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    Float and set

    Don't forget the scrim at the ceiling/wall angle.
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    Beading 45 degree corners?????

    Don't bother Dougie, just ask Tam.
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    Thanks Malc , I for one never complained when the professional floor screeders appeared and took away a big part of the trade. Always felt you knew you had done a days work if you were on floors..
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    Malcs maybe the man to answer this but am I correct in thinking that power floats (helicopters) were on the go in the 60s?
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    Got this love job

    Looks like an attempt at the fan pattern.
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    what year

    1980 for mixing snoplast which I think was the first one coat plaster on the go in the uk.
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    Liquid screed vs traditional screed ??

    Does anybody use a water level nowadays haven't seen one for years.
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    Trowel cleaner

    Dougie from the speedscam video is probably the best qualified to answer.:RpS_sleep:
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    how would you deal with this?

    Putting in writing that you admit to causing damage to his property is not a wise move.
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    my render mix.

    Prolappin is a water proffer I remember in the 60s.
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    Popcorn ceiling

    Im thinking about asbestos on sites years before ppi was ever heard of, and of the health problem identified to asbestos years later hence the silent killer. Masks were like hard hats ,unheard of.
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    Popcorn ceiling

    Asbestos the silent killer.
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    Been ripped off by agency

    Spot on malc also about the same time 6 month course guys appeared on the scene, frowned upon by all journeymen.
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    Mono Madness

    Aye but looks fine in the dark, easiest thing in the world to find faults in peoples work:RpS_lol:
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    multiple render help

    My biggest concern would be the potential health and safety issues.
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    universal one coat

    Struggle to do in a one coat if the mesh is loose.
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    Big area

    Great minds
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    Big area

    What do you call a big area.?
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    New to site work. Not sure about 'the best technique' or so im told....

    Surely a windup, must be? then again maybe not.
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    How over the top are they?
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    Anyone use telesales as a form of advertising and capturing leads?

    Thanks Malc very interesting, hard to imagine any developers agreeing to these payment terms nowadays.
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    Anyone use telesales as a form of advertising and capturing leads?

    Malc how did the guy manage daily payments, that would be good for cash flow, obviously a very good business head on him?
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    Rendering onto thermalite blocks

    grano was used a lot when doing treads and risers on stairs and also plats, a lot of guys used to add fondu to speed up the set. Topping steps etc was a standard plasterers task not that many years ago.
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    Funny bad plasterers

    Not that many years ago pva and reskim was unheard of but now every imposter under the sun seems to be doing it and reckon they are plasterers, its certainly the cause of so many yodellers giving the trade a bad name.
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    Show me your posher!

    Like everyone else I was brainwashed into thinking that you cant mix browning in a cement mixer, what crap, whether its a half bag belle mixer or a 10 7 mixer which can take 12 bags of browning it mixes great. If you haven't tried it give it a go.
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    Show me your posher!

    Ray around 1980 snoplast one coat plaster appeared and we had a electric drill for mixing. Snoplast soon became thistle one coat or thistle universal and still impossible to mix properly unless you've got a drill.
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    heavy olde english plastered walls

    Get your timing right means no blisters.
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    Working hours

    George what size of squad, what were they doing and how many mts. were they covering?
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    Multi on gone off hardwall.

    If your any use with a darby Thistle One Coat, straighten the walls and leave a good finish all in one go.
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    Eye care - A warning

    Blinder is a word I haven't heard for years.
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    What's the best paddle for multi?

    Don't waste your money just tie a bit of corner bead onto a length of wood.:RpS_biggrin:
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    My water,my tub.

    Your showing your age mentioning a lathe hammer.:RpS_biggrin: Most guys on here wont have a clue what your talking about.
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    Turned up to new project and look at this!!

    Did you actually look at the job before you gave a price?
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    Best Patching Plaster

    So your a plasterer who cant do a patch. :RpS_lol:
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    Garden wall

    Since the last couple of years the NHBC will not allow render on retaining walls due to problems that can develop.
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    Best Patching Plaster

    Any patch done by a real plasterer should not be visible after its painted.
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    Masking up???

    Yes that's the stuff, really good.
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    Masking up???

    You can get a liquid which you paint on to glass etc, turns to something that resembles rubber peals off really easy, sorry cant remember what its called. Seeing it also used to protect worktops.
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    Plaster peaking on metal frame stud

    Get yourself a Qs who will put in a claim for any extra costs incurred in rectifying the problems quite often its an open cheque for you, with by the sound of it the fixers picking up the contra charge. A good Qs not only looks professional but will make you money.
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    Plaster peaking on metal frame stud

    Go over the walls with a long straight edge which will probably highlight the bumps in the partitions then give a price for straightening the walls using bonding and finish. A skim coat does not straighten walls or bumps.
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    plastering on wood

    I think Dave is probably a decent all round plasterer but is enjoying taking piss out of all the ballet dancers that use the forum.
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    plastering on wood

    When are you guys going to get it Dave is takeing the piss.
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    What's better

    A one man band plastering is always going to struggle.
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    waterproofer in hardwall

    Dave is definitely a wind up merchant, surely ?
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    Dave main thing to remember is do not put the chips on upside down, or even worse inside out, apart from that crack on.
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    New Career New Tools

    A darby, straight edge.