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    Insta Stick on Artex ceiling overboard.

    Here's some prit stick mucka, use that
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    Wet angles

    this old chestnut...
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    What makes you a good plasterer?

    An even better plasterer
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    Plasterers 1 Stop Shop - New Trowels - Reviewers required

    Ahh man that means I have to buy a new trowel
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    first ceiling

    Another one that polishe's his work to much, if you want to do that mate then maybe you should turn you hand to marble and give the painters a break, have you ever tried to paint glass? :-0
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    Plasterers 1 Stop Shop - New Trowels - Reviewers required

    Ill give it a whirl as I could do with a new trowel and I'm a tight ar se, but the best bit is if I like ill then pay for it :-0 Seriously though would be good to see a greater choice of decent metal trowel hopefully this could be a contender ....
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    marshalltown gold trowel

    I use a tiling trowel (the flat edge)
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    pir plasterboard insulated vs normal insulated

    Alright lads Spec is to use pir 38mm insulated board which is proper expensive whats the difference between this and normal insulated board ?
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    Vandex disaster

    Again piv unit keep an eye out on eBay as you can get some good deals, and make sure you have enough places for the moisture laiden air to be forced out your pad by these magic boxes )
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    Plastering up to ceiling

    Scrim up tight to the ceiling done
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    plasterer needed

    English please
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    Early Winter Warning!!

    Cheers Ryan I'll be in soon he said I'd go mental in there !
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    Early Winter Warning!!

    I know its off topic but just to big up 1 stop as we bought loads of gear off them today at great price and I get to try out a speed skim :)
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    angle trowel problems

    Used one again today and couldn't get on with it, I'm tellin ya there no good !
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    Best material for a spot board.

    Thick piece of plastic ?
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    Spellcheck ?
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    Corners ??

    Corner trowel debate :)
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    Damaged trowel

    Thermalite the best its instant wet n dry
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    Problem with skimmed wall peeling off when painting.

    So you skimmed a dry plastic surface, I'm sure that the plaster will adhere well to that
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    Skimming over paint

    Are you being serious ?
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    midlands plasterer needed

    No local takers lads
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    midlands plasterer needed

    Cheers nisus, wouldn't want you to travel from Liverpool as if I wasn't happy you wouldn't get paid so its not worth a punt on your side. Plus I'm after someone regular
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    midlands plasterer needed

    As the title says lads we need another good spread to use as they seem to be hard to find now, Variety of clean easy work and good money to be earned please pm me for more details work as early as thursday Cheers andy
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    Skimming over paint

    Onto possibly loose paint
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    Skimming over paint

    Its a bugger when it happens we scrape off the best we can to a point when you say to yourself "that will do it" skim it up and when your troweling up you get patcheswhere the paints peeling away underneath. Don't panic just cut it out an inch past the patch all the way around peel it off and...
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    multi finish not the same to spread lately

    Ahh yes agreed, Also pushing the trowel as opposed to pulling it works wonders
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    multi finish not the same to spread lately

    Which one is it more angle or less angle (flatter to the wall)
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    will my trowel be ok??

    Soak a thermalite block in water and then rub your trowel on it pukka job
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    What makes a good spread

    Black country folk make good spreads :)
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    Rendering stone farmhouse

    Walk away brother as its a blame game when it all goes tits up !
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    Baby gauges

    This heat speeds up the day all good I say
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    How thin can drywall adhesive go??

    Tile trowel it mate so when you press the board into it the Addy spreads and grips
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    Spotless trowels best tip ever!.

    Scrape with a margin trowel does me
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    sbr and scratch coat

    Tacky dude same principle when you pva when skimming you want it to adhere as opposed to sitting on the top where so many people get wrong
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    Lights, camera and action!

    Dumb as, i would of set me slave on him !
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    Blue grit

    Chuck some finish in with it ;)
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    Slope Ceiling Join

    just skim it never mind the bonding out.
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    I never seen that done before why ?

    Oh and it was done by a plasterer lol
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    I never seen that done before why ?

    Nope not for acoustic reasons understandable if it was dabbed and it was soundcoat
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    I never seen that done before why ?

    Why bond before floating up
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    I never seen that done before why ?

    Went to price a job up today posh modern art building type thing spoke on the phone before hand about how he wanted it doing which was wet plastered. Got there today and ( newbuild) and all over the new blockwork was a roughly put on coat of bonding, why ?
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    Plasterer needed urgent in evesham worcester

    To work along side with me for a few days skimming pm me or call Start tomorrow
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    plasterer needed in sw16 london asap.

    Id give you a lift mate but were flat out would be good to put faces to the names When do you need someone
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    External arch bead ???

    Hi mate i think its called hardboard ;)
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    Beading - Hook on beads

    Its banter toughen up, people see weakness and take that as an opportunity to rib ya. You would last long with us lol