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    Anyone worked for r and b from bury st edmunds

    I worked for them a couple of years ago. Dealt with a supervisor called Paul most of the time. I earnt ok and I thought they was a pretty fair firm to work for.
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    On top of old multi...

    I would just pva it
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    telescopic work platform

    Looks good but I don't think you would be able to use it on many big sites.
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    Plastering workwear

    When I'm doing site work its a pair of Matalan jogging bottoms and a cheap white t shirt. I never take them home to wash them just wear them until they get too smelly or too dirty to wear and them i throw them and get some new ones .
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    Solo rolling gauge

    @essexandy I wasn't dragging up anything I was just making a comment on an old thread! I'm in Harwich, where abouts you?
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    Anyone use telesales as a form of advertising and capturing leads?

    I think that with telesales your trying to force yourself on people and in my experience people never really react well to that. Why not try offering previous customers a drink or recommendation bonus (call it what you like) to recommend you to their family, friends and work mates. It's worked...
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    Catching dash

    I'm with Smudger1 on this one. Nice thick and clean plastic sheeting. When your done just pull it away from the wall and fold it in half tipping the dropped stones straight into the empty buckets ready for the next bit .
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    Setting render beads

    I normally just stick them on with whatever I'm scratch coating it in but I have been know to hammer fix with washers the odd bell cast drip bead if they play up and the back ground is flat enough ;)
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    dura finish high impact finish

    I found that the best way when I was using it. Like doing a rolling set in very small stages. Takes a bit of getting used to.
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    Solo rolling gauge

    I only really do rolling sets these days if it's to much for one set but not enough to justify two.
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    Qualifications !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I first got my CSCS card many years ago when they tried to launch it for the first time but it failed to catch on. I did half a days course and was given a card which stated on the back that I had a Plastering Industry Accreditation B (apparently or so I was lead to believe at the time higher...
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    Working hours

    I tend to work on mostly commercial sites at the moment so I try to be on site by 7 and start about 7:15. I work straight through aiming to finish at between 3 and 4 depending on how the day goes. I try not to work weekends these days. Back in the 90's I worked all the hours I could 7 days a...
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    Your opinion ;-)

    I've often used bonding with a handle of cement when setting up beads ready to float and set with hardwall and multi in the same day. Never had any problems.
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    Coving question

    I agree it works on normal coving . I have done it several times myself with no problems.
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    Cheap van

    I have always rated Astravans . They are quite cheap to run and easy to get parts for if they go wrong. Not to steep on the insurance. The only downside is you cant get too many materials in them , but great size for just carrying your tools around in.
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    My water,my tub.

    I just remove the screws then wait for the earful because they have to re-hang the rads. Lol
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    Business for sale

    Yeah me too !
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    Hop ups/access

    ( 2.4 -2.8 )
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    Hop ups/access

    I think stilts are ideal for lower ceilings (2.4-2.8) But I myself prefer some sort of scaffolding over that. I think it because I'm a bit bow legged and and struggle on stilts any higher than that. Lol
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    drawing pins

    A stapler every time.
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    going round lights

    I always unscrew the cover undo the screws holding the base to the ceiling. Gently pullthe base awsy from the ceiling. Then cover the light fitting in plastic and tape it up . I then plaster as close to the cable as I can and refit the light fitting afterwards.
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    Plastering over lining paper?

    I would never skim over any kind of wallpaper. It usually blows straight away or as it drys out.
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    CSCS card - how to get one without doing an NCQ?

    I first got my CSCS card years ago. The first time they tried to launch the scheme but failed. I have a gold card and the only qualification it has on it is a Plastering Industry Accreditaton B. If I remember rightly I got it through "Grandfather rights" as I was never assessed by anyone ,but I...
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    I just go over the wall and fill the joints just before I first coat, never had any problems with bubbling or blistering on any of the joints on plasterboard.
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    Hello everyone..

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    First Post

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    Hi everyone

    My names Frankie, I have been Plastering for over 20 years in both the domestic and commercial areas. Have worked on a few well known own projects the last one being The Shard. Any way I look forward to getting involved in a few discussions and learning a few new things. Sent from my GT-N7105...