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  1. Tommy5

    Plasterers 1 Stop Shop Spray day

    I'll be there Saturday
  2. Tommy5

    Whats it like Plastering onsite?

    I got in with someone when I finished my level 2 if I had gone on site on my own then I'd not have earnt any money. If you can find someone willing to take you on and show you how site work is done you will earn good money once your quick enough but it's not just about how much you can put on...
  3. Tommy5

    One for new apprentices.

    Knobhead :endesacuerdo:
  4. Tommy5

    refina plaziflex trowel problems

    Do you do a wood handle for the nela?
  5. Tommy5

    Dreamteam Season 2

    Sent it mate
  6. Tommy5

    Tpf euro2016 sun dreamteam

    I'm in mate
  7. Tommy5

    Adult apprenticeship

    Good luck mate stay involved on hear and take any opportunity to work with an experienced plasterer you get you never know what it could lead to a few weekends hear and there could be the start you need.
  8. Tommy5

    What advice would you give to an absolute beginner?

    I play on it when the kids are in bed they went to bed at 5pm today
  9. Tommy5

    What advice would you give to an absolute beginner?

    Me to mate 31 today got a ps4 and loads of cream eggs off our lass and the kid proper grown up
  10. Tommy5

    What advice would you give to an absolute beginner?

    Older than I look. I'm 29 for the third time today
  11. Tommy5

    What advice would you give to an absolute beginner?

    I'd did something very similar to yourself was doing agency labouring jobs no prospects so went to collage did the level 2 diploma. I managed to meet a plasterer through this forum and have not looked back since. I don't know if I'm just an exception but after nearly two year I think I cover my...
  12. Tommy5

  13. Tommy5

    I bet your really good at icing cakes

    One coat sponge mate
  14. Tommy5

    I bet your really good at icing cakes

    hope she likes the classic look I'm not re-skimming it
  15. Tommy5

    I bet your really good at icing cakes

    Its a bit more artex than skimming
  16. Tommy5


    If it didn't mean a 5 hour drive and staying at my mums I would mate. Hope someone on hear can give you a hand
  17. Tommy5


    Could I just have the money.
  18. Tommy5

    Microsementalist Masterclass

    I think he will love me he loves the banter. I could even ask for some training in that kapow sneak attack shredder fighting thing. I've also heard he has a sideline as a Bengaly waiter so the food could be good.
  19. Tommy5

    Microsementalist Masterclass

    I really think Craig would love it if we could all make an appearance to show our support in his latest endeavour. This time next year................... O he already is
  20. Tommy5

    What makes a good plasterers Van...

    I've had two baby seats in my transit
  21. Tommy5

    Plasters labourer

    I hope so we all need a chance I got very lucky and haven't looked back
  22. Tommy5

    Skate board for sale!

    Haha that's mad you can get done on a bike but not a motorised skateboard
  23. Tommy5

    Skate board for sale!

    Can you get done for drink driving or is it a case of if you have a little trouble walking best not to try skateboard home
  24. Tommy5

    Skate board for sale!

    How many times you fell off? A mate of mine had a petrol one he used to go all over town on it seen him come off it at about 20mph it got took off him by the police in the end
  25. Tommy5

    How to build a skyscraper in NINETEEN DAYS

    That is mental i wonder if they had to ware nappys like they made them do when they were practicing the Olympic Games opening ceremony.
  26. Tommy5

    Skate board for sale!

    Id try one of those electric skateboards be a bit less effort or a Segway
  27. Tommy5

    Tools of The Week

    looks like he's got some good stuff there shame I'm band from pound land apparently asking how much is this for two hours is unsociable behaviour
  28. Tommy5


    Welcome along
  29. Tommy5

    Looking to get work with a plastera

    I'm good at Fifa I should apply I heard Kevin keegan had applied though
  30. Tommy5


    I did something similar to you for what was going to be for a few days hear and there I've been full time since that was over a year ago. If the bloke has work and is willing to take you on go for it. If the work drys up for a few weeks phone an agency you will probably get some work of some...
  31. Tommy5

    Essex newly qualified

    Get your self a cscs card mite help get on with someone you should be able to get the red trainee card then replace it with the blue one once you have the nvq
  32. Tommy5

    One year later

    Only if your buying the first round
  33. Tommy5

    One year later

    he said it was a good night would be good if a few of us could get together for a few bears sometime soon
  34. Tommy5

    One year later

    its been a year since I joined the forum after finishing college. Thanks to the forum and @jesssop I got a few days work with @scottie5 that went well and I've been working with Scott since. I've learned a lot in a year it's been life changing. Ive just finished my first week on my own it went...
  35. Tommy5

    Where are you working today?

    Did this today
  36. Tommy5

    How to set your stall

    It was some introduction to site work don't think I was a lot of help that weekend
  37. Tommy5

    If The Was One Thing???

    Never do anything your not prepared to explain to a paramedic
  38. Tommy5

    New Start

    these shoes?
  39. Tommy5

    good morning

    The lawn is mowed now watching TV with the kids
  40. Tommy5

    Refina Plazi

    I find it difficult to play tennis with my elbow much better with a racket though
  41. Tommy5

    new years resoloutions

    I'd sponsor you
  42. Tommy5

    new years resoloutions

    If sponsor you
  43. Tommy5

    new years resoloutions

    Meant to say piss auto correct ahh lol
  44. Tommy5

    new years resoloutions

    People tend to take the puss not give it mate
  45. Tommy5

    new years resoloutions

    Was the piss given to you in a bottle or a jar?
  46. Tommy5

    1 coat skimming with supaflex

    You forgot the reveals mate
  47. Tommy5

    1 coat skimming with supaflex

    Spell check stopped working for a bit make me sound like I'm not an illiterate tit
  48. Tommy5

    1 coat skimming with supaflex

    Just like to say I work with @scottie5 what he says he dose it what he dose and it is all two coat finished to a very high standard.