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    Forcing patina

    Know this has been covered before but searched couple threads earlier. Have had it soaking for over a day in the coke/vinegar mix. Took it out earlier dried it off, took most the patina off. What's the process when take it out. Do I let it dry itself so the patina stays on it, or dab it and risk...
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    Ufc 249

    Who Alls watching live? Weird with no crowd noise... Lol
  4. Simon85

    Birds aren't real

    Waken up people they've been spying on us this whole time
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    Had bought marshalltown aluminium one before Xmas, within 2 weeks it was bent like a banana. Really disappointed in the quality. I had only used magnesium ones befre but they had none in the hardware store that day. Will never buy another mtown aluminum hawk again. Last week got a ramboo tools...
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    f**k I love my work

    Living the dream
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    Always preferred the single bar ones, but was on the doubles theday, definitely impressed. Very tempted to get a set soon. Found them more comfortable for sure. Bit more awkward to get in and out of after being used the singles though
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    Sure what else would you be at

    What a way to spend a Friday evening, made Better that I have to come back tomorrow :llorando:
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    Fingers crossed people

    Got a bit of a sweat on atm, need lowry to have a stormer... Heres hoping
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    Anyone else get sore shoulder joint? It be's worse at night trying to sleep, and in morning, seems to need to crack a lot, but sore to move it and especially to lift it once up and about through the day it's not too bad. Don't want to have to take anti inflammatorys every morning.
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    One the main reasons I couldn't work in a warehouse, or office, the monotony would get to me. This week, Monday - coated mono, sc floated inside, bonded bad wall, scratched mono off in evening, Tues skim, wed, dash, rub up smooth and dash again, Thurs rub up and dash, Fri skim. Least its not...
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    Anyone got/used the bero expert trowels?

    Look similar to nela. Our local hardware store seems to stock up with it instead of nela, and think there supplier may have fell out with nela, which could be why.
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    Eggshell rendering

    Seen some rubbing up, once its cured get that eggshell cracking look, wondering what causes it? It hasn't happened us, but a few jobs I've seen, actually got a firm used to labour too, seems to happen them quite often. I was thinking maybe the scratch coat too strong causes it? For I mind at...
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    Brook Khan eventually

    Good to see brook back to winning ways, no real shame in the losses he has stepping up to fight ggg and against the most Erroll Spence, both quality fighters. Hopefully the brook kahn fight gets made and kell smashes him lol
  15. Simon85

    Groves eubank

    Anyone else having a nightmare tryong to get on to itv box office to book this fight. I've to register and keeps saying page unavailable or doesn't exist. Eddie hearn wouldn't have had it under his watch
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    Chamfer feather edge

    Was just wondering does anyone make 6-8ft edges with a chamfer for cutting bases or v-ing out etc. I know ramboo tools do the double and single ones for cutting quoins, just haven't seen any longer ones say for a stretch of projective base. Think the ramboo ones are only 2ft.
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    F*****g weather again

    Had been not too bad over winter but now caught up with insides and no more ready, so looks like a week off as waste of time going outside in that temperatute. Pain in the arse
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    Who we on today,

    2 wee ones today just, hopefully catch something ffs, boxing day one team aways and Saturday past one goal away. Bound to catch one soon ffs
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    The boxing

    For some reason quite glad to see de gale beat, never warmed to him from before the groves fight Thought he got a lucky in decision against badou Jack too.
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    Just wondering if any of the lads who have employees can help explain to me, say I was employed on a day rate for a job And charged for example to keep the maths easy, 200 a day a man, for 2 me and an employee I pay 150 a day before tax, do I have to pay, tax on employees money twice then, as...
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    Frampton fight

    Any one watch the fight? Was quite entertaining. Thought it was tighter than scores all the same and the knockdown was ludicrous
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    Feeling nostalgic

    Was first rave in Holland a few years ago. Lethal vibe, except the missus said ppl kept grabbing her. One lad grabbed her arse right in front of me, so I gave his Adams apple a wee squeeze lol. Was funny watching the colour drain from his face. Lol also the missus managed to get herself in the...
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    People are melters.

    Had to price a job yesterday, gave him, Imo a very fair price considering, all ceilings have been boarded and need skimmed, 3 full rooms need reskimned, patching bonding and a fee stud walls downstairs and upstairs, and he basically wants it done ASAP, but of course get the phone call back its...
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    Happy F*****g Mondays

    Only one of the many like this. Depressed. Want to go home.
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    All Ireland

    Anyone watching the hurling today? Who yous got Galway or waterford?
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    This is fun

    Some Craic on this, lol sturdier than it looks though def have to watch where u stand lol
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    Bollix of a few days, had a toothache for a week, was due to take the pliars put again, but managed to get sortwd at emergency dentist yday thank f**k, good skimming trowel, perfectly shaped and sharp as f**k has a. Bend in the toe, someone must have stood on, or set something on it, gutted...
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    Is this really real? ? ? Surely couldn't be lol
  29. Simon85

    s**t prices

    It's s**t like this drives rates down here. Why even bother.
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    R. I. P. Van

    Wee dispatch bodywork rotting round it, have to send it to the scrap yard in the sky. Alls I need atm is having to feckin fork out for a new van. What do yous reckon would be decent van on a pretty small budget, say up to 2.5-3k pref 06 or fresher, that would be kicking about. Don't want to buy...
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    Staying in a hotel last couple days, whoever done the skimming was no Plasterer lol pics of the en-suite ceiling, can confirm the room ceiling isn't much better. Don't know if photos do it justice, but joint scrim showing badly, scores pulling out from angles. Just bad lol
  32. Simon85

    F*****g seagulls

    f**k all to do with plasterin but F*****g useless bird decided to make my Friday a lot more interesting. F*****g autoglass not out til Tuesday either. Super (y)
  33. Simon85

    Nela premium trowel

    Is the Nela premium any good? Was tempted a few months ago, though I stuck with the tried and tested MT. The Nela does seem a lot harder though. Take longer to break in? Cheers
  34. Simon85

    Any one used jefferson mixing drill

    To be honest I think they look like they are for f*** all, but seen An offer for 215for 110 box, 25m lead and the jefferson drill. Guts telling me to leave well alone, wondering if anyone has any experience of them? Cheers