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  1. theyorkshirekowboy

    Display boards pictures?

    Sorted thank you.
  2. theyorkshirekowboy

    Display boards pictures?

    Hello peeps, Im looking for ideas of display boards to be taken in my van to shows etc. Just wondering how people take them to shows with out any damage. Kind regards dan
  3. theyorkshirekowboy

    Back in the workshop

    They look good. What plaster do you use and where do you get it from? I'm trying to find a supplier that will sell me maybe 10 bags at a time without having to buy a whole pallet.
  4. theyorkshirekowboy

    Out of date casting plaster.

    Hello, I know somebody who has 15 bags of 25kg siniat casting plaster. Just the bog standard stuff. It's 2.5 years out of date or there abouts, but it's very cheap per bag. Do you think it would be OK to make my demo's/showroom pieces. Ever used it? Is it any good? Cheers guys.
  5. theyorkshirekowboy

    What is people's thougs on the best all round cast plaster?

    Is that the no1 stuff? 28 pound a bag with delivery? I bet you have a local supplier?
  6. theyorkshirekowboy

    What is people's thougs on the best all round cast plaster?

    I've been shopping around and there seems to be quite alot of different makes. I would want something definitely with a good shelf life date. Any company's that people can recommend to buy from?
  7. theyorkshirekowboy

    How to make a Lath bath

    Hello, what do people use to put in their laths to soak and leave in ready to use? Kind regards danny
  8. theyorkshirekowboy


    Hello everyone. I'm new to the plaster world and im wanting to get into making plaster coving, ceiling roses etc. Any tips and resources on here that I can read? Kind regards danny Ps I have read somewhere the pegg encyclopedia book covers alot on this?