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  1. Jrend

    Weber Monocouche - should it REALLY look like this?

    Bovis use a lot of celcon/lightweight block which is not suitable for mono of any kind. Any celcon block should have a base coat either rend aid micro hp 12 being the main 3 . The bovis sites we do have all changed now to 7nwt solids.
  2. Jrend

    External rendering over cement board. PLEASE HELP

    i would use parex maitie or weber lac adhesive coat with mesh bedded in 4/6 mm as stated above.
  3. Jrend

    Ritmo L or Mtec200??

    Here is another video of the M-tec M200 in action spraying Weber. Half way down page 3 on this thread.
  4. Jrend

    Ritmo L or Mtec200??

    In your post you say it's one material and the other it's another? Weber in the first then monocouche xf in the second.
  5. Jrend

    Too Lance or not too Lance. That is the question

    I use mine on areas where there is no scaff in the way also really good for internals,did a couple of hundred metres of sound coat a few week ago and it was a doddle.
  6. Jrend

    Ritmo L or Mtec200??

    That's the same job as the earlier video,did they change material for the gable??
  7. Jrend

    Spanking Ritmo in January Sales

    Been on eBay weeks. Cheeky offer wouldn't go a miss.
  8. Jrend

    Need a bigger van!

    False floor no good if you got a machine and genny going in.I would say a high roof is essential as sometimes my van is needed as a workshop when tinkering with machine and the height is bob on.Much easier to load/unload when you can stand up straight.
  9. Jrend


    I used it a couple of week ago through g4 and it kept blowing cap off,stressed to the max and it was a 80m gable.
  10. Jrend

    Need a bigger van!

    Mercedes sprinter mwb is ideal mate, iv had one almost a year and been spot on.Had a ducato lwb which was bigger but cost a fortune in repairs.
  11. Jrend

    K4 weber chalk water setting

    chalk is probably the quickest setter out of all colours and brands. I would still put 1.5 tubs in a water barrel tho. We put 3 in ivory today,60 bags on for 10 past 9 on the way home at 1.15.
  12. Jrend

    Machine insurance

    Mine is through admiral.
  13. Jrend

    Ritmo has paid for its self after 4 jobs . I'm rich

    There is a skim set up with it ,think there about a grand.
  14. Jrend

    Machine insurance

    i got £6000 worth of cover for £100 with my van insurance.I know it wont cover the full cost for replacing everything but will go a good way toward it.
  15. Jrend

    Used machine for sale

    yes its in my lock up.
  16. Jrend

    Notched Trowel

    It would give you 12 mm if you trowel ed at 90 degrees to the wall. I suppose the thickness depends what angle you spread at.
  17. Jrend

    Afternoon sprays yet?

    Were doing parex over micro and parmurex same day rub but using axel 3000.
  18. Jrend

    Base coat ghosting

    If If your woried prime it with krend r7 or r 10 primer
  19. Jrend

    Cool Video of the Ritmo

    Like how you didn't show your secrets on texturing..
  20. Jrend

    Time off

    No internals for me either . Been spraying now for 12 year now all year round.
  21. Jrend

    Used machine for sale

    messaged you
  22. Jrend

    Tonight Diaz v Connor 2

    Didn't realise the fight was tonight until I arrived in vegas yesterday. Think I'll watch it in the Irish bar on the strip should be a cracking atmosphere.
  23. Jrend

    K Rend colour problem

    If that what the customer wants just make sure you use full bag ratios like a 4 bag mix just use 3 to 1 white,throw the white in first so it get it proper mixed.
  24. Jrend

    Any Use To Anyone?

    ill have it mate,how much you after.
  25. Jrend


    CSS at Walkden is local to Manchester mate, they stock parex.
  26. Jrend

    K Rend

    Your will never get one over on jimbob regarding k rend. Can he honestly say he has never had issues with k rend if not he is a lying tosser. We all know you have links with krend or rendit so he will never Slag it off. You just need to view reviews on the subject to see k is bobbins and 99% of...
  27. Jrend

    K Rend

    no silicone in k1.
  28. Jrend

    G4 for sale

    No mate he has a monojet,same motor and output as a g4 but gravity fed and much lighter
  29. Jrend

    G4 for sale

    the discripton is bolloks though
  30. Jrend

    G4 for sale

    Its a g5c mate,they look like a g4.
  31. Jrend

    Krend on painted render questions

    Yes mate its nice gear to use sponges up nice or you can spat it flat and leave it. Don't have to be like glass if your using a 1.5mm or larger grain topcoat. If using 1mm it does have to be mint.
  32. Jrend

    Krend on painted render questions

    If your going to use hp12 you would be better off using tc15 bucket coat for the finish,less weight and less chance of cracking.Thats just my opinion tho.
  33. Jrend

    Krend on painted render questions

    Where in my post did I mention hp12?
  34. Jrend

    Krend on painted render questions

    uf base is not for going onto paint.Krend dont do a base for paint,the best one they do is hpx and i would still full mesh and pin it. If you want a base coat for over paint you need parex parinter then use a thin coat system.
  35. Jrend

    Wickes Accelerator

    Been using 3.5 last few week on weber was ok to rub at 2/3 ish but has been cold,dont think it was any quicker than what your getting with 2.
  36. Jrend

    Wickes Accelerator

    Whats the stuff you get shipped in John? and whats the prices? cheers.
  37. Jrend

    How long after...

    use one of these from pft dealer(ian jones) 5kva genny is too small to run ritmo.
  38. Jrend

    Help needed on weber m

    try here pal
  39. Jrend

    Mono help needed

    £21 a metre,for right man,as bobby says must be decent and also tidy.
  40. Jrend

    Mono, Help needed

    Think it's 8 year old John. It's been patched up then s and c over the top with some sort over bucket coat over that. Think it's nhbc that are wanting everything stripped back to new block and starting again. Not sure if any other plots have been affected as I haven't been to the site yet.
  41. Jrend

    Mono help needed

    I was round there a few times last week,got 2 sites round there and a few private jobs.
  42. Jrend

    Mono help needed

    Can anyone do a job for me in the next few weeks.Its 90metres of mono with ashlar detail(4 lines) all low level 2.3 high. All existing render will be knocked off.Its a old bovis homes site and the render has failed so is being done under nhbc.Heres a look at the house ,its the one on the right...
  43. Jrend

    Mono, Help needed

    Can anyone do a job for me in the next few weeks.Its 90metres of mono with ashlar detail(4 lines) all low level 2.3 high. All existing render will be knocked off.Its a old bovis homes site and the render has failed so is being done under nhbc.Heres a look at the house ,its the one on the right...
  44. Jrend

    Ritmo ribbons

    Turn your water up a touch and the ribbons will be wider.
  45. Jrend

    Re-coating shoddy damaged Krend Anyone heard of this outfit,there based in Widnes i think,they were the origional applicators.
  46. Jrend

    Re-coating shoddy damaged Krend

    Been to price a job over the weekend and the customer is very unhappy with the quality of work left by previous renderers.Also he has had a new pattern imprinted driveway and they have got black pigment all over render.What system would you use? I have talked him into using bucket coat with a...
  47. Jrend

    B and q closing

    Wickes profits are up with all the accelerator there selling.
  48. Jrend

    cpi mono

    I used it about 10 year ago and it was awful.It was very sticky and kept tearing when ruling. NDI were pushing onto me too but the price they gave me wasn't worth changing from weber. I have heard they have improved it but never fancied giving it another go.
  49. Jrend

    R10 primer

    probably about 40 metres depending on how thick you put it on. Yo cant water it down any as it is really runny.
  50. Jrend

    K rend Base coats

    Fibolites arnt high suction block.They are lighter than standard block but are not like thermalite/celcon.You can render straight onto them no base coat needed as long as there the 7 newton version,they also do a 4 so check with the builder...