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  1. Trisha 12


    So guys I’ve been plastering 15 years and my customers are always happy with prices , lately I’ve been working for a builder who keeps expecting lower prices , trying to have me over , before I cut ties with him, what prices do you all charge for internal work I’d usually charge... 200 / 250 to...
  2. Trisha 12

    Parex uneven finish.

    Ha yep that’s my plan at least for this year suck it up and move on x
  3. Trisha 12

    Parex uneven finish.

    Help !! Ive been and internal plasterer for 15 years ,, towards the end of last year started external with parex loved doing small jobs but took a risk on a large project followed all correct guidelines and messed up ?? What do I do ? pay them back or attempt to fix it I’m very embarrassed as...