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  1. Rhys

    Another new trowel from NELA - PREMIUM ELITE

    I'm finding I'm using the 14" MT and Nela Black flexi more tbh. Although just done a ceiling yesterday over stippled artex, put on with the 14" MT and used the 16" Nela to give it a flatten between coats and first trowel, switching over to the 14" Nela Black flexi for 2nd trowel. Polished off...
  2. Rhys

    Another new trowel from NELA - PREMIUM ELITE

    Just bought a Nela Black Edition Elite Premium in 16" flavour. Sat it next to my old Nela s*p*r*lex II. Used it yesterday on a small job and it worked well (although I did file the corners off and gave it a once over to deburr it etc). I used it to put on and trowel up. Swapping between it and a...
  3. Rhys

    Another new trowel from NELA - PREMIUM ELITE

    Bet no one would want to be in the same room as you after all that Guiness... :sick:
  4. Rhys

    Laying on trowel?

    if you set the speed on your mixer slower, the skim goes off slower. It's all relative. No need for halftime or extratime, just change the drill speed.. In fact, forget the drill, just hold the paddle and walk round the bucket. 15 bag mix will last you all day and skim a house out in 2... It's...
  5. Rhys

    Another new trowel from NELA - PREMIUM ELITE

    Where did you get it from? All my Nelas have come from Ryan's place direct. Can't fault the bloke for sorting any issues out tbf. I'll just have to wait and see, and go from there.
  6. Rhys

    Another new trowel from NELA - PREMIUM ELITE

    I was tempted.. If I don't like the Nela I'll chuck it on ebay and get the MT.
  7. Rhys

    Another new trowel from NELA - PREMIUM ELITE

    Reading up on the replies on here and decided to buy a 16" version. I've got the 14" MT Permashape and a 14" Black edition flexi. My local builders merchants have the 16" Gold permashape but thought I'd give the Nela a chance as I've been using Nelas for years (11" Superflexes). I'll certainly...
  8. Rhys

    Marshaltown permaflex

    £68 is a lot of money for something that will fall apart in the end. Nelas are half that. When I started I paid around £60 odd for my first Tyzack Centenary double tang and it took years to break it in.. (nearly threw it away I was so pissed off with it.. took a bit of rendering before it came...
  9. Rhys

    tyrolean on tyrolean

    We've been asked to do the same, and were going to try and find some info. We were told before that to blend Tyrolean over paint, we would have to mesh it, thincoat it and then splatter it.
  10. Rhys

    Nela hawk

    I've got a Magnesium MT after my old one turned it is throwing star (now about 10" after being cut down). My mates got the Nela and it's pretty much identical apart from the handle, in fact it's the only way I tell them apart sometimes.
  11. Rhys


    Had a look at a duraflex in Barnitts in York, they also have the Refina. MT was expensive and roughly finished, have to be honest the Refina looked decent enough but waiting to see the latest Nela. My old s*p*r*lex has seen some graft as its worn into the letters on the blade (and started to...
  12. Rhys

    Nela s*p*r*lex

    I use my Nela SF (11") for putting it on as well, speedskim between coats. Just done some artexed ceilings like that then flatten with speedskim. Used the SF without water for both trowels and then a quick polish - job done :RpS_thumbup: You catch it right and it's a doddle.
  13. Rhys

    Exciting News...

    I like the feature that lets you swear (a little bit), otherwise it's just plain shít.. :rolleyes) :RpS_biggrin:
  14. Rhys

    What is this,?

    Hack it all off, then notice all the bits floating in the air when the sunlight comes through the window.. Then realise you're breathing all this shít in :RpS_scared:
  15. Rhys

    Nela s*p*r*lex trowel

    Who's Neal? :RpS_confused:
  16. Rhys

    Hired the eze 24 last week Review

    You'd better have big, deep pockets for her birthday then.. Women can spend money like Jesus juggling marbles.. Especially when it's not theirs! :RpS_scared:
  17. Rhys

    Plastering over woodchip

    Did a ceiling once for one of the lads off the site, he'd tried everything to get it off - even a blow lamp! It wouldn't budge.. We PVA'd it and skimmed it.. It's still ok after several years.
  18. Rhys

    Nela premium trowels

    I dunno lol, you sold 2 EZE 24's :RpS_thumbup:
  19. Rhys


    Don't think I could swallow one of those let alone both :RpS_unsure: :RpS_scared: :RpS_biggrin:
  20. Rhys


    I quite like the kit that comes with them... ...though I've no idea what the orange foam balls are for?
  21. Rhys

    Nela premium trowels

    You can, I use mine for laying on - although it's an 11" so don't know about the other sizes. I actually find it perfect and gives a lovely first coat without digging in. Still waiting for a couple of the 11" new premium trowels though as @Plasterers1StopShop didn't have any in where I visited...
  22. Rhys


    No, it looked like this... ..then I edited it to use on a white background.. :rolleyes)
  23. Rhys


    Anything to get out of making me a cuppa.. :RpS_sneaky: :RpS_biggrin:
  24. Rhys


    Well, they can't be that bad. Ryan asked me to come down to do some product shots for him and while I was there I watched a demo of the EZE 24. The lads who were being shown it soon picked up confidence in using it and were impressed - so much so they bought it. A short while later another...
  25. Rhys


    This would be a good machine to start with then? less of an initial outlay especially if you haven't used a machine before?
  26. Rhys


    Haha, quite possibly true :RpS_scared:. At the end of the day which one would you want to lift back in your van though :RpS_laugh:
  27. Rhys


    I'm not into machine plastering but I've seen the EZE 24 working and moved one around. It's a lovely compact machine. Not seen the other one mentioned on here so I can't compare or comment. ..pretty sure I've got a pic of one knocking around somewhere.. :RpS_cool:
  28. Rhys

    G** secction..2 lets try again!

    Thats it, you bite down on that pillow.. :RpS_thumbsup:
  29. Rhys

    G** secction..2 lets try again!

    Bagsies top bunk! :D
  30. Rhys

    shadow gap beads.

    We used shadow gap beads on a house a while ago. It was specced for along the bottoms as no skirting was going on and the floor hadn't even been laid yet. The floorer was moaning like hell that they were out by a few mill.. The builder who we were working for set timbers on the wall to set out...
  31. Rhys

    Putz Margin trowels.

    I have a couple and find them ok, use them quite a lot. Here's a pic I took before I muckied them up :RpS_thumbup:
  32. Rhys

    Why is is Called a Hawk?

    And that'll be as flat as s fart..
  33. Rhys

    Top 10 things 4 a plasterers good day

    I was told of a lab who did that, walked downstairs with them on his head - stirring his mug of tea with a dildo he'd found... ...when she walked in early (forgot something and came back home). Everyone got slung off the job..
  34. Rhys

    haunted house

    Been down the vaults as well, stood in Mr Boots room and dared him to come near me.. Blew in my ex's ear and scared her half to death lol
  35. Rhys

    Top 10 things 4 a plasterers good day

    Had "I don't eat cakes but I've baked you three and what you can't eat you can take away.."
  36. Rhys

    haunted house

    Spirits etc. don't bother me. Did a job on an office and the water supply was next door in an old house that was empty. The cellar had been converted into a staff kitchen. Being on my own I had a wander around and took a few pics, one was from the hall looking down the cellar steps - when I...
  37. Rhys

    Pussy sets....

    Average 2 bags a set depending on what I'm doing, fiddly stuff might just mix half a bucket (white tall ones), straight forward walls maybe 2 1/2 to 3 bags depending on how it's setting (between 2 of us).
  38. Rhys

    Mixing issues - plaster going off fast

    Used some old plaster the other day that the customer had kept from the last time we were there (and then it'd been out in the piśśing rain, 2 out of 8 bags usable) and it was nice to use as in slow and steady (apart from the bits). Got some fresh and it set like buggery.. Go figure..
  39. Rhys

    service magic to stop trading.

    Sick of getting emails off them - straight to junk now. Owner is a Prince somethingorother.. Sounds dodgy from the off..
  40. Rhys

    Lets see your Van

    Anyway it's about time we had some good luck after all the crap we've had happen to our van.
  41. Rhys

    Lets see your Van

    I need on to cover a scratch on my car (which I use for work).
  42. Rhys

    Christmas Message

    Thats great! Pleased you liked them (editing took ages - between 15 to 30 mins per pic). Tried to keep shadow detail in nearly all of them. Midget SF has come in really useful :RpS_thumbup:
  43. Rhys

    Christmas Message

    Not bad, been a bit slack for a few days but busy till we break up now. Hope the pics were ok?
  44. Rhys

    Christmas Message

    You on the mend then Ryan? :RpS_thumbup:
  45. Rhys

    Disliking posts

    Sorry, my finger slipped and I hit the like button by mistake.. :rolleyes)
  46. Rhys

    Disliking posts

    And I disliked this post about disliking the dislike thread..........:RpS_thumbup:
  47. Rhys

    Strange but scary shape

    Best strokes there are :RpS_thumbup:
  48. Rhys

    House Of cracks

    Our lasses house is built using Thermalite blocks - nearly all of the internal walls have cracks in them and in places it looks like the backing plaster has shelled off the blocks. Probably built using a strong mortar mix.
  49. Rhys

    BG Pure finish

    Noticed it on their website (after the free ice-scraper offer), first thing that I wondered was how much? Probably more expensive.. Only thing I keep wondering is why don't they bring back Carlite Finish - was lovely to use..