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  1. mikeadams1985

    Job in rugely Staffordshire

    Unfortunately theres nothing traditional about that cornice, its all imported from china. Poorly made and a bit of a nightmare to fit. No hessian scrim reinforcement or timber laths.
  2. mikeadams1985

    Georgian house pillar base

    Scag that fella
  3. mikeadams1985

    Back in the workshop

    that workshop is far to clean!
  4. mikeadams1985

    Where to buy silicone materials for casting

    Ring polysil up in hoylake on the wirral. Let them know i sent you and theyll sort you out. Ive used every tom dick and harry for silicone and these are my got o guys
  5. mikeadams1985

    Running radius mouldings, expansion issue inner edge curling off the glass bench

    run it on a proper bench I suspect because ts on glass its lifing of very easy, as the plaster sets it swells and often causes movement, being on a proepr bench where its stuck to the bench a bit better might help. ive ran millions of spins and never had it curl as you say, only thing is i dont...
  6. mikeadams1985

    Casting plaster

    better late than never?
  7. mikeadams1985

    Run cornice in-situ

    I bet they do. We skip thrm all. The cost of 250 is to run a reverse mould on the bench so it can then be cast from. The reverse mould is made of Plaster so no good once of the bench. Running the cornice on the bench defeats the point of casting. So that's why a reverse mould is done so it...
  8. mikeadams1985

    mike adams.

    I'm still alive. It wasn't our work as per, we just advised on what may have been in the house and offered samples for them to replicate for the show on the 3d renders. No doubt we probably did the work originally, I can't prove it though.
  9. mikeadams1985

    I killed Tupac

    ah good old salad fingers :D
  10. mikeadams1985

    Advice Needed - Cowboy Plasterers

    Whats your location fella? Got 40ish roses but nothing really art deco.
  11. mikeadams1985

    Fibrous coving job

    Hello. If you want me to take a look then shoot me over some details. 07841919406 Cheers
  12. mikeadams1985

    Workshop Levenshulme

    What can i say? A wealth of knowledge and wisdom When it comes to coffee the morning has to start with double espresso Caramel Macchiato with whipped cream and an extra shot of coffee.
  13. mikeadams1985

    Workshop Levenshulme

    not enough coffee
  14. mikeadams1985

    Striking off

    Jesus thats some thick cornice, no need for that sort of thickness 5-10mm thickness and reinforced with wads is plenty of strength
  15. mikeadams1985

    Striking off

    What you want to do is stick some wads or laps as the southerners say across the back that will strengthen it right up. the georgian cornices do hinge across the thin points without it
  16. mikeadams1985

    decent casting bowls?

    No use for casting with though as too flexible The black casting bowels are perfect, one had to told, other with your brush. Get mine from industrial plasters and the only problems we have are them ending up in the vans and going off to site!! we also use these 5ltr buckets...
  17. mikeadams1985

    Striking off

    what you mean is your use to fixing the cheap Chinese shite :D Thats all run off on the back. Splash it and it will be fine, but if you did want to do it you need to cut another profile in say plastic that slides over the strike offs like below...
  18. mikeadams1985

    Fitting coving after skimming ceiling

    awww its like old times again :D and no way is ryan teaching, seriously? hes teaching level 2 & 3 ?????
  19. mikeadams1985

    Posting Stuff

    Wow there jess....looking to start a turf war :D I found postage to be a right c**t, You'll have to fully dry them first, then package them, then trust they arrive without getting broken. can be done though. id expect to pay 15-25 quid postage
  20. mikeadams1985

    Fitting coving after skimming ceiling

    right ya bunch of c**ts, get a bag of ca120 or fibrefix and you can fit as soon as the f**k**g skim is hard to touch, the day after, of even 6 f**k**g years later. bish bash bosh job done but what would i know :D
  21. mikeadams1985

    Drying cornice.

    anytime grant as i keep saying. Happy to help :)
  22. mikeadams1985

    Drying cornice.

    That you grant? if your keeping the cornice in a small room then a dehumidifier is good along with a oil filled radiator. If a larger room then a propane space heater directed at the cornice.
  23. mikeadams1985


    make your own :) its part of doing fibrous work
  24. mikeadams1985

    Fibre hands in London

    hope it doesn't take you that long to reply to customers...2 years :D
  25. mikeadams1985

    Aviation snips

    If you have to fill any spots afterwards sand a bit maybe or sometimes a wet mist whilst running gives it a really nice polish but can leave some water on the surface.
  26. mikeadams1985

    Aviation snips

    What i was saying was if theres any water on the surface it will peel, we do shellac after an hour or so as you say but if theres any real dampness when applying on the surface it will peel off.. im not saying bone dry, just make sure theres no wet spots on the surface...
  27. mikeadams1985

    Aviation snips

    Have you tried a jigsaw with a metal blade? ditched the snips years ago in favour of jigsaw
  28. mikeadams1985

    Aviation snips

    no chance, let it dry as much as possible. shellac reacts with water untill its set. if theres anywater on the surface the shellac will flake off easily
  29. mikeadams1985

    For those who are VAT registered.

    youve lost me here job worth say 100k ex vat i charge 5% Vat so job is 105k.. I pay vat man the 5% the 5k.. i end up with 100k... where is this 15% ?
  30. mikeadams1985

    Pricing post...yes ...sorry

    i've tried to tell them fella, thats used for in-situ running moulds etc. the company that examined the original render recommended it....which happens to be there product..... with a set time anywhere between 15-40 minutes...i dont fancy my chances with it! haha
  31. mikeadams1985

    Pricing post...yes ...sorry

    well thats what i thought but they have specced it and from what i can see it has to be used. using that stuff and to there spec thickness and labour its working out around £67.50m2 plus VAT Seems f**k**g steep to me
  32. mikeadams1985

    Pricing post...yes ...sorry

    the pre bagged lime has already been chosen by conservation so no chance of getting another product, we would rather mix ourselves but this is what we have to price for, pre bagged http://www.l*m*-g***
  33. mikeadams1985

    Pricing post...yes ...sorry

    Can you spray lime render? not aware of a machine for this? ive worked it out, it just seems expensive so was looking for some rough ideas of m2 from around the country see if i was in the ball park
  34. mikeadams1985

    Pricing post...yes ...sorry

    Just wondering what people are roughly charging m2 for lime render? Spec is saying we have to use a premixed/bagged render, Base coat at 10mm and top coat at 5mm. What would people be roughly charging on a labour only m2
  35. mikeadams1985

    First attempt at bench running elliptical moulding

    cisco, i get ya, it becomes off square so to speak and the more off square the narrower the mould gets. had that before with a huge mould we had to run but it was a random shape so was a c**t to run without going offsquare
  36. mikeadams1985

    First attempt at bench running elliptical moulding

    looks good fella, but defiantly the long way round, ellipse can be run quickly, easily and to a perfect ellipse using a trammel.
  37. mikeadams1985

    Silicon moulds VS fiberglass moulds

    silicone eventually shrinks, fibreglass can and will last indefinatly, got moulds here 30 years old
  38. mikeadams1985

    Before and after pics

    3d printing wont replace the trade. All it will do is enable us to model something up on computer, print and edit it/scale etc easily instead of modelling in clay etc.
  39. mikeadams1985

    Want to learn to make fibrous cornice!

    Regency is round the corner. Your welcome to pop round anytime fella. 07841919406 just shoot me a text and see if i'm about, I know Tommorrow and next week im in the workshop. Dedicated a week to try and reorganise the place.
  40. mikeadams1985

    Want to learn to make fibrous cornice!

    Workshop is in bootle, i was living in allerton but now in netherley
  41. mikeadams1985

    Want to learn to make fibrous cornice!

    Happy to help fella. Were about are you? if you find me on facebook message me. adams plaster mouldings ltd
  42. mikeadams1985

    Moulds for sale

    Liverpool too much for me as i can make them myself, would take them if going at a cheap rate just to have lying around the workshop , looking at the fireplaces one of them is just a case and no actually mould. cheers anyway
  43. mikeadams1985

    Want to learn to make fibrous cornice!

    Hi there GT, im up in liverpool so probably to far for you to travel? but if not im sure i can show you a few things depending on what you want to learn and your time frame available etc. its not something you will learn in a week. You can learn to cast easily in a week but to make cornice from...
  44. mikeadams1985

    Moulds for sale

    it is mate, alot of thinking and working out on the more complex stuff. Were are you based?
  45. mikeadams1985

    Moulds for sale

    yeah, casting plaster, and then you need a release agent, and something to reinforce (hessian usually) then timber laths aswell. but more to it than just pouring plaster in
  46. mikeadams1985

    Moulds for sale

    Hi fella, sorry havent been in touch. Were are you and what price you after? The running moulds are of no use to me, but will take them if you just want rid.
  47. mikeadams1985

    Genie lift

    anychance this still about?
  48. mikeadams1985

    Moulds for sale

    any update fella?