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    Heart problems

    body builders = disco tits
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    tadelakt substrates

    Right. It's been sometime, I went AWOL for a bit ;) This thread is an embarrassment because of the way it was trolled. Well done to other people who chipped in later though :) There's a lot of experience and knowledge out there that deserves some recognition. So, since this thread seems to...
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    Heart problems

    posted this sometime ago. The manufacturers have a lot to answer for too...
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    Insulated Render question

    Right you cagey bunch of lego assemblers, quick question about insulated render. Anyone used it, got any thoughts on it (yeah I know that's difficult for some of yous). At the moment I'm coming across this Italiano stuff that's more expensive than frigging gold dust. Diathonite. And there's...
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    Eye care - A warning

    if it's a domestic, get your head under a tap asap. Or better still get the shower head on it for as long as you can bear it.
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    Ciao Paolo Di Canio

    lmfao fascist c**t deserves all he gets
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    Patching Lime

    do what?
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    Patching Lime

    Just had a call from a Sparkie mate. Yeah I know the shame, still he wants some advice on a heritage job he's done some wiring on. He's managed to chip some lime off a ceiling and he wants to patch it. What's the best option for him - I don't want to do it.
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    Rendering in this weather

    them there white shirrts look a bit frooty
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    bubbles in sand cement render!

    I see them sometimes, it's just temporary. Once the water has been wicked into the scratch the bubble will go down.
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    Ch.4 on how to render

    Check out the comments where people are asking for advice. Lucy really knows her ****
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    Ch.4 on how to render just came across this. Think it's the worst DiY guide I've ever come across
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    Problems with Skim Coat on Plasterboard

    yep you've been well and truly one-coated
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    Can you water down thistle bond it ?

    Got hold of some microgobetis for a s & c render on a blockwork xtension. Worked really well on that, really well. Remember reading on here about people raving about it for reskims. So with what was left over I used it on a reskim on some really bad walls in a terrace. The walls were a mix of...
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    ruling off with speedskim

    poetry in motion :RpS_blink:
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    just roll some stabiliser on it. PVA and skim. works for me Bondit or any other plaster bonding agent works too
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    Bet you can ice a cake !!

    Did someone say they were good at icing buns?
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    Plaster in the eye

    I had a similar one before xmas. Doing an artex, got an eyeful - I blames the ripples Then I managed to cut between me fingers through me gloves with the trowel. Got to the bathroom upstairs after trying the kitchen sink and stuck the shower head on it full blast for a few minutes. Fcuk that...
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    OK whats your fav-aspect of being a spread

    when I go swimming with the kids, I can't stop myself swimming in circles
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    Hate plumbers

    I got a free boiler off my mate who installs them. I agreed to skim a room for him if he installed it gratis. It's an older vaillant (bout 5 yrs old) that was ripped out of a house and replaced with new one. It's a bit of a gamble sometimes whether they work alright and there were some leaky...
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    Art student + shed + plaster = HELP!

    hmmm maybe you could disassemble the shed and paint the slats with bondit and skim them. Then stick it back together?
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    Plastering workwear

    sweaty bollox is smthg to avoid. Go for breathable fabrics all the time. trackies make you look like you've just come off jeremy kyle
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    Plastering window reveals video

    and who the fcuk is this c**t Plastering in my girlfriends knickers - YouTube
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    Thistle Uni-Finish Update

    who? Oh that geezer, thought he was alright. Mind you there's fcuk all wrong with aquapanel.
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    Thistle Uni-Finish Update

    coolio will we see knauf on here too? :)
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    Thistle Uni-Finish Update

    So that's sorted then, it's cos they're French
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    Thistle Uni-Finish Update

    what about the welsh?
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    Thistle Uni-Finish Update

    he he it's gonna get interesting to say the least. Wonder if any heads will role for unifinish? Who's responsible for it's development? and the marketing? And who the fcuk tested this ****?
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    Thistle Uni-Finish Update

    wonder what the shareholders are thinking?
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    Looking for a decent box rule.

    think you might need some chewing gum for that. No I'm not a scaffolder. I can read :P
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    Looking for a decent box rule.

    scaffold is made of galvanised steel. That's magnetic. If it's made of lightweight aluminum then it's not magnetic.
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    Welsh plasterer on the run

    Alan Watkins: Violent criminal on the run from police taunts officers with a mock wanted poster on Facebook | Mail Online Anyone know him?
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    Ready for packing in...but I know I wont.

    polyfuckingstyrene, WTF! bang it out, move on and learn
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    My First Disaster

    If it's an old wall, I'd assume it's a lime based plaster on there. Old lime work reacts with gypsum, it goes off really quickly and you'll really struggle to get a good finish. Using SBR won't help! Follow the previous advice and use a bonding agent or failing that buy some stabiliser and mix...
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    oops, so it was just a reskim on some existing plaster?! If that's the case then BG are well and truly fcked thought it was too good to be true when they first starting talking about it.
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    New Plastering Video

    Should have done it stone effect mate :RpS_wink: nah that's proper, well done!
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    getting electric shocks whilst plastering

    think i've mentioned this before, but avoid shocks on your left hand. Sparky mate of mine told me, he used to fix tv's and they had to hold their left hands behind their backs. If you get a shock through your left side it will go to your heart. That's a bit of your anatomy you don't want current...
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    for free

    Jimmy Saville did a lot for chariteee
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    Lunch ideas

    top tip for deodorising anywhere cheaply and effectively light a match let it burn, snub it out and let it smoke. The smoke will mask and clear (**** knows how) the most putrid of smells.
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    Im a confused girl...

    Don't worry there will be some boring c**t along who keeps fish
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    Coming to mainland in new year

    Seen a van today with 'So you've tried the cowboys, now try the indians' think it was some punjabi geezers
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    Coming to mainland in new year

    yeah, polish geezer who lived on a roundabout for more than 40 years. He's brown bread now.
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    Coming to mainland in new year

    Nisus could also take you on a sojourn to the lovely Bescot Market. With the M6 roaring past in the background, you can sample Walsall's many culinary delights and artisan wares. Pork Baps, scratchins, knock off clothes, 4 lighters for a quid and shite tattoos a plenty. Welcome to Walsall.
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    Coming to mainland in new year

    Now you're talking. The traffic light, was in fact invented in Wolverhampton.
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    Coming to mainland in new year

    Step it up mate, throw in a free visit to Walsall's leather museum
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    Coming to mainland in new year

    I can highly recommend the Walsall Illuminations. You'll think you've died and gone to heaven.