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  1. J

    Looking For Work As Labourer/Plasterer

    Hello Again Thank you for the replies; yes think I am just lacking a bit of confidence after being off the trowel for a few years; Oilcans right thou just have to stay positive and this this forum has been a great help. Cheers again
  2. J

    Looking For Work As Labourer/Plasterer

    Hello All And Happy New Year Hope someone can help us out; been off the trowel for about 3 years and looking to get back into plastering as a labourer stroke plasterer. Really want to work with an experienced spread who can help me take my plastering to the next level; would rate my work as...
  3. J

    Looking For Work As A Labourer Darlington Area/North East

    Hello Mate Sorry not got back to you as soon as you replied to my request; havent checked the site for a while; your probably sorted now but if not my number is 07455679643; if you are sorted thanks anyway for the offer. Best Regards John
  4. J

    Looking For Work As A Labourer Darlington Area/North East

    Hello All Looking for work as a labourer around the Darlington / North East area; was plastering regular until I gave it up to go and work as a mechanic in Kuwait 3 years ago; looking for just 6 months work before I return to Kuwait early next year; really want to work with an experienced...
  5. J

    rates of pay

    You just will not stay in business charging those prices and if you think you will you your in dream land, you may hang on for awhile but sooner or later you will go under and anyway why bother just sack it and get a job stacking shelves because if you sit down and do your sums i.e. deduct all...
  6. J

    Has plastering now become split into different formats

    I still think more spreads who's hearts not really in the game will sack it during this downturn and not ever get back in the game then when things pick up which they will sometime, it will be good news for those that have hung on, hard bits sticking it out thou
  7. J

    Mixer Drills / Servicing and Repairs.

    Hello Mate Had a Belle mixer that tried to get repaired wasnt worth it in the end as it just wasnt cost effective, changed the switches/brushes afew times myself but motor went, got 3 years out of it so not too bad
  8. J

    VAT and CIS payments

    Hello Mate Never done it that way just invoice them the full amount and they have done the deductions, have worked for some that have not bothered with it and remember they will need your unique tax reference number to deduct the 20%
  9. J

    Travis perkins

    Hello Mate Your spot on there, I just dont use them anymore just use B&Q almost everything you need under one roof and much cheaper
  10. J

    on a 100 pound day rate?

    Hello Mate If your actually working for him i.e. he has taken you on then £100 is ok but if you are running a business and he is subbing out to you then your kidding yourself, deduct the tax and your business expences then whats left divide that by an average 40 hour week and you would earn...
  11. J

    another trowel thread

    Hello Mate Use a 14 by 5 inch Marshaltown for all stages of skimming, tried other brands but just end up back with my Marshaltown
  12. J

    Looking for a placement

    Hello Mate Dont under no circumstances give up a job and go into a trade thats on its knees, just have a good read back of the posts that are on this forum
  13. J

    Shaver Socket

    Hello Just after bit of advice, just connected up a shaver socket in my bathroom and when plug in electric toothbrush there is a quiet humming noise coming from the socket, noise stops as soon as toothbrush plug pulled out, is this normal, cheers
  14. J

    Anyone use quickbooks for quotes and invoices? I have a question

    Hello Mate I just use word for my quotes but save them all so after awhile you have a pre written quote for every job you are likely to get, then all you do is change the name / address and alter the price accordingly and print
  15. J

    plaster price

    Yea think B&Q is probaly cheapest place unless anyone knows somewhere else
  16. J

    Waste carriers licence

    Hello Its free here in the North East you just apply to council with van details and a utility bill for proof of address then 2 weeks later you get it through the post, you get two ones red and the other is blue, stick them in your windscreen, one allows you to use your van at your local tip...
  17. J

    Pricing !!!!!

    Hello Mate Price seems ok but what you have to be aware of, is on big jobs like this ,you can lose them to a 2-1 gang, they will be able to price it abit lower but do it much quicker so actually earn more money for the time on the job. May be worth asking someone to come in with you
  18. J

    another gloomy post - is everyone a plasterer?

    Hello Mate I take all your points and your right if I was earning £400 every other day I wouldnt bother about shelling out that much in overheads but thats not the point I was making, the advertising is low but that was getting me lots of work and then word of mouth etc but now I think its...
  19. J

    hairline crack to repair

    Hello Mate You may get away with some caulk to solve it, this happened to me once and ever since that time I now always use srim on all beading, takes a bit longer but you know they won't crack
  20. J

    one coat

    Hello Mate Same as above
  21. J

    another gloomy post - is everyone a plasterer?

    Hello Mate Do monitor my expences, dont include matts as this is passed straight onto customer, do my own accounts so dont waste money on an accountant for what is a simple account (sole trader) and work on my own. My expences are as follows: Fuel (biggest outlay) £150-180 / van insurance £42...
  22. J

    another gloomy post - is everyone a plasterer?

    The problem is business expences, I'm paying almost £400 a month for the privilege of being a plasterer irrespective of how many jobs I get, this is why it's so hard during lean times
  23. J

    new york

    Hello Anyone know what the latest on this job was, was it a con ?
  24. J

    new york

    Id still do him
  25. J

    PVA/multi VS bonding agent/board finish

    Its not just how long it takes to put on its getting to the property sheeting/taping up etc, lets not forget what the stuff is like i.e. you get it on anything other than the walls and don't wipe it off straight away its then almost impossible to remove, the days long enough as it is with work /...
  26. J

    PVA/multi VS bonding agent/board finish

    WBA is quality gear but its just totally impractical, how many of us have the time to pop around the property the day before to apply the stuff, it needs more than 2 hours to dry I would say at least 4, it will appear dry after 2 hours but the way it works is through chemical reactions which...
  27. J

    new york

    The only part of this that makes me think its not a con is that the guy will have 5 spreads after smashing his face in if he does con them, he will be easily found if he does a bunk because of his connection to the property that he wants them to do a test skim on (whatever connection that is but...
  28. J

    new york

    Well good luck mate hope it turns out alright and you get the work, sounds to good to be true but you never know, all the best
  29. J

    new york

    Load of total crap this ad bet it's to get a lot of work done here for peanuts with the promise of great work in New York, as said above there's a million spreads in the big apple crying out for work
  30. J

    van racking

    Hello Mate Got same van medium roof, love it, did the mod on the floor for boards 6/3 can slide about 8 in, steel tube fits inside aswell so need to strap it to top, got most of my gear hanging up on the walls on hooks etc, stick the bags in the rear in plastic tubs
  31. J

    Plastering and pva

    WBA is quality gear but the setting time is a pain, if you can get to the property night before then its ok but most of the time thats just not possible
  32. J

    Plastering and pva

    It's not difficult you just need 15 litre tub for the priming coat of 5-1; empty half a tub of PVA into it and top up with water give it a good shake, sorted. 20 litre tub for your bonding coat 3-1 add 3 full tubs of PVA then top up with water, good shake, sorted
  33. J


    Hello Mate The best advice I can give you is don't start upon your own just yet as there are just too many spreads around fighting over too little work, if you really want to become a spread then get a job as a labourer get some experience under your belt and sell yourself to him that you can...
  34. J

    skimming damp proof render

    Please post some pictures of yourself skimming the outside, I will not be the only one on here who would love to see them
  35. J

    Plastering and pva

    Hello Mate I was taught the following with mix ratios: priming coat 5-1 (5 parts water 1 part PVA) then bonding coat of 3-1 (3 parts PVA 1 part water) incidently this is what most PVA tubs state on the back. Prime wall with priming coat leave to dry then apply bonding coat and apply plaster...
  36. J

    Universal board finish from knauf??

    Hell Mate Its not crap at all, come on its German since when does crap and German figure in the same sentence, most people just dont know how to use it, firstly you need to mix it slightly different,mix up as normal then leave to stand for 5 min, during this time it will go alittle runny so...
  37. J


    MP Finish is fantastic gear, people just don't know how to use it, if it was as easy to get as BG it's all I would use
  38. J

    Overboarding artex - Finding the josts

    Skimmin2day is spot on there, I only skim over artex now if it looks like it was put on last week i.e. perfect, had some nightmares with artex ,gone in thinking I will be driving home 4 hours later and ended up taking 2 days to sort it out, overboard almost all the time now and you can guarantee...
  39. J

    Plastic Population

    Hello Would never have contemplated using a plastic trowel if not had used one of Nellys tips from another site (without doubt best tip ever had). Its using a square plastic ducting tube you get from B&Q and then cut into sections, you can cut into any size you want so you end up with little...
  40. J

    Rooms skimmed for £80

    Never been worried about rads, my Dad showed me correct way to take them off when I was a teenager and once they are off I always cap them just in case the valves leak as they sometimes do, can get the caps from any Plum centre for a couple of quid, just screw them on hand tight, I leave them...
  41. J

    Rooms skimmed for £80

    Tried leaving sockets on the wall but can't get a perfect finish doing it that way and can always tell when someone has done it that way, filling buckets takes me about 30 seconds, my lunch break takes as long as it takes me to eat which is about 10 min, always quote in rads which I dont charge...
  42. J

    Rooms skimmed for £80

    We all do things different, I never take a day to skim a room it would just be too long of a day I only work domestic so the earliest I can start is 0830 hrs (as most people just dont want you there before that) I only work on my own, so first thing I do is sheet up from entry point to room...
  43. J

    Courser, time served or chancer

    Sorry mate read that wrong
  44. J

    Courser, time served or chancer

    What do you really expect for £40
  45. J

    Rooms skimmed for £80

    Thing I don't understand is how these people stay in business, my minimum business expences a month are just over £300, the jobs hard enough as it is
  46. J

    cscs revision advice

    Hello Mate As above it's really easy, name of book thou is Health & Safety Test, published by CITB-ConstructionSkills Bircham Newton Kings Lynn Norfolk PE31 6RH got mine from WHSmith £8.49
  47. J

    Anyone else resent Firemen ???

    I have'nt got a problem with anyone doing plastering work as a second job but only if there doing it fully legit ie paying tax/national insurance etc but people doing it on the side cash in hand does fxxk me off big time because they are taking work away from honest tradesman who are struggling...
  48. J

    Overboarding a ceiling

    Hello Mate Dont rip the ceiling down your just making more work for yourself and tonns of crap to clear up, just follow the tips above and you will be fine
  49. J

    Best Method On A Wall Like This?

    All Wolsley Plumb centres stock silka
  50. J

    Project Management Costs

    Hello All Just after some advice on best way to incorporate project management costs into a quote, done afew big jobs where had to bring in several other trades, doing all the running around and organising everything etc soon mounts up, not included any of that on previous jobs but now intend...