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    Pain and tingles in left arm/hand

    Carpal tunnel for sure, get name down for op, cortisone injections last about a year, have them until op, £80 time
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    K-rend and stains after training

    You can silicon up the bead easier on the return, rain definitely got behind bead there
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    8 X 4 Sheet - LWB Transit Custom

    I've bult a false floor in my swb, can get 15 boards in there, 3m beads safe under there too
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    Mistake at plastering !

    If your lad has done it properly, just skim it
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    Boarding ceilings

    I have a hoist but the support frame buckled, still usable, but I find the thing hard work to transport anyway so invested in these, they're expensive for what they are, but they're brilliant, easily attached (I use 60mm drywall screws), very strong, can be used on all domestic jobs as opposed...
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    Anyone know what sand and cement this is?

    it's probably done with snowcrete, and looks like it'll come off in sheets
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    Who's right about this plastering/rendering: my builder or "the one with the attitude problem" ?

    He's right about the thermal upgrade, he could be right about the damp too Edit: He mentioned water coming in, you didn't???
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    Trowel keyring

    Lol we'll have pandora bracelets soon, trowel. spat, plazi, speed skim etc etc etc
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    work today

    We all have days like that bud
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    Vertical or horizontal screeds?

    Apologies, I didn't make out the strip of pb
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    Vertical or horizontal screeds?

    Lovely job. I'd have boarded that ceiling and scrimmed the joint tho
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    Hop ups/work platforms

    10ft plank for top and legs, bit of 2x2 for joints and feet, make your own to desired height, 3 pages ffs
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    How to flare render above dpc

    Stop beads are a different thing, these are formed with Drip Beads
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    Saturday job

    Nice job, not sure why you done a wet angle when leaving around the frame tho
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    New and improved tapit tape review

    Your work is terrible, over skim or not, state of the window too
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    Plasterboard nightmare

    It's fine, we always skimmed grey side when I first started, white for artex
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    Looking for a new collated screw gun

    I had my dewalt from power tools uk, £327 delivered with 2 x 5amp batteries
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    Looking for a new collated screw gun

    Edit: this is also caused by me putting 60mm screws back into empty strips
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    Looking for a new collated screw gun

    I'm currently using 60mm collated with dewalt, the length of screw causes a problem at times but they go in effortlessly
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    new system for fixing beads

    Look forward to trying it mate
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    new system for fixing beads

    well you got the tape going around the bead, if you cut it off the actual corner, how strong does it hold? or am I missing something silly here?
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    new system for fixing beads

    How strong is the hold when you cut away from the corner?
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    new system for fixing beads

    Is it on sale yet? great idea
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    Some days

    Cracking job
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    Plasterers pregrit

    I find a space beforehand I can prep, not ideal and becoming a bit inconvenient since I've been back doing this full time, but I was comparing to other grit products, I'm not against going back to pva
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    Plasterers pregrit

    I won't use anything but micro, I've never skimmed it the same day tho
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    Estimate on Cost to Plaster a 3 Bed-Semi

    You went cheap after all then, state on that head
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    Where is the best price to get a new kitchen? are superb quality and service, you can open a ticket on their website and speak to one of their experts, send them a plan and they work everything out for you, choose your delivery date and everything comes fully built, I was very pleased, cheaper than Howden too
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    Roller v brush

    No, but I have a decent van :LOL:
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    Roller v brush

    Coving going up in the morning
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    Roller v brush

    This room was plastered 4 years ago for £1500, the ceiling lines were beyond repair after coving taken down, plasterer done the coving lol. The plaster came off with the coving on one wall and I scraped the whole thing off easily, another patch had blown so I took that off, could probably have...
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    Roller v brush

    A wall too, that hadn't been prepped with anything, some rough bastards about.
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    Roller v brush

    Had call yesterday asking if I could sort this urgent, they'd started painting and it all fell off in big chunks. Didn't feel gritty but been prepped with something s**t.
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    Hi guys.

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    I'd have put some screws in it for sure, only seems to be screwed around outside of boards
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    Pond with mono

    Surely you'd have been better off fibreglassing all the way up? it's going to look terrible very quick
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    Would you?

    spot on
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    Hard decision to make

    Why not ask your dad if you can take your own labourer and do some of the smaller jobs, you’ll be getting experience and a labourer up to speed ready to go alone
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    New parex mpr

    Anyone use this?
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    Bonding plaster on to a conservatory brick wall

    is it? I can't see it properly tbh
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    Bonding plaster on to a conservatory brick wall

    Kinky is right tho, get someone in rather than mess it up
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    Bonding plaster on to a conservatory brick wall

    Dot and dab easily, 9mm board, 1 bag bonding compound, 1 multi finish and a dry wall angle bead
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    Bonding plaster on to a conservatory brick wall

    Make sure theres a dpc between your door frame and wall, you can't have the inside meeting the outside, if not, expanding foam, then bit of waterproof in s+c, then skim
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    Bonding plaster on to a conservatory brick wall

    Why not board it? I wouldn't use hardball or browning on an exterior wall personally, s+c if you can't board it........although I don't really know what your talking about either
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    Back on the tools....

    I got 2 weeks until plant closes bud, I then have a game of golf at Ashburnham on the Monday, and back at it on Tuesday 29th.