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  1. J

    Hello there

    Lol 350 give 3multi n bag of bonding
  2. J

    Plasterers and Tapers wanted Leigh

    Wot is your problem t**t
  3. J

    Plasterers and Tapers wanted Leigh

    M2 price for d n d skimm
  4. J

    Painted brick wall

    I have painted garage wall is it best to dot n dab or use no nails
  5. J

    Wanted newcastle plasterers

    Plasterer or trainee in northumberland mainly plastering on boards
  6. J

    tape and joint project

    Bad price supply n fix
  7. J

    Type of finish?

    Is it not tyrolean
  8. J

    North east north land

    Any one after learning plastering northumberland area
  9. J

    High hopes for Leeds

  10. J

    High hopes for Leeds

    Leeds defending well again could be 5.6.or 7 lol
  11. J

    Dot n dab

    Is it ok to dot n dab on painted brick work?
  12. J

    High hopes for Leeds

    Leeds going down they shite carnt defend
  13. J

    Echo rend overnight

    Slow prefect for next day rub up
  14. J

    Corner trowel

    New trowel you need not angle trowl m8 looks crap
  15. J

    Pink plasterboard disaster

    Should all be sealed not pass any tests
  16. J

    Glass rock boards

    Pva n skim or grit
  17. J

    Glass rock boards

    Can you skim over glassrock boards
  18. J

    skimmers asap

    You sorted now
  19. J

    Artex fail

    Apart from boarding what do you suggest
  20. J

    Fixing tolerances for metal studs

    You boards lately seem heavier ?
  21. J

    Early grand national tip

    He not show full of s....t
  22. J

    When accas go wrong

    They are worst team in league need wilson n maxi back asap
  23. J

    When accas go wrong

    Come o the toon
  24. J

    Cheltenham tips

    U talk some crap m8
  25. J

    Plasters & dot and dabbers

    M8 got more letters after my name thats in your name you thick cnt.I retired at 45
  26. J

    Plasters & dot and dabbers

    Whys that then we should all be on same for price work u sad t...ts