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    unusual tips

    hoover, titanium bike frame, acrylic bath, bed, bedside cabinet.
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    What to do with belongings whilst plastering?

    I'd like you to work out how many square metreage you've skimmed in your career up to now?!
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    Curved plastering under half-landing stairs

    As some people have said, speak to the stair manufacturers, show them the proposed finish and they should be able to make a turned piece with beading. The tighter the curve, the more chance you'll have a flat spot.
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    Music .

    yeah, the documentary is fascinating. Another lost artist I was put onto this week was Jackson C. Frank. An American 60's folk singer who met Paul Simon in London, who produced his only album. He influenced Nick Drake amongst others. A tragic life story producing some powerful songs.
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    What qualification do i need to become a plastering college teacher?

    We would but the college finance department has other ideas!
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    Fassa Bortolo

    I think he also sponsored a cycling team.
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    What qualification do i need to become a plastering college teacher?

    I currently teach and took the DET Level5 in house. You will ideally be mentored by the Plastering lecturer when you first start but it can be a baptism of fire. From our year 2 students about a third have what it takes to move into Industry. The job itself can be both rewarding and frustrating...
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    Old time spreads

    You can also finish external angles with a plastic bag to form the pencil round
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    Gotta share the good news

    Thanks for that. Just had a quick listen and picked up on the 'death of the old self'. Makes sense.
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    Gotta share the good news

    Congratulations. I stopped a couple of weeks ago after scaring myself into chest pains being cancer. Got the all clear xray last week. I was only smoking about five a day, none some days but as my dad and sister both died at 53 of lung cancer, still taking a big risk. I've always stayed fit and...
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    the usual reason for dishing is when the plasterer has applied from frame to bead causing build up around the frame/window and also not flattened in. When you do apply the 'material of your choice', work vertically making sure you stay away from the high spots. Toupret exterior is a great...
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    Free multi finish

    We've just been given a pallett. Not used any of it yet but the old white knauf used to set like make good. There's a clip on youtube of a plasterer using it like ames cement(face filling the whole wall). There is a set to it but it won't be like multi to use, It'll need patience and practice...
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    Guild of master craftsmen

    Not a plastering thread but how about business/company names. I once saw an electricians van in Swanage, Dorset signwritten with 'Jurassic Sparks'
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    Apprenticeship help....

    spread your love-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Ceilings- Andy Williams
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    Old dusty brown base

    Depends how sympathetic you want to be to the original background. PVA and multi is the quickest approach but if, as you say, not lime based finish, you should be ok. I wouldn't use bonding on sand/lime/horsehair work though, especially if its an outside wall.
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    DIY rendering help

    Much more interesting and informative than half the 's**t' on 'ere
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    Need tips on plastering interview

    I think it means all the different plastering processes; float and set, dot and dab, fibrous work, floor screed, fixing beads, plasterboarding, even coving I guess. Research it online and talk about why you would float a house as opposed to dabbing it, looking at the pros and cons of each...
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    Open a can of worms

    We're not too keen on these courses in our college. As somebody else has pointed out, It is a consequence of the de-skilling of labour since the 70's and the reduction of Indentured Apprenticeships. Tradesmen weren't really given the choice of Whether or not to 'go self-employed'. The failure...
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    Mega mixer!.....

    I bought two orange vitrexs'1100w for £80 each 8 years ago and the 110v is still boxed. The lead is beginning to play up but it still knocks up drywall adhesive without the smell of burning brushes.
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    Surf forms

    cheap plastic yellow stanley. My son asked me the other day 'how long have you had it?' Answer, 'About 15 years'. Maybe time for a blade change.
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    And so... is this the end...?!

    I used to do a lot of mountain biking with a chippie mate who loved the downhill. Every time I went out with him, he would kamikaze it and I'd always think 'I've got work on Monday'! I still love the thrill but have learned that 'moments' don't pay the mortgage. Eat well, do the exercises and...
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    Plaster coving coming loose

    Might be down to poor key from not scoring background and/or coving. Might be able to remedy with 50mm drywall screws countersunk through the coving and caulk edges (or take it down)
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    Hall & stairs

    He can do a bit so he did the boarding but it would be unfair to send him up the 'chimney' and leave a poor finish. He's a plumber with his own firm, too busy making money to pay for the building works!!
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    Hall & stairs

    I finished one for my son recently. He built a light shaft to the roof 700mm square so effectively you were working in a tube. The scaffolding consisted of caber flooring screwed to CLS timbers sitting on the landing rails and a ladder the other end. On top of that was a telescopic ladder taking...
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    it's always the chance you take with artex. I've had a couple fail on me. Does artex sealer guarantee that it stays put?
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    What’s on Gary Double DD

    Great! Which one are you?
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    What’s on Gary Double DD

    Eh! I'm also a man of advanced years, we come from an era of great music (discuss?1) Jess is a cheeky scamp
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    What’s on Gary Double DD

    Good choice sir!
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    What’s on Gary Double DD

    I Remember the Go Team album, bright, shiny, pop with a touch of northern soul! Have you both heard ESG? worth a listen if not.
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    Need a slash

    What, a 'slash set'?!
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    Scratch marks using sponge float?

    I don't use one myself but I think it came from plasterers having to cut corners on crap prices.
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    Claim to fame

    I never got the feeling he wanted to talk about his past. He was more about the work he was doing with rehabilitating offenders.
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    Claim to fame

    I did a job for John McVicar in South London years ago. A nicer bloke you couldn't wish to meet. And he made proper coffee!!
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    Who go's same way with trowel when skimming

    Anyone remember Stanley Unwin, bless his soul? This thread is beginning to sound like his script!
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    Massive Reveals

    What's wrong with a finger/thumb combo ruled off to the frame with the 90 of the trowel?! Then check it with a straight edge and remove any surplus.
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    Firenzecolor product course

    I used to do a lot for a couple of companies in London back in the nineties, Armacoat being one of them. The products seemed to have moved to a more eco-friendly material which makes sense. The different finishes always impress me and I'm glad that there's still a market for it.
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    Firenzecolor product course

    I quite like the boorati green effect
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    The results are in...

    I've already messaged @Groove37 but I'll wait for further instructions before I post it. Well done @Olican for all your hard work and everyone that was involved.
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    Lime ashlar stucco

    just lovely to look at
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    Morning saturday workers!!!

    What whether to go in or not?! I've promised a mate so not got much choice. Go and have an easy day. If not just enjoy your day off.
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    Angle beads

    Black , red or yellow bullets?
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    Morning saturday workers!!!

    not sleeping enough. I was buying the paper at 6am. I'm definitely joining the ranks of the old boys who I used to see on the way back from being out!
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    Reading books

    Damn those pesky scientists!!
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    What's been your worst job

    Thanks for reminding me.!!
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    Poor quality/finish of work.

    Not necessarily. They'd realise that what they knew was very little. As you said, the real life domestic or site plasterer is used to everyday problem solving and tips and tricks. idea is just that, an idea and one that probably wouldn't get past ideas stage, especially if you were on...
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    Poor quality/finish of work.

    Yeah, re-reading my question, I realise it's a pretty dumb one, expertly summed up by you and Steveio (don't know how to turn names blue). Our DIY course states that we will teach you how to plaster, not to be a plasterer, a lifetime of difference. As Jess says, there's so much dough in it...