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  1. lucius

    Are any Trowels now made from Sheffield steel

    All the history of Tyzack, WHS and Brades trowels form Sheffield is on the net.
  2. lucius

    render sponge

    Andy check your messages I've sent you a PM
  3. lucius

    Is this this the most useless corner trowel

    It's for finishing the inside of concrete steps Danny
  4. lucius

    Back of your van

    That top pic is my van
  5. lucius

    Cracks, Cracks and more Cracks

    Poured concrete walls sucks like hell even after uni bonding adhesive may have pulled in to quick and not stuck properly.
  6. lucius

    midget trowel

    As said the ones for Venetian plaster are the best.
  7. lucius

    clay drainage

    Because it is you dont have to change clay for plastic the inspector is an idiot.Jurek no need to half fill the trench mass fill it to 6inches below ground level but shutter around the pipes then lintol straight on top of the concrete just make sure you have enough room for your subgrade...
  8. lucius

    clay drainage

    Get building control out to have a look before you do anything and try and identify what is what soil,rainwater or land drains you may have to use some of them for the new build so now is the time for any alterations all drain pipes have to be lintoled over.
  9. lucius

    Hopper gun

    Ive got one that sprays render, never used it as it needs a massive compressor.
  10. lucius

    Back of your van!

    w**k*r lol
  11. lucius

    New twitch ( corner trowel)....

    The new Ragni ones are ok
  12. lucius

    Plastering Abroad

    You would have to get used to Spanish materials plus if you were lucky enough to find work the pay would be low expats are very unforgiving and know labour is cheap at the moment.
  13. lucius

    Free speech

    We never really had it.
  14. lucius

    single skin wall, insulating and drylining

    Cheapest way temporaly stick celotex to wall just enough to hold it there then fix battens on top of the celotex at desired centres into the wall through the battens and insulation with plugs and long screws fix plaster board to battens, simples.
  15. lucius

    Popped rivet

    Gibbo gave me a level once with no bubble in it Beddy might get that rivetted
  16. lucius

    Please sign this petition - for an explanation about BG finishing products!!!

    Going back to years ago ime sure we put it on thicker because of the Jute
  17. lucius

    Exciting News...

    Looking forward to it
  18. lucius

    New lime pointing to look older

    Liquid weather works well the soot trick dosent last but gets you paid the trick with this work is to do some small test panels with different mixes, sand etc till you get the one the client wants a tiny bit of brown dye often does the trick finishing is all in the timing of the brushing.
  19. lucius

    re pointing

    Some architects specify that that the Dpc protrude a little which is nonsense no matter what it is made of in time it will deteriorate and it also looks crap I always bring mine in 5mill so when its jointed its not seen far better and this minor bridging will cause no harm any way we now know...
  20. lucius

    Been ripped off by agency

    Monolithic is as you say laying a mix of anything onto a green base so they bond together.
  21. lucius

    removing coving!

    Fking bollox this thread just rip it of
  22. lucius

    Which board for bathroom to be tiled? skim?

    As for tanking its a relatively new concept, not knocking it but it is belt and braces ive seen a few showers tiled on to standard board and never failed and come the day when the tiles are tired it is relatively cheap to replace the plasterboard as well you would never save the tanking ripping...
  23. lucius

    silicone round bath

    Murcia Cassie, about an hour inland from Torrievieja
  24. lucius

    floor tile leveling systems

    Sounds good
  25. lucius

    silicone round bath

    Silicone all the time there will always be some movement with people getting in and out of the bath so it needs a bit of flex, tried that tape once and it left a residue on the tiles which was hard to get of if I do tape up I just use masking tape. I fitted a corner bath in my house in Spain...
  26. lucius

    floor tile leveling systems

    Think they might be ok on really big tiles and would give them a go the vids make it look easy, been meaning to ask this question on the tilers forum for a while just haven't got round to it.
  27. lucius

    Which board for bathroom to be tiled? skim?

    Does mate, I give the customer the options and the costs and the risks and leave it with them.
  28. lucius

    Which board for bathroom to be tiled? skim?

    Never been sure about tiling straight on to MR even though ive done it Cassie as you are not supposed to skim straight onto them unless you Gyprime first because there is some kind of coating on them that makes them moisture resistant so skim apparently wont take to it properly so I assume...
  29. lucius

    Off for my spinal injection

    Best of luck mate
  30. lucius

    Trowel cleaner

    Cant be arsed meself just buy a new trowel every week.
  31. lucius


    Spec is probably as been said but ive done loads at lower temps if its ready mix ask for a slightly stronger mix and maybe an air entrainer added, if its a footing the bulk of the concrete will be below the frost line just make sure you cover the top up well and give it plenty of time before you...
  32. lucius

    Rusting Metal

    What happened to the pics?
  33. lucius

    Nerja, Spain

    Been away on hols so not bothered looking on the forum, thanks Big Bruv and Bobby for the thumbs up but to much going on at the moment on the other hand I am seriously thinking of going back this year just about had enough of this country still got a set of tools in Spain and some fishing rods...
  34. lucius


    Bit gutted Super, going on holiday tomorrow thought ide save some money, Spurs are going to lose I think, ticket is a bullseye late KO out all day gonna do a twoer give it a miss fcked right up watched it in the pub. Yidddddssssssss
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  36. lucius

    That weird Limbo Time

    Nice stuff as well Eddie
  37. lucius

    Bullied At Work

    No good to you Dan everyone gets ill
  38. lucius

    Bullied At Work

    Been down a few times mate but just fleeting visits to see my mum no time for fun like, going to Egypt Saturday for 10 days then when ime back will be down for longer periods as I have some business to sort will ring you then and catch up.
  39. lucius

    Bullied At Work

    Don't do site work anymore haven't for a while but still used to get the sack but for non conforming or chinning the subby never had the sack for my plastering though never been paid either.
  40. lucius

    new years resoloutions

    Mine is the same as last year and the years before, stop workin for c unts
  41. lucius

    Shoulder pain

    .Only ever used 11inch but just recently started laying on with 16inch and find it a lot better but ime totally f ucked now it don't matter
  42. lucius

    Bullied At Work

    Feel a bit sorry for him realy looks like he has been thrown in the deep end unfortunately when I first started, bricklaying that is my trade,when you left college you just bluffed it got the sack and whent to the next site and learnt by your mistakes and so it whent on till you gained some...
  43. lucius

    Twitter Accounts

    Twatter is better
  44. lucius

    well ive done it!!!!

    The back of my van is always a skip but always keep the cab pukker.
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  46. lucius


    Its not like it used to be the Euro saw to that to be honest I know ime in London but €20 would not be worth it even if they did pay the digs you can get that here you need to get double what you get here for all the hassle involved like we used to shame as I loved working in Holland Germany.