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    looking for work

    Hi all Just come back from France, run out of money renovating my house. Looking for work. Essex based. John 07749679980
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    re-locating to france HELP???

    I have a house in France and sometimes do work for expats. France is full of P&O builders who learned their trade on the boat coming over who work on the black for expats. Unless you are fluent in French you will not get work with local builders and anyhow the French employ French.
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    Main contractor not paying up

    Every plasterer on this forum has been or will be knocked if they are in the game for long enough. I have known plastering contractors to loose their houses after being knocked by builders. I have also known some guys to smash up their walls when they have been knocked. One plasterer I knew went...
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    Plasterer required Romford

    Hi Can do your job next week based in Basildon 30 years experience. phone 07749 679980 ask for john
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    Black stains on wood after a splash->how to clean it?

    No matter how well you mask up plaster seems to get in somewhere. No much you can do now apart from rubbing it down. For future reference if you are on another job with un sealed timber carry a jif lemon with you. The moment you see a bit od masking tape lifting or a splash on the timber give it...
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    How many trowels

    hit the wall or ceiling 5 times , first coat , second coat , flatten in , trowel up , polish, that's how I was taught.. Don't always work out like that
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    "Here Karl shows his quick plastering technique. Wall skimmed in three minutes!"

    Could never understand why guys don't start from the top
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    Came back from France last week, the ferry was jam packed. The only English I heard was spoken by the catering staff and they had a French accent. They are not coming they are here already!
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    look at this idiot

    The good thing about being a south paw is you are not working up some other guys arse.
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    CSCS card - how to get one without doing an NCQ?

    Nvq.....! Had a labourer with me a few weeks ago for a house render, first day me " right knock one up 1 and 4 don't forget the waterproofer /febmix and put a shovel full of lime in the mix". Him "err what do you mean 1 & 4 "Me you have a NVQ 2 in plastering, don't they teach you mixes at that...
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    looking for work up to christmas

    Hi all After being flat out since the early summer the works dried up anyone need a hand up to christmas, 30 years exp, Essex based but will travel. Tel. 07749679980 Thanks
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    Are things getting busier for you?

    Booked up solid until October however only one new customer the rest is on going clients that have been doing their places up bit by bit. As said in a previous tread its feast or fammie watch it go dead in November
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    Reliable, honest, experienced Plasterers needed in Cambridge Monday

    £3.25 m2 are good rates, best of luck to Plasterersltd. It makes a change to see rates over £3.00m2 Even I could earn money at those rates.
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    Are things getting worse all over?

    As above plus: lots of children to claim tax credits, rented house paid for by the social to cover the weeks you are not working.
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    A few rendering questions - old stone house

    Lime one would think wouldn't one?
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    Sorry mis read post just had a row with the wife
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    Low cost render isn't that the same as rough !
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    Plaster crazed and coming off

    Hi Gemma You hit the nail on the head, hot day wind blowing with no windows or doors the plaster dried to quick end of story.
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    Versitile plasterer for the Auvergne central France

    Hi Eliphanta I am in Dijon for 10 days last week in June doing Clay plastering. Have used Lutec 2000 before. When did you want it done and what are your rates.
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    Are things getting worse all over?

    80m2 a day thats two hits at 30m2 and one at 20m2. 7 years ago the guy I worked for was paying £3.25 m2 so you are working twice as hard for roughly the same money. Yes it can be done the for odd week or two, but every day week in week out ! For whom the bell tolls it tolls for YOU
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    lime pointing

    Weber in France do a pre mixed bagged lime & sand . They have cornered the market with it in France. You can get it color matched for the local area. Any large builders merchants will be able to order it in for you. Make sure you soak the walls down the night before. Start early and lightly...
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    Lime render job coming up in Hertfordshire

    Get a quote for gypsum plaster then times it by 6, then sit down and pour yourself a stiff drink
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    Correcting an unfinished plastering job

    Sorry to hear about the poor quality workmanship a tale that is only all too familar these days. Yes you can fill and sand down but when plastering is as bad as yours sounds the only way to get a good job is to at the very least pva and re skim. if its very very bad then a bond and skim may be...
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    Anybody else gone quiet at the moment?

    I have worked it out. End of January, Feburary, March busy. April quiet easter holidays or people spenting money on their gardens. May, June, begining of July busy. End of July August quiet, holidays. September, October, begining of November busy. End of November December begining of January...
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    Rendering on Detached Bungalow - South Wales

    Put your soffet & facica up before the rendering that way the render will cover up any hollows and uneveness in the brick work. If you put the soffet & facica up after and the render is even a little bit out you will have to cut them in to fit the render.
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    Bitter old spreads

    Its not only us spreads who are suffering wages and prices are being driven down no matter what game you are in (bankers and doctors excepted of course) There is no chance of this county coming out of recession. This is the new norm. Unemployment may be falling but the new jobs are all in call...
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    Is P.V.A. Necessary with Lutec 2000

    Yes you have to PVA with Lutec over paint. Only problem is it delays the setting time and takes forever to go off. You may get away with it over crepe. You shouldn't have any trouble getting Pva in France. Next time I go I am going to take some bond it with me Lutec 2000 takes to long as it is.
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    plasterer wanted

    30m2 a day I am finding it hard to do 3m2 at the moment ! mind you the job is an old farmhouse with artex panels that I am skimming flat between old timber beams some of which are tree branches and its driving me MAD
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    Working away

    You will find it hard, Europe has got as many problems as the UK, no money, no work, too many people chasing what work there is and huge debts. Lot of English are trying to sell up and come back to the UK
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    please help !

    Wow your English is better than most of the spreads on here!
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    immediate openings for 3 plasterers in Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

    I have an american friend whos single if I marry her I would then be a yank. Wife may get a bit pissed off
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    Sterling downgraded from triple a rating

    I want to go to France but they are even more F**ked than we are
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    immediate openings for 3 plasterers in Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

    Now if EMW. inc was an English company the rates would be: minimum wage applies
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    Local builders and developers and local people

    I used to know a director of a medium sized building company very well. He was telling me that after the last recession in 1990 prices went up but the rates they were paying to their contractors stayed low that how they went from being a small company to a medium siezed one. Me thinks the same...
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    Looking for work

    I have been on this forum 4 years and have never seen so many posts from guys looking for work. The goverment said back in 2010 the county would return to growth in 2013, well if this is growth then I would rather be back in reccession.
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    Looking for Advice or Opportunity

    Good for you ryant, at least you understand it takes more than 3 months to become a plasterer. There are lot of guys who do a week course then start up as a plasterer. When I was taught I wasn't allowed to touch a trowel for the first 3 months until I had learned to knock the gear up. Then it...
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    Looking for Advice or Opportunity

    I don't understand if you done your C&G then the only thing you should be is slow and that will come with time. How many years training was the C&G?
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    replies to problems

    The reason you get silly replies to posts are because some of the posts are from people who from the tone of the post have just done a weeks course and are trying to use the experience of plasterers who have been in the game for years and learn the hard way. We are all chasing a smaller...
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    Went to see another job today but how are you supposed to !!!

    I would think most spreads would bit your hand off for a job like that, if the price is right of course.
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    Plastic Angle Beads x

    Hi Charlotte Travis have different prices for different customers. Go down to them open an account tell them you are pricing £**** amount of work and you will buy all your materials from them but not at the sillly prices they are quoting to you at the moment. The more money you spend with...
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    looking for work!

    You can't blame the poles they are only trying to better there lot its greed that is the problem from the bottem right up to the top. I once worked for someone who lived in a million pound house and complained that the poles took to long to fit the kitchen. When I said whats the problem with...
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    looking for work!

    Sold a fridge to a couple of poles and they said the same there's to many in now in London and what with the bulg & roms its only going to get worst!
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    Plastering (the good old days)

    Used to know a floor layer who could knock up 10 ton of screed by hand and lay it in a day
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    Hi to every one I'm new hear. But need to get back to plastering every day

    If you are getting regular work stick with them. Only another six years of recession to go
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    Need some advice

    Please don't tell me a plasterer can't re bed 4 bricks that have fallen out. Ashfelt floor on the inside? 10 bags in 5 bags out when I was learning I would get a smack round the head with a wooden rule if I wasted more than a shovel full of material.
  46. C I took this photograph...

    Don't know what all the fuss is about its the living that will hurt you not the dead
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    low pricing

    Hi clayplasterman this time last year I was fully booked up to March and turning work away. I will just have to sell the roller if I can clean the plaster off the seats.