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    Female Plasterer Set To Start Own Business

    I've worked along side two female plasterers before. One was really quite good and amazing at cornice but the other wouldn't do anything... wouldn't even carry a bag of plaster all we ever heard was woman should only be carrying 20kg not 25kg .... Well get another f**k**g job then!
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    Top 3 trowels for coating

    It's probably lost a half inch all round haha I mainly use my MT 14" stainless and then MT 16" and an 11" for the final but my old one still gets a wee rub in now and again haha
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    Top 3 trowels for coating

    I was hoping that the premium won't talk long mines will be coming soon. My favorite one maybe nostalgia but it's my MT carbon 13" had it for 11 year haha was the first one I ever bought
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    Top 3 trowels for coating

    Wow never looked into that before all my old ones got demoted to floor scrapers then skipped.
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    Silicon moulds VS fiberglass moulds

    definitely fiberglass
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    Looking to buy ceiling rose moulds

    If you've got the time and space you can make your own. It's not to different from running cornice a bit time consuming to start with though
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    Before and after pics

    nice job. It's nice to see people doing it the company I used to work with specialised in it haven't done it much lately though (used to hate making it though)
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    Top 3 trowels for coating

    got a new nelaflex 2 and ordered a nela premium excited to get them broken in. Ended up getting a new pipe trowel, margin trowels, new busks, joint roles and angle trowel ( even though I already have a old tyzack twitcher and a MT 65ssd) I bought snips as well probably never use them as I prefer...
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    Top 3 trowels for coating

    Hi guys. So I'm wondering what is your top trowels. I've only ever used MTs or tyzack trowels and I haven't changed them for years. Now I'm in the market for a new trowel and completely lost. I know trowels like the nela felx is mainly for the last few rubs. But what about coating?