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  1. J

    Straight to NVQ 3 OSAT

    It was government funding to the course providers, depends what area your in, some colleges still fund it, others don't.
  2. J

    Missing Dog!

    Looks like they found the Pussy........... Cat
  3. J

    Internal rendering after dpc

    Dri coat, it won't damage your trowel either ;-)
  4. J

    Whopper builders!!

    Artex is BACK!!
  5. J

    3 Bed House internal plastering - North Scotland

    I'll be honest with you Dan, no one is going to post a price on a open forum based off photos, it's not the done thing. My numbers there if you want it, without speaking to you direct I can't really give you anymore help. All the best.
  6. J

    3 Bed House internal plastering - North Scotland

    Based on the information you gave I wouldn't be able to give you a idea of costs. Like I said in my other post, feel free to give me a call and we can talk in depth more.
  7. J

    3 Bed House internal plastering - North Scotland

    I'm based out of Caithness, I would be more than happy to give you a quote, you can get me on 07854697580. Or PM me on here. Thanks, Jeff.
  8. J

    Prices for plaster, render etc

    Some good prices there :-)
  9. J

    Best wood for spot board

    Marine ply, varnished. It's lasted 7 years and still going strong.
  10. J

    Out the bucket

    As a rule I'll use a tub when on my own, but a spot board when I've got a labourer
  11. J

    Big ceiling

    Good luck
  12. J

    Looking for experience...

    Hi Scott, What are your aims, what are hoping to do your self? Are you looking to do this as a way to become a plasterer?
  13. J

    saw you guys on twitter!

    I don't do twitter -:)
  14. J

    Keeping it clean

    Who makes that mate
  15. J

    january course guide 2014

    Is that a college course?
  16. J

    Keeping it clean

    I've never used roll and stroll, seems to come recommended by a few
  17. J

    Straight to NVQ 3 OSAT

    I can't find any where near me that can do it for £800
  18. J

    Would you buy this house?

    I'd want to know all about the murder, it certainly would add character to the property.
  19. J

    Amount of plasterers

    Defiantly a lot around, turned upto a quote on Friday to look at a old Victorian house with damp external walls, I gave him a few options and he said "that's interesting as the other 3 that have been round all said to dot & dab it" I explained why this wouldn't be my first choice of solutions...
  20. J

    Keeping it clean

    Cheers, I might have to try that stuff, cheap a swell.
  21. J

    Keeping it clean

    Maybe it's just the B&Q stuff that's ****, as it just didn't stick when I tried it.
  22. J

    Keeping it clean

    I've tried B&Q's version and it's not up to much, I'll have to give this stuff try.
  23. J

    Keeping it clean

    What's everyone's preferred methods for protecting carpet?? I normally use those disposable dust sheets and mask them to the skirting, then have a proper sheet over the top, any other good methods that work for you's?
  24. J

    Yet another plaziflex question!!! lol

    I'm gonna be different and not bother with a plazzi, bottom line is I can get a good finish with the trowel I've had for the last 4 year. the idea of having a different trowel for different parts of the set deludes me, plus my tool bag isn't big enough :-)
  25. J

    7 years experiance he said

    Dashing, they dash everything up in the highlands. I lived up there for a few year and it was pretty much all I did externally.
  26. J

    Straight to NVQ 3 OSAT

    I will do it, no rush though I don't desperately need it. I'm only doing it for my own personal development mate.
  27. J

    Straight to NVQ 3 OSAT

    They fund the level 2 mate as that's all you need to get into work, with the level 3 your on your own, this is for the OSAT route. You can do a college course 1 day a week, buts that's the diploma, not the nvq and not really a option when your older and working.
  28. J

    Straight to NVQ 3 OSAT

    Quick update for anyone interested, I've spoke to a few colleges, private training providers and NVQ assessers, they have all informed me you can go straight to the level 3, no need to do the level 2 for someone who is experienced. Level 2 however is funded, so for someone looking to get on...
  29. J

    Trowel Protection Advice

    Yep, I have the refina one.
  30. J

    An Old Dog CAN Learn New Tricks!!

    I agree with this, had mine near to 5 years and no problems
  31. J

    Hello one and all

    Welcome :-:
  32. J

    Teeside plasterers?

    I'm Durham mate, probably abit to far for you
  33. J

    Here ya go

    He can't, he's got no work on :-)
  34. J

    Sparks Chases

    This forum is great ;)
  35. J

    Here ya go

    Oh dear
  36. J

    small extinsion to render bit of advice

    As Leebo said. Maybe look at going to college or learn with a experienced plasterer. Getting someone to do the top coat is a good idea or get someone to help you, that way you'll be learning on the job. And no I wasn't in your position at one time, I was taught how to do this and done hundreds...
  37. J

    Advice needed

    Scratch coat leave for a few days, second coat then wet dash the same day as you would if you were pebble dashing/dry dashing. Hope that helps.
  38. J

    small extinsion to render bit of advice

    If you have never rendered before, my first bit of advice would be to go and learn how to render, and in future don't take on work your not capable of doing, be honest with people and refer them to a qualified plaster instead of trying to blag it and messing up someone's home.
  39. J

    refina s*p*r*lex trowel

    I've used one of these for around 4-5 years, I can't fault it. It's never lost it's shape, just look after it well and it'll last years.
  40. J

    Sparks Chases

    I've always stayed clear of one coat for no reason other than being scared of the unknown! I'm gonna have to try it one day.
  41. J

    Its Arrived !!!

    You'll love it, I've had one for around 4-5 years and can't fault it, providing you look after it.
  42. J

    Straight to NVQ 3 OSAT

    You can't do the level 3 via EWPA, only the level 2. Level 3 can only be done via OSAT.
  43. J

    thinking of coming home

    From what I can gather from hearing lads talk on here, it's very much location dependent so it would be hard to give a definite answer to this one.
  44. J

    Straight to NVQ 3 OSAT

    Thanks everyone, I've spoke to a few training providers already, just waiting for Monday when I can speak to my local college. Once I know the answer I'll post here for all to see.
  45. J

    Quite a few jacking in ?

    If there are any courses/chancers looking in it might be worth bidding ;)
  46. J

    Your age / Time served

    Age: 30 Started: 18 So been going 12 years, started on my own at 24.