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    Lime plaster

    Hello everyone. Am making plaster by mixing non hydraulic lime powder with sand. Could anyone clarify the difference between slaked and un slaked lime, and is one better to use than the other. Also, maybe a silly question, can I sweep up dried mix , and re mix it, or has the carbonation process...
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    Loam plaster

    Thanks guys, I thought there might be a different working quality, or fininsh etc. Fromwhat I've read, loam seems to have less clay, maybe more silt or something, so perhaps the same qualities, but still no clear definition of loam plaster-clay laster. I'm stil a few months away from doing the work!
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    Loam plaster

    Hi, Can anyone enlighten me on the difference between loam and clay plaster? I know this is a lime plaster thread, but thought you guys might know. Will be soon plastering my house with clay and lime on different surfaces, and just came across this "loam" plaster, and can't see any clear...