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    Labouring work

    Don’t think £600 a week cash for someone unskilled who would be keen to learn the job at the same time is a bad rate to be honest Sure it would do someone
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    Labouring work

    £120 a day. Must be willing to work away. Digs paid. Preferably from north west area/Merseyside so I can pick you up drop you off
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    Iwi installer room in roof jobs

    Just wondered if anyones done any of these jobs installing insulated board with eco companies? They seem to promise good money, working away all week but digs paid etc Just wondered whether it’s worth a go or it’s all a blag
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    North wales

    Email me mate I can send you my phone number and sort it.
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    North wales

    Got a couple of big jobs in north Wales kicking off in next few weeks. Plenty of work on for next 6 months. Looking for another spread who fancies jumping on or college leaver who knows a bit and willing to learn
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    Bond and skim Crosby Liverpool

    Give us a message mate if you’re stuck. I’m on the Wirral
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    K rend job Wirral, Cheshire

    Have you managed to find anyone mate? I’m in Upton area quite happy to give you a hand
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    I’m in north wales mate and can tile. Message me
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    Plasterer Needed for a Project in Switzerland

    If you can put some pictures up and bit more info I’d be happy to consider it . An escape away from the missus is long overdue