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  1. bodplasterer

    Tamworth lad looking to get into plastering/labouring

    If anyone in the Tamworth area is looking for an apprentice/labourer let me know as I know a young lad aged 18 not driving due to not having money but is keen as mustard to be given a chance............ Cheers Bod :) p.s sorry have not been on in a few years lol
  2. bodplasterer

    New boy

    Hello Gary from IOW with 14 years experience hows it going's shhhmilely faaaaaaaaaces :) :) :)................
  3. bodplasterer

    speed skim / eze spat, whats the verdict

    I personally dont use it on skim but its not to say it aint good for that its just i prefer not too.
  4. bodplasterer

    speed skim / eze spat, whats the verdict

    I use it on hardwall for filling in after you rule off its quality.
  5. bodplasterer

    Another lab bites the dust!

    No need for apologise rigs some labs are a waste of space i had one that i counted as a real mate until i realised he was a raging alcoholic and let me down more times than i can remember.
  6. bodplasterer

    Ceiling crack one week after new skim

    First off why was it over boarded in the first place?
  7. bodplasterer


    I need a lab!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. bodplasterer

    Accounts software or book??

    With an accountant £350 is about right for a subby ,then again he should be getting you back over a grand in a rebate and taking a cut from that.
  9. bodplasterer

    work 2013

    Flat out
  10. bodplasterer

    My Speedskim on a pole vid

    Still cant get my head round the speedskim but the video makes it look good ceevee.
  11. bodplasterer

    ocr rates

    Get as much as you can, it gets tiring using OCR all the time especially on the wrists £5m2 is about average for this sort of work
  12. bodplasterer

    Glove trowel

    I have been on a job the last few months and there have been a few occasions where this device would have come into its own basically it's a trowel attached to a back of a glove to get into areas where normal trowels cant reach but yet it don,t exist!!! Come on i cant be the only one who have...
  13. bodplasterer

    Plasterer Needed Bristol

    I cant get plasterers in Bristol either its hard work
  14. bodplasterer


    Sounds like a nice product if its true, we have been using dura finish the last week which is nice to use the last spreads that were using it were moaning like **** about it but its lovely gear to use.
  15. bodplasterer


    Its bad s**t when i had a eye full it looked like i had a black eye for 2 weeks couldnt see for a week my eye closed right over, dont think the eye hospital did much help either shoving stuff in there they said that I had burnt my retina what ever that is?
  16. bodplasterer

    Trowels for sale.

    LOl not sure blokes sound spunky fancies him lol
  17. bodplasterer

    brush v sponge =Sponge is king

    Had enough of hiding then spunks lol
  18. bodplasterer

    brush v sponge =Sponge is king

    Rofl this threads funny :RpS_lol:
  19. bodplasterer

    advice on vat

    Just make sure you have all your receipts.
  20. bodplasterer

    Trowels for sale.

    Lol just spotted this thread I have just done a job for jgreenplastering and he was'nt selling any trowels when i worked for him :rolleyes)
  21. bodplasterer

    advice on vat

    We were vat reg up till last year it was a nightmare takes a lot of your pot best thing to do is spend to ballance the whole thing.
  22. bodplasterer

    Help source pebbledshing stone

    I know HJ Chards in Bristol stock dorset spar. Home - H J Chard and sons
  23. bodplasterer


    It takes dedication to go back through that many post's, unless you just do a search then theres no dedication :huh:
  24. bodplasterer

    Hi there,what u reckon?

    Is Dom back?
  25. bodplasterer


    There was a tip put up on here a few years ago by Church for fraying edge's on scrim tape he suggested you slice with a stanley across the side of the scrim and it stops it apparently but I have never tried it.
  26. bodplasterer


    I'm sure if we could all spell well we wouldn't be spreads, and scrim is crap these days paper tape is the way forward according to BG :RpS_cursing:
  27. bodplasterer

    Paying tradesmen cash in hand morally wrong, says Tory c**t

    Wish I had some of this illusive cash.
  28. bodplasterer

    Is this damp easily treatable

    Looks easily sorted hack it off and you can get a better idea.
  29. bodplasterer

    Updated Refina catalogue

    It seems like refina is fast becoming what dewalt is to chippys for plasterers we will all be wearing refina boots soon:RpS_thumbsup:. If I could afford it I would completely kit myself out with refina gear.
  30. bodplasterer

    Any ideas for a fu6ked back?

    You have a bath before you go to work bit posh aint it bath nights on a sunday.
  31. bodplasterer

    100th post yay!

    Well done bubblebobble you will receive your 100 post's badge in the mail in a few weeks :RpS_thumbsup:.
  32. bodplasterer

    Any ideas for a fu6ked back?

    I was talking to a bloke on site the other day about this very problem, as I suffer as well and what he told me was to get a hot water bottle that's been filled with hot water and hold it on your back for 10 mins, then get some frozen peas and hold it on your back for a further 10 mins, repeat...
  33. bodplasterer

    has anyone used dri- coat

    Went into BnQ a while back and picked up 10 bags of dry-coat for 50p a bag as they were 6 months out of date didn't make any difference to the product as it is cement based.
  34. bodplasterer

    has anyone used dri- coat

    Sounds like travis's prices.
  35. bodplasterer

    has anyone used dri- coat

    Also one of the benefits of it is the reduced risk of cracking not saying it wont ever crack but in my experience it don't as much as s,n,c.
  36. bodplasterer

    how much sand and cement do i need

    3m2 apparently but if you catch alot of it you will get about 5m2
  37. bodplasterer

    getting tired now

    I aint even on facebook so not me either?
  38. bodplasterer

    getting tired now

    Just use one of the sections that don't get used much and have your own secret little club.
  39. bodplasterer

    Have you seen this.

    Lol iI just took a look at the video its like one of those JML videos "new magic float from JML" lol
  40. bodplasterer

    How do you mix and spread?

    My backs fecked because Im 6' 5" and I have always had to bend down especially when rendering on scaffolding they never make scaffold big enough to stand up properly, and I work with another spread a 1 bag mix last about 5 mins with 2 spreads hence the 3 bag mix.
  41. bodplasterer

    How do you mix and spread?

    My back hurts just thinking about plastering, But yeah the same as you more often than not.
  42. bodplasterer

    getting tired now

    Your talents are wasted in plastering Nisus.
  43. bodplasterer

    Have you seen this.

    Was you trying to have intercourse with you float again Nick:-)
  44. bodplasterer

    Have you seen this.

    If you want one i can drill some holes in your float for £10 saving you a £5
  45. bodplasterer

    Well I bought a tub of plasprime X

    Is it not just another sbr substitute charging 3 times the price? I bought a tub if sbr from selco yesterday £16+vat.
  46. bodplasterer

    hello everyone

    Hello Eddie :-)
  47. bodplasterer

    Found this on YouTube

    Now that takes hand applied to a whole new level.
  48. bodplasterer


    Oh yeah Chris bigseggs, Church comes back every now again don't he? and Chris go's off the rails every so often but always comes back usually lady trouble.
  49. bodplasterer


    Lol down Trurro yet?