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    New paddle mixer

    Interesting this,will the servicing be done over here as opposed to Slovenia then? will be looking to sell mine as I have left the trade recently.
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    impact drivers ?

    Or you could buy my senco in the for sale section:RpS_blushing:
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    Senco duraspin for sale

    110v senco duraspin for sale, comes with 1000x35mm and 1200x45mm screws.maybe used 10,000 screws from new and still on the original driver bit(spares included) as only used to reboard ceilings mostly.£150+ £12courier next for pics and I will email accordingly.boxed with instructions.
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    cement in skim

    Tepid water will do it,try to keep up!
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    Transit for sale

    Not mine I'm afraid,will get round to posting eventually.that was the tranny with the xj220 engine,sweet.
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    Everbuild SBR

    Like a watery milk when I've used it.
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    Transit for sale

    Minor spots on the tips of the arches,will post some pics.
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    Transit for sale

    Got my 54 plate transit going up for sale,ex Bt van.picked it up about 4 years ago with 30k on the clock,taken it up to 70k now.just about to get it mot'd and flog it,thought I would offer it here first.been lookin on autotrader and nothing with this mileage goes for under £1800ish.its ply...
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    Mt Skywalker II's for sale

    Stuart let me know if you want these mate,otherwise they are going back on the market.
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    Mt Skywalker II's for sale

    When I got them I just had a practise around the lounge on them,after an hour or 2 practise they are a piece of cake.on bigger ceilings they save your legs some abuse from stepping up on a hop up all the time.once you have got the coat on you just walk up and down the length of the ceiling.other...
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    Mt Skywalker II's for sale

    That's the wrong stilts at tool station,they aren't the skywalker 2,these have a spring loaded foot plate etc.thats like comparing a ford cortina to a rolls RoyceRoyce:RpS_biggrin:
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    Mt Skywalker II's for sale

    Holy sh1t that's cheap.i worked on my own as well.piece of cake to do,mix up.1st coat then stilts and wash and mix 2nd coat.up and 2nd coat,flatten then wash up.then stay up until it's worries.
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    Mt Skywalker II's for sale

    Come on,buy my goddam stilts!
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    Mt Skywalker II's for sale

    No such luck.been diagnosed with arthritis for 5-6 yrs now(nothing to do with the trade though)been trying to get in with my father n laws business for a few yrs and got the chance.working for his company who supply and install all audio/visual gear in pubs and clubs. Anyway "come and get them"
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    Mt Skywalker II's for sale

    The standard 15-30" size.only ever needed them set at the lowest setting.300 plus when new.
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    Mt Skywalker II's for sale

    As above,quality stilts for sale.used approx 20 times,leaving trade reason for sale.very good condition. £200 collection or postage/courier on top.based in uxbridge. Pm's welcome.
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    site work

    If it's just site skimming with no furniture in the way or curtains to take down then 50m is a poor days work?
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    Mixer for sale

    Yep they're Grrrreeeeaaaattt
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    Mixer for sale

    Mmmm nicked possibly!!saying that my alfra has packed in after about 2 years,gotta get it looked at,not happy.
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    Festool drywall screwdriver (collated)

    I use the festool chippy gear(plunge saw,router,sander etc)for that stuff it is light years ahead of anything else I have used.typical German efficiency,I sure you won't be disappointed.
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    New paddle mixer

    Was told that perles have stopped producing therefore not selling anymore.recently got my old perles 1150w out as my eibenstock 1800w packed in(not sure why yet)had the brushes replaced on the perles for about £20 as it was starting to smell like a hornby railway it runs like a...
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    Brick Outbuilding - Plastering walls?

    And paint the outside in water treatment
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    Planning Permissions For A Loft Conversion In A Flat

    Don't you need planning if it's for habitation?definitely regs if so.
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    cordless drills

    Further to other threads already I have got a 110v collated senco and it's worries with jams at all or batteries dying.
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    EWI full system prices

    My favourite beef is fe kin mahoosive tbones
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    cordless drills

    Dewalt 14v and 18v with the 3&4 amp battery's.tough as feck
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    How rude

    Don't nod off Jess,the builders will be takin pictures of themselves with their dinkles restin on ur shoulder.well that's what I would do:RpS_blushing:
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    aussie fan tricks pietersen

    Dennis Pennis was funny but that Aussie tw4t was just a waste of space,I would have told him wot his sister was gagging on last nite.
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    Hung me trowels up till march

    Good luck mate,get better soon.
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    A Couple of Jobs to Share

    Lovely work mate,real craft.
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    Mono straight edge

    Last bar I went to was a g a y bar and I picked myself up a bear:RpS_wink:
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    Took a right slagging off from flydd man a moderaor ???

    The galaxy isn't bad,good size babs but the chips are a bit soggy.if you ever work near beaconsfield go into the new town opposite waitrose,the van there does the best babs I have had nearby.:RpS_thumbsup:
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    Turning curved wall into angled straight edges

    Do you tell him what you wanted?so me would do that or some would stop bead it first?I like to ask what the client would prefer then you can't go wrong.
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    Mono straight edge

    Ooooohh I 'ate you butler! Get that bus aarrrt of 'ere.(on the buses,one for the oldies):RpS_thumbsup:
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    Took a right slagging off from flydd man a moderaor ???

    And there are a few half decent kebab places locally:RpS_thumbsup:
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    Took a right slagging off from flydd man a moderaor ???

    From beaconsfield originally,living just outside uxbridge now.
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    Took a right slagging off from flydd man a moderaor ???

    Fook the lot of ya,all of ya can suck my clock.welcome stokeydokey angry plasterer,anyone had a rant at me for helping someone out they can shove their head up their fat smelly ar53.god save the queen.:RpS_thumbsup:
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    step ladders

    More like chubby fukka(only kiddin Andy)couldn't resist after arti set it up.:RpS_blushing:
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    Patching Black Mortar

    If the walls are downstairs then there may be a damp issue which is popping the render.1920's solid walls.if so don't do bonding,sand n cement,then skim.
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    Cracked walls help

    He is joe 90's brother.and if the guy wants to have a go then let him,worst he can do is cock it up and get a plasterer in to sort it out.give a little brother.:-)
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    Thistle stainless finishing trowel for skimmerRob

    I'm sure you mean Rolf Harris the "toddler fiddler"
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    Any ideas over scratch coat

    Makes sense,offer the snc finish or walk Andy said don't risk your rep for some indecisive client.
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    Welcome to the jungle,no monkeys allowed.maybe a pony.
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    Please help!!! Rendered wall cracks

    Rigsby.would the horizontal crack be linked to the damp course possibly?moisture travelling upwards and hitting the damp course and sitting against it then freezing?
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    Ritmo help?

    Then set it all in the afternoon?that's awesome:RpS_thumbsup:
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    Single skin garage wall damp

    Stud the walls out,not touching the external walls.
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    Spray machine

    How is mrs jones?how's her Bert's lumbago? Old song for you there.:RpS_thumbsup:
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    Ahoy all offshore plasterers!

    I think I heard that the largest container ship can take 10,000 containers at a go.
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    We had a driver just shake his head getting out the cab,swing the lifting arm down and reverse cleaning off the top of the skip.pick it up then go.if I was a driver I wouldn't accept them when they really try to take the p1ss.its their job and life in prison at risk if it shoots off and kills...
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    Render serring very quick

    Spec'd 3:1 for damproofing before Andy.