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    Name and shame

    Petrol bomb his van! ;D
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    Stainless Steel Mesh!

    I think they're 2400 x 900.
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    Stainless Steel Mesh!

    I pay £9.20 for galvanised eml sheets mate from my local merchants.
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    Learn how to skim your house....

    What's he on!!!!!? :o
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    best additive for final coat

    It's a dry dash mate.
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    the mystical first drop

    I had one last week.... arrived at 730am....couldn't bloody believe it!!! First time for everything I suppose! 8)
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    First job

    ;D ;D! Seen some lazy bastards chucking their slop buckets out the windows.....only to be stopped their dollar till they've jet washed the building!! :o
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    First job

    Not my first job but was when I was learning, dropped a full hawk of gear down the site foreman's neck n shoulders!! Teach him to creep about, was working on a scaffold over stairwell, he was coming upstairs!! He eventually found the funny side!! ;D
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    OCR Convert.

    Yes mate, just like using hardwall!!! Piecea piss!! ;D
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    Cheers lads! ;D A slurry coat.
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    WTF is scudding? Is it the same as scutching? ;)
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    weber mono

    Cheers for that mate, didn't want to just slap it on and go for it without a bit of insight on it's proper use.
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    OCR Convert.

    Good prices for your gear, the only merchants round here to supply for me so have to use but suppose so does everyone else, so still competitive on local pricing. Be nice to get it for your price, works out meterage rates the same as sand & cement! It'd make sense to use OCR full time on those...
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    B and q trade counter - beware!

    Everytime I've been in B&Q they cost a bloody fortune!! They can keep their card, too much dollar for my likes!
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    bone dry walls

    Why not use hardwall lads? If you pva the browning then bonding will stick to anything but hardwall designed for higher suction background so give it a drink of water and hardwall it, I've not had any problems with it, but a whole room with the skim scrapped off may require a bit more than a...
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    Its HERE!

    MMMMM!!! Tastey!! Looks like cat sick! 8)
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    OCR Convert.

    How much do you buy to get it at that price? Out of intrest how much do you pay for Rendaid, I've just paid £15.
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    bone dry walls

    Give it water matey, plenty it'll suck like no tomorrow! Scrapped all the skim off! Good grief!! Give it a good drink and float over with hardwall, if it's that bad you mite have to knock it all off and start again!
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    weber mono

    The rendaid failed?
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    squirel mixer?

    Get a refina. ;) Sorry just had a look at one.....take some cleaning!!! Refina do good paddles! ;D
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    weber mono

    Rendaid, do you like it says leave for 2 days, or like real world bang it on next day once set? Just bought some and looking to use instead of SBR for a change, more strings to bow!
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    OCR Convert.

    I've been using it for a basecoat for tyrolean and I got about 1.5m2 per bag at propably 12mm.
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    OCR Convert.

    Got it for £7 delivered.
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    bone dry walls

    No mate, hardwall, it's over old brownin, the couple have scrapped the skim off the backing coat, I suppose you could give the whole lot a skim of bonding but I've always used hardwall over the areas where the skim has been removed.
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    OCR Convert.

    Been using OCR, what a bloody fantastic product, bless yes it was my first time! ;D Be using this a lot more in future, lot quicker and easier to use than s&c!
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    bone dry walls

    Where I have that type of problem I usally give em a drink of water then give the 'unskimmed' areas a tight coat of hardwall, I find this equalises the suction, once set pva the lot n skim it. Gives a good finish.
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    Screws you like...

    Stick with the branded ones mate, not worth the risk over a few quid, you price em into your job anyway.
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    My poo trowel puts s**t on the wall just fine! ;D Funny you should say it's a G** is a bit on the bent side!
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    Tyzack carbon for render.
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    A question

    You've gota have a decent radio! ;D
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    skimming plasterboard brown side out

    Is plaster not wet when you put it on? Be ok to pva.
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    thinking of trying the plastering career...

    I really enjoy what I do to be fair, you got to take the rough with the smooth, you get times when it's crap and boring but you get that in any job. Plumbers are 2 a penny pick up the yellow pages. Plastering is a real skill and once you are good at it you will be in demand, I also get a great...
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    I've looked everywhere on net for some hard and fast rules about log burners and all that I can find on the subject is the building regs regarding the actual inertior of the fireplace, which must be of a solid non-combustable material, render, concrete or brick etc. However I've always gone with...
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    Lesson Learnt!

    Cheers mate, I always do mine too, the builder I know asked me to do it as was too much for him to manage, bit of a favour, nearly got my fingers burnt tho and it wont happen again! ;)
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    Lesson Learnt!

    ;D ;D! I think it's called experience! Ha!! Better to look back on not so nice at the time! :D
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    Lesson Learnt!

    I know, could've kicked myself, was doing him the favour too!!! He's been in the trade long enuff, as he said to me 'you learn something everyday!', I just took it for granted he'd have known how to put a scratch coat on, clues in the name!! Wrong! :o
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    Lesson Learnt!

    O yes!! :D
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    Wouldn't a salt neutraliser help to stop it? I know it's use on brick work but worth ago?
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    I'm with Madmonk but this is always open for contension, what is a good mix for a fire place, I'd go for a 5:1 scratch and 6:1 top coat and match it on the face of breast as that takes a load of the heat too, but I've seen people dab wall boards into the fire place round a log burner, not good!! :o
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    Lesson Learnt!

    I did a job yesterday for a builder I know, 20m2 flat render to a garage, piece o (french word)! Or so I thought! He'd put the beads on and put the 'scratch' on!! (german word), he'd used building sand and smoothed off the so called 'scratch coat' with a trowel and NO scratches, smooth as a...
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    fair play we all do it differently

    You know what they say about ponytails, under each one there's an arsehole! ;D
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    hardwall on thermalite

    It always cracks down the line on thermalites, dab it!! ;D
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    price there and then

    Think we all been there!! 8)
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    second coat

    Where has Kirk gone?
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    Refina board props

    I've got those props, dogs bollox! I paid £30 each, worth every penny.
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    price there and then

    I'm with Church, also has legal issuses pricing on the spot with regards to being paid.
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    day rate

    That's always the case Rich, rape it for the price and you'll always find some lads that'll toss it off on day rate, the place I'm working at, there's a couple of lads on there that can drag a room out to 3 days for a re-skim I kid you not, one of em is the foreman's son!!
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    Order of working

    Oh dear, sounds as if you need a plasterer mate, no offence.
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    multi on lime?

    Have you got the patio doors open? Bit of draught make your gear go quick.