches. Best fans in the world my arse. 10 is gone
  20. GrantyBoy

    Wet dash

    K-rend silicone wet dash is superb. Takes a bit of getting used to right enough mix it too stiff and it looks horrendous
  21. GrantyBoy

    Glasgow Darby without fans

    Hes still crying in to his celic scarf
  22. GrantyBoy

    Glasgow Darby without fans

  23. GrantyBoy

    Hall & stairs

    They are a pain in the arse from start to finish we try and price ourselves out of them last one I done was £1400. Was gutted when he said when can you start!
  24. GrantyBoy

    Ecorend - advice needed

    Feel sorry for the builder. You're on here behind his back asking what its like, why not chat with the builder about it?
  25. GrantyBoy

    Render garden wall

    not sure how he's managed that mess but he ain't no professional thats for sure. Do not pay for that crap.
  26. GrantyBoy

    Corner beads

    Suppliers would sell you 50mm beads if they could get away with it. We use the smallest bead we can get away with, less work, less material.
  27. GrantyBoy

    New parex mpr

    No doubt it will be double the price of similar products by other companies, such is the parex way...
  28. GrantyBoy

    Self employment, is it really worth it?

    It is worth it to some people, not to others. Keep your prices high and your work perfect and you won't have any pressure. Its definitely not for everyone I know guys out busting their balls for beer/coke money and wonder why they don't have a pot to piss in. Like most things in life you need...
  29. GrantyBoy

    Ocr crack city

    Definitely separation cracks. On too thick in 1 pass maybe
  30. GrantyBoy

    What's your limit handballing mono???

    Mugs game handballing that s**t. Can't stand it
  31. GrantyBoy

    Pebble dashing

    the stones we get come in 25kg bags already washed we just load the scaffold with them.
  32. GrantyBoy

    Pebble dashing

    People often think of dash as that horrible brown stuff you get on 70s houses but the new systems and colours are actually quite nice when done properly.
  33. GrantyBoy

    Pebble dashing

    Glasgow pal dry dash is very popular here for its longevity.
  34. GrantyBoy

    Pebble dashing

    You're right I've not a got a clue about dashing. Only do between 2 and 4 houses per month as well as countless other bits and bobs.
  35. GrantyBoy

    Pebble dashing

    Freeflow, wet the background too. Stones dont need to be wet that's b*ll***s.
  36. GrantyBoy

    £1010.00 ceiling cost

    We do loads of these for insurance companies. £2000 all day.
  37. GrantyBoy

    Business or pleasure!

    Complaining about your phone going for work..f**k me I've heard it all now. First world problems!
  38. GrantyBoy

    Render failure

    How did this story end?
  39. GrantyBoy

    Help identifying type and colour of render

    Looks quite close to weber ivory. I rendered my utility room last year using it I'll upload a photo to compare
  40. GrantyBoy

    Render onto painted surfaces - PRB

    We use a fair bit of parinter, might give this a try.
  41. GrantyBoy

    Identify the stones!

    Huntington beige or harvest
  42. GrantyBoy


    That little notched out drip on the cope is where the water pools and drops from. Ideally you want that a few inches out from the render. 90% jobs I go to the coping are too narrow.
  43. GrantyBoy

    Garden wall render. help!!

    bad scratch coat and insufficient overhang. The fact you’re asking if you can do It yourself and stating it doesn’t have to be perfect tells me you’ll be wasting some renderers time soon requiring a free quotation which will invariably be too expensive.
  44. GrantyBoy


    They will say it's been stored damp. Has it?
  45. GrantyBoy

    Really upset with my rendered house...

    Shitty situation made worse by the drama queens on here. If the guy is apologetic then I'm sure it will get sorted you hold all the aces as you haven't paid anything yet. Relax.