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    What aviation snips people using for cutting angle bead? My dewalt snips seem to kink the metal when they cut, heard wiss are meant to be decent?
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    MediFLEX vs Black Edition

    How does the black edition compare the MediFLEX Nela trowel? Been hearing they take an age to break in, find the mediflex a bit wide
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    Jointing Trowel

    Think you’re right mate tbh, thing is site managers don’t give you time to learn unfortunately so you’re forced to rush and cut corners sometimes I guess
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    Jointing Trowel

    Probably making a tit of myself, I’m a tape and jointer and some of the plasterboard I’m working with is horrendous, so I’m looking for a ‘hybrid’ trowel. I have a mt permashape, and a Nela mediflex. The mediflex is slightly too flexible and, and the permashape is sometimes too rigid, this...
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    Tape Jointing

    Hello, I’m new to the trade and been tape jointing for the past 3 weeks or so, as a trainee, and am after a little bit of advice on tools. What is the best 6” jointing knife money can buy, in your opinions? I have a Kraft tools one but it gets really slippery on the handle when it gets dirty...
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    New Tape and Jointer

    I’ve been taping and jointing for about 3 weeks now, subcontracting for a plastering company on a new 66 bed care home. Just looking for recommendations for the best 6” jointing knife. I have a Kraft Tools 6” but the handle gets really slippery when it gets dirty, and has started to rust already...