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    Do you get back to potential customers

    Its nothing to do with your work when it comes to a new customer that has found you through means other than word of mouth... its about convincing them that you are the right person for the job.. they havnt ever seen your work, having a convincing work vehicle is just giving you a helping hand...
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    Do you get back to potential customers

    100%, it's all about perceived professionalism, if you get two spreads, both of equal quality, but one has a brand new van, keeps in in top nick, and the other works out the back of a car.. although both will win jobs through word of mouth, the guy with the van will always win over more new...
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    How long would a room take you to skim?

    Totally agree Andy! If that's the way you choose and can work, then awesome! Excuse my quite militant and black and white way of explaining things!
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    How long would a room take you to skim?

    Why would I do that, when I can do is doing the job I chose to do.. plastering.
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    How long would a room take you to skim?

    Hahaha there the ones!! Dude, that one wall is all Id bother laying on, **** that ****!! Tell you what though, they are quite satisfying jobs when you stand back at the end and look at just what you have done, when painted theyd have no idea what a **** it was to turn their dated bullshit...
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    How long would a room take you to skim?

    My view on things is, why the **** do I wanna lay on a ceiling and wall, then three walls with all the reveals, all for a days money, when Im turning somones shithole room into a perfect room that when painted, will look the nuts.. why the **** would I do that, working non stop all day, just for...
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    How long would a room take you to skim?

    As matey said, there are far too many variables regards to these sort of questions, but your bog standard, rectangle 3x4m room, without 3 fireplaces, weird angles etc/ I price them for two days personally, could manage in one long day if I really wanted too, but I prefere to take my time and...
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    Photo petition! British Gypsum Multi Finish bags not fit for purpose.

    Why bother with a petition? its not as if they don't know they are **** does it.. British Gypsum are arrogant ***** that have us over a barrel as its the primary gear to use, they will just laugh at it.
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    Are things getting busier for you?

    I think we are kind of on the same page mate and do agree.. I am similar to you, I learn all I know through working with my old man on the job, fitting kitchens n bathrooms and general building work, without that, I would only know how to plaster! But I am grateful to have been lucky enough to...
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    Are things getting busier for you?

    Don't get me wrong, I don't personally have a router or jig/template to fit work tops, and I wouldn't do the electrics and plumbing when fitting a kitchen, but I never said I take the jobs on myself from start to finish, I said I have the necessary skills though in plastering, carpentry and...
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    Are things getting busier for you?

    You really think that? mate you obviously havn't got a clue how to use a set of tools if you can't turn your hand to other things, are you saying the same of tiling? if a plasterer turned up to do your tiling you would boot him off the job? Can't believe you genuinely have this attitude! I know...
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    Are things getting busier for you?

    Very quiet for me again, no phone calls in couple of weeks, but luckily kept busy through other tradesmen, plastering and fitting a kitchen over the next 2/3 weeks that's keeping me busy. What did that guy say about only sticking to one trade? Oh yeh.. Id be sat at home twiddling my fingers and...
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    today's a good day

    You're missing the point mate, but if you want to be semi skilled and not beable to turn to anything else, then so be it! You are right that a lot of 'general builders' cant plaster.. that's because, they cant.. but spreads (good ones) are usually skilled with high attention to detail so can...
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    today's a good day

    Its all about doing general building work, never under stood guys who plaster and literally ONLY have tools to plaster, unless you're doing site work you always come across stuff where you could do with having other tools/doing other trades jobs just to keep the job going, plastering all day...
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    unhappy customer

    That don't sound like a perfectionist to me.. sounds like someone with OCD who THINKS hes a perfectionist, Id call him a ****.
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    Ridiculous Pricing (Domestic Refurb)

    What if they roll up in rizlas? If they're a smoker too, then why would it effect whether they accept your price or not?
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    Adhesive on wallpaper

    Dude.. you told them it wasn't the correct way of doing things, you knew it would leave some residue.. why the **** do you feel bad??? are you ******* mental??? **** me I can be far too honest and self critical for my own good in the best of situations.. but there is literally only one side to...
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    paint on walls

    Scrape off loose bits but that should be sufficient. If you havn't priced to scrape it ALL off then you ain't gonna earn any money.. that's a whole job in itself.
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    Rendering onto concretre

    I don't think you'd have any problems if you used SBR dude.. if scratch applied when still tacky then you would essentially have 'welded' the scratch to the wall too. Best option for sure!
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    Plastering Waste !!!

    I tell the customers they can get rid of it, its too expensive and used to lose jobs for me when I priced to remove, as its very hard to judge how much to charge, so I'd always charge too much just so it didn't eat into my labour money. Equally I live in a flat so can't just pile bags up outside...
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    How do you like to

    I generally use my hands when carrying hand tools, but if I'm not, I stick whats needed (within reason) in one of me yellow buckets... always leave tool box in van
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    Would anyone quote..

    Lets be honest, British Gypsum wouldn't sign off **** all, regardless of how perfectly you followed their recommendations anyway.. they are big business and will always find fault somewhere along the lines just to cover their own backs. As said above.. Uni Finish was a prime example.
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    on your marks get set,GO

    Assuming you mean who would win on metreage, a spread skimming the walls/ceilings or a dry liner tape and jointing? personally I can't see how drylining is any quicker than skimming concidering the number of coats and rubbing down they need to do but I may be wrong!
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    Breaking in a new trowel

    I just glued a couple of sheets of wet n dry paper to a piece of board.. ran each edge over the for about 5 mins and it was enough to take the edge off it and stop the trowel dragging! Had the trowel for about a year and gave up breaking it in naturally as it was making jobs a nightmare, so...
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    The way forward

    Just do whatevers specified! Nottinghill, **** that, I wont go passed Wimbledon haha
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    The way forward

    That's cool man, I agree with everything you said anyway! Was just trying to point out you don't NEED to do that like lots of people assume! Remember, you shouldn't really be tiling over backing plasters anyway (Browning, Bonding, Hardwall etc/) So priming them, althought it kinda works...
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    The way forward

    Its all personal preference really matey, it doesn't HAVE to be rendered anywhere, plaster is fine as long as its treated properly with an acrylic primer before being tiled.. Even tanking companies often state that in wet rooms you only need to tank the wet area floor and 4 inches up the walls...
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    board finish vs multi finish.

    Multi is for coursers? Lol who the **** told you that?
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    Plaster in the eye

    You've obviously not had a big lot mate.. the odd little bit is fine and naturally washes out, but drop a massive lump in, whilst your eye is completely open, the **** gets all under your eye lids, absolutely everywhere, it cains and you can't not rub it as you are wiping it off the rest of your...
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    Plaster in the eye

    Done small lumps a few times but that's standard, but same as you, done a massive one once and ended up in A n E, finished the ceiling mind you, with one eye closed, we're spreads, we're ******* nails ;) treat that ceiling like a fellow Conrad in the army, make sure he's alright before you rush...
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    adding pva to multi prior to mixing

    Noooo, goes horrible and sticky, horrible to use
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    pissed off wae thus cold weather trying tae roughcast

    Maybe you ****** off the weather man by trying to talk to him?
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    work this out?

    So true man! The ignorance of people is beyond me, they pick on those they perceive as weaker.. just to make themselves look and feel good? yet would run a mile if someone bigger n harder than them did it to them.. why on earth would you ever treat people badly?? just be nice, it aint hard, the...
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    work this out?

    I know what ya saying dude but at same time, people wouldn't behave.. theres a lot of horrible ***** out there, bullys, that will throw their weight around and pick on those smaller or weaker.. so in those cases.. cctv has its uses! Too many arseholes in the world that literally need shooting...
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    work this out?

    I wouldn't say that's a bad thing.. cctv, witnesses etc/
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    Lack of Overalls

    Where abouts it Surrey you from Choppa?
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    What a loser, builders are the worst for over charging people, I bet he wouldn't be doing it for £60 a day when he realises the builders are probably charging in excess of £250 a day for what hes doing.. and not even having to lift a finger to earn the wedge! Well done to him, hes working...
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    Lack of Overalls

    Mufty day - you know, come in ya own clothes day
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    Lack of Overalls

    Well next time we drive passed eachother, Ill get out with me backwards cap, jogging bottoms.. you get out in ya overalls.. both with baseball bats, and do eachother some damage y0. ;) Each to their own man! and you are right, I take **** indoors with me because I don't change my clothes and...
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    Lack of Overalls

    This is where we have to agree to disagree, maybe its more a young man thing, but I personally see people in boilersuits/overalls and immediately think "DIYer" OR that you are the sort of guy that wears ear defenders, glasses, gloves, flak jacket... when changing a light bulb. (obviously my...
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    Lack of Overalls

    If we're really gonna be anal, we might as well go back to the days where tradesmen used to turn up for work in a suit.. **** all that ****, Shorts, t shirt, go to work, bring the crap home with ya, take it all off, sit in pants on me laptop, have a bash, go n shower, change, go prices jobs in...
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    Lack of Overalls

    Joggin bottoms and printed t-shirts with me names on for me, or in summer, shorts and t-shirt.. personally I don't think overalls look professional these days, its not the 1930s, but each to their own! Ive never once had a customer complain or make a comment, the fact I turn up in a very cleanly...
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    When things go wrong...Insured?

    Always have insurance! for the price of it, £50 for £1,000,000.. don't matter how little work I have that aint exactly expensive! We all make mistakes, I can be a clumsy **** these days (never used to be, too much booze and naughties I reckon), I ran up the stairs in a customers house once...
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    Keeping a good name or being a mug

    Don't worry about the odd **** of a customer dude, people worry far too much about getting bad rep, for one person to give such a bad name about you, he/she would have to tell hundreds of people.. and then in turn, they would have to spread the word too... but at the end of the day, all they are...
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    Plastering "still the hardest trade in the building "

    Well said dude, we work to live, not live to work, I very very rarely will work a Saturday (even a morning) for the simple reason, its my time, I couldn't give a **** if I don't earn an extra couple of hundred quid here and there, time to yourself, to see family, mates, go out, spend with the...
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    Anyone on here use Checkatrade?

    Rogue traders was awesome, loved that! shame one of the guys got nicked for fraud!!