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  1. windy

    Bad plastering job?

    My thought process as well...I smell fish
  2. windy

    Glancing / critical lighting or plastering issue?

    He done vids on YouTube which shows laying on 1st coat with them...
  3. windy

    Glancing / critical lighting or plastering issue?

    I bought a plastic trowel from the scouse lad who designed em and sold the patent to refina eventually...use em from start to finish he said...1st time using them so I did a wall in one of my rental properties...Holy Jesus when the sun hit that wall I cud have died ....beginners mistake
  4. windy

    Glancing / critical lighting or plastering issue?

    Plastic from start to finish probably
  5. windy

    can you help with my project?

    Thought he was a very committed Individual...he was treated like a joke by the media but what he achieved from where he started was inspired
  6. windy

    Finishing touches count

    Admire men like this but can't be right in the head ...
  7. windy

    Is this acceptable finish? Work is done, but not sure about quality

    Are you for real. Been on here as a disgruntled customer for 2 weeks and never plastered in your life and now your dishing advice out ...have you seen those pics ...its beyond a bit of filler and sanding
  8. windy


    Just do the same as the lads on YouTube surely ?
  9. windy

    Hi all

  10. windy

    Is this acceptable?

    You kidding you've had plenty of help on here...why shouldn't you pay for expert opinion or advice....solicitor won't tell you how to defend yourself in court for free ...
  11. windy

    And back to normality

    Jordan peterson said if you feel low eat a high fat and high protein breakfast.....
  12. windy


    Im lost for have none to offer
  13. windy


    Sorry I was referring to bathroom mats, tiles,adhesives,grout and plumbing consumables ...I know timber has flown up in price
  14. windy


    Copper has near doubled in price in 12 months but the rest of that comment I'd take with a pinch of salt.
  15. windy

    Likes on Facebook page

    I love the posts on fb that start with "don't wanna get ripped off but does anyone know any cheap good (trade) to fix my (job) and is available tommorow". Followed 2 weeks by " look what Joe blogs did to my house" Fight to the bottom for most parts
  16. windy


    But yes bargain...getting one fitted In Feb £1300 ffs
  17. windy


    You'll have to buy some form of indemnity Insurance when you sell up...have to be fensa or equivalent to fit those now...building regs gone mad.
  18. windy

    What adhesive for corner bead on solid wall

    # redirect to diy section
  19. windy

    Green grit

    Written by a lawyer,not a spread
  20. windy

    Green grit

    What is a disclaimer? Disclaimers are used to provide a warning to people visiting a premises or partaking in certain activities. They are designed to make sure that people are made aware of foreseeable risks of injury, or where responsibility will rest if items are lost, broken or stolen. Often...
  21. windy

    Green grit

    So spark or gas engineer says that gas pipe or wiring is below standard but I'll do it below standard just because you want it a bit cheaper as long as you sign this form to say if it blows up or electrocutes someone I'm not liable ?? I know they are different trades but principle is the same as...
  22. windy

    Plastering over tile adhesive.

    Scrape,tight coat bonding, sbr then tile
  23. windy

    Green grit

    Lots of past examples been to court and lost trying to argue this. Customer will play soft and younwill be deemed the professional to donthe right thing in a customers house ...or walk away
  24. windy

    Green grit

    It may be just saying can't hide behind the im not taking responsibility for f**k ups if it goes wrong clause
  25. windy

    Green grit

    You and I both know that won't stand up in court. Your the competent person.if it's in doubt it should be re boarded. Ps I'd just sheet up and take my chances
  26. windy

    Bestest product in the uk

    Hope it works well've persevered when the nay sayers mocked you... Now can we change the record please .all posts dominated by it..
  27. windy

    Youll enjoy this one guys.. pics included

    Amazing how your the bad guy even tho that prep is disgraceful...dont ye just love customers
  28. windy

    Has anyone here ever worked for a council ?

    There will be lots of brown envelopes flying around for council contracts.
  29. windy

    Skim over wet bonding

    Thought the same Plastering 101
  30. windy

    Question about cable chases

    If your in people's houses doing paid jobs you should know this.. I can't do it all for you
  31. windy

    Question about cable chases

    Bonding will shrink back a few mm when but mite show through wallpaper?? I usually bond and easifill to top off ..sand back later
  32. windy

    New trowel

    And the needle returns to the start if the song .........
  33. windy


    No..investing in yourself always pays off with dividends...sometimes in unpredictable ways....mite get you that teaching job in your later years as you interview against a better spread who disent have it. ? Hope you pass ok
  34. windy

    Death by steaks

    Just use the s*p*r*lex for final trowel and then a hard final cross trowel
  35. windy


    Got my nvq in plastering free years back under Gordon brown. Doing my nvq on site assessments for plumbing now..also free in my local college...result
  36. windy

    Bad Plastering Job?

    As above if you paid for a reskim you got a 3mm finish plaster....
  37. windy

    Getting stuck in

    f**k that. I have nice expensive work clothes , nice work pants and polo's etc and then I have my plastering clothes
  38. windy

    Skim Coat Massive Newbie

    I think your an electrician
  39. windy

    Easifill on inside of external wall

    Yes I used drywall mixed with bonding...set in about 30 mins with easifill
  40. windy

    Easifill on inside of external wall

    Ye used in the other day after new sockets installed at home...used the 60 version and it's was still unsandable the following day at about 10mm...although it was cold in the room
  41. windy

    Employed or self employed??

    You've also got to factor in a lot of housing associations or council plasterers arnt very good or if they are they soon develope the one coat/ that'll do mentality because of the expectations of the people who judge your work...a lotnof them will be multi skilled tilers,joiner etc...
  42. windy

    What do you think?

    So your not on £110 @ day are you....if you think.ypu are you would be better off employed..
  43. windy

    how do i get out

    This has been the problem in this country for a long time...people who scrounge do often live better than the working man.
  44. windy

    Damp patch on newly plastered wall

    Why stop 5 inches from a bead ?? And avoid the sockets?
  45. windy

    Questions from a weak plastering novice

    Why is it these people never return to thank everyone for picking our brains....beyond rude
  46. windy

    Questions from a weak plastering novice
  47. windy

    Questions from a weak plastering novice

    Hi There are lightweight tile backer boards which are almost.line a honycomb and foam construction...these idea for wet areas and can be tiled over but not plastered...they are more expensive than tile board but lighter and easier to cut. Use these in the wet areas and use handy boards for the...
  48. windy

    Youtube wankers!!!

    I think he was a plumber and a plumbing lecturer in a
  49. windy

    Youtube wankers!!!

    They know they'll be getting all the likes from diy types. So they are appealing to their target markets...