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  1. LongstrokePlastering

    NELA Venetian Trowels

    @Plasterers1StopShop Thanks alot pal, a great surprise! And very surprised i was i must admit. Being a fan of pavan trowels i was impressed with the quality design, strong durable feel to them and if the skimming trowels are anything like these bad boys ive defo been missing out. Looking forward...
  2. LongstrokePlastering

    Woman needs the truth!

    @johniosaif Cheers for the shout pal! @Lowry1234 Come back, am i too late? Missed your banter, flirtatious comments, elegant key board bashing and your brunette hair... Can offer a high quality service as always, free advice, no strings attached and you even get @RobJack in the background with...
  3. LongstrokePlastering

    Rob Jacks Venetian Work

    Keep up the good work my mate ;)
  4. LongstrokePlastering

    G** secction..2 lets try again!

    U lads give me joke lol i did come across the biggest meanest G** crane driver once, as soon as he opened his mouth and spoke i nearly droped the gear off me handboard! Imagine hulk hogan in a tight vest, fake tan, hard hat and crossed with a voice like graham norton :RpS_lol: ... '' oooohhhhh...
  5. LongstrokePlastering

    Say what you see

    Cant fault a saturday night on the forum lol :RpS_lol:
  6. LongstrokePlastering

    Electric damp courses

    Computer wasnt loading, cheers for the video fella :RpS_thumbup:
  7. LongstrokePlastering


    @Artisan998 got there before me lol, Morning and welcome to you @Jigsaw
  8. LongstrokePlastering

    Electric damp courses

    Depending on the spec i go for tanking systems my self or traditional s/c but didnt like the fact that my under studys were asking a question that i couldnt answear properly lol @carlos whats with the blank screen pal?
  9. LongstrokePlastering

    Electric damp courses

    Came across a electric damp course the other day not seen one in about 8 years lol had to explain to the lads what it was as we drilled and injected around it. That was fun explaining but was just wondering if any1 had any more advice on how they actually work if they do ect cheers...
  10. LongstrokePlastering

    good morning

    Good luck pal
  11. LongstrokePlastering

    The customer is always right?

    @Jurek i hope u didnt give him ur bank account details lol :RpS_laugh:
  12. LongstrokePlastering

    K Rend

    and in krends case use the dust to fill any discreperences lol!
  13. LongstrokePlastering

    K rend jointing

    @Artisan998 ive got the job and my new tool to do it, just waiting on the brickies. Its booked in for the beggining of september pal.
  14. LongstrokePlastering

    about to go self employed

    Good luck mate, one week we could write how happy i am and makeing a fortune and keeping all the lads going and then the next week we could write about.... the dark side lol the mrs, the customers, the head aches and thinkin about work whilst at home when u should be playing with the kids. I...
  15. LongstrokePlastering

    K Rend

    Some times cost is not the issue lads, what happens if a small problem arises and some one comes out to check the spec? if uve not used the correct spec for the matieral given it could cost you in the long run. I always give 2 prices to the customer, the expensive right way to the spec or the...
  16. LongstrokePlastering

    K rend jointing

    Oh k, thats good i do a lot up that end myself pal. Might have to have a coffie break some time soon fella and catch up lol
  17. LongstrokePlastering

    Venitian product that can be applied over wallpaper

    Any coating finish applied over papper is a no no as its not a solid substrate. Eventually there would be problems or some sort of movement. When appling these finishes over walls some1 else has plastered we cant guarentee cracks either as we dont know if theyve skrimed up ect...
  18. LongstrokePlastering

    Venitian product that can be applied over wallpaper

    Not that u would pal i ment try and remember what u read?
  19. LongstrokePlastering

    jub scratch render

    My uncles been using it, he says its great. Hmm not sure personaly but am not one for passing negative comments on a product ive never used. Each to there own i suppose.
  20. LongstrokePlastering

    K Rend

    ''many'' lol
  21. LongstrokePlastering

    K Rend

    Hi im based in the north west how may do u need ?
  22. LongstrokePlastering

    Hello to all

    hi bud welcome!
  23. LongstrokePlastering

    Just joined

    yes big dog welcome along pal
  24. LongstrokePlastering

    K rend jointing

    sorry about the late reply pal, u still in town @madmonk ?
  25. LongstrokePlastering

    K rend jointing

    @essexandy i was thinkin that whilst writing this post lol u know me better than that. Always do a neat job but on this 1 theres no room for error or unforseen circumstances. :RpS_thumbup:
  26. LongstrokePlastering

    K rend jointing

    cheers lads, av got 5 bbqs to do all the same spec and also some coins on the external corners on another job. Alot of passing trade as its on a main road so planning on doing a nice neat job.
  27. LongstrokePlastering

    Venitian product that can be applied over wallpaper

    I dont understand why u would want to apply a product like this over paper? try and remember gibbo lol
  28. LongstrokePlastering

    K rend jointing

    Hi fellas its been a while, ive got some funky bbqs to build and k render. The spec is for them to be ashlar jointed. Ive seen a few diff tools such as 1 from refina and av been pointed in the right direction of pft also. Just wondered if anybody has used these tools ect or any tips? thanks...
  29. LongstrokePlastering

    Alright peeps

    good luck pal, dont give up. Its gona be a long windy rd...
  30. LongstrokePlastering

    hi there

    Welcome along gadge. :RpS_thumbup:
  31. LongstrokePlastering

    Rendering in this weather

    @malc it wasnt by choice pal, when i origanaly qouted there was a scaffold up. 3 weeks later when i started it was gone lol Didnt even get a penny more either! Broke 1 or 2 roof tiles on the low levels but that was to be expected. When asked about them i could only laugh it off and shrug what...
  32. LongstrokePlastering

    Rendering in this weather

    @essexandy really mate, will i need plenty of practice first? any tips pal?
  33. LongstrokePlastering

    Getting a smooth texture

    Must agree, it all about the rubing up with a float for various reasons but even tho i know its wrong i love using a sponge instead. #reversepsycology
  34. LongstrokePlastering

    Rendering in this weather

    Am thinkin about hireing a m tec machine for my next project. Approx 600m2 coming up in 2 weeks. Some right big areas to go at. Dont fancey expansion beads here there and everywere if i can help it. Ill be using 2 colours, 1 for the main and the 2nd for below the dpc level but its on a hill so...
  35. LongstrokePlastering

    Rendering in this weather

    Wait till its cooler... me and the lads spead 3 pallets of krend the other day off ladders with no scaffold of **** all, Sun beeming down on us from 8 in the morning till 10 at night. Tshirts on our heads sweating and looking like egyptians. Dehydrating and going under a few times but carried on...
  36. LongstrokePlastering

    settle an argument gents

    Windows shut defo lol sounds wrong but its right.... Stop beads next to windows yea ive seen that loads of times. Nice touch when done right but down to personal preference i rekon. The job ive just finished had £26'000 pre finished and painted windows hence at the end of the job i had a house...
  37. LongstrokePlastering

    New kid on the block!

    Welcome along pal!
  38. LongstrokePlastering

    K Rend Hairline cracks

    Anybody else rule in with a serated straight edge? aka a tooth fairey... thoughts and opinions please lads?
  39. LongstrokePlastering

    Lady plasterer... Soon to be :-)

    Wait till u see suzys van lads u will love it !
  40. LongstrokePlastering

    Are things getting busier for you?

    Snowed under! Working days on 3 big refurbs and nights on resturant shop fits. Cant complain except for the fact that am not seeing me son and my mrs is sick of me lol Shes also sick of this forum and i qoute... all u do is sit on that computer! U plaster all day and come home and talk shite...
  41. LongstrokePlastering

    Facebook page

    64 lurkers viewed and not one reply or comment, let me be the first to pop this pages cherry lol. Even if it was pants mate, when i look in a min i dont mind supporting a fellow spread! Good luck networking @Mike814 :RpS_thumbup:
  42. LongstrokePlastering

    Lady plasterer... Soon to be :-)

    @Sooze welcome along to the best forum in the world! and also the best yet most hated wet trade for some reason. Good to see your very enthusiastic and willing to learn. I hope its not just because your starting out. Dont let the lads put u off plastering ull soon have a love hate relationship...
  43. LongstrokePlastering

    Lights, camera and action!

    How about this1 then fellas, i look out the window and the tiler is pissing up the white krend wall 2mins after i rubbed it up!!! Big yellow stain wtf :RpS_cursing:
  44. LongstrokePlastering

    Short notice?

    Got 2 spreads starting this weekend for a few weeks thank god, should take the pressure off for a while. Cheers for the help @Danny :RpS_thumbup:
  45. LongstrokePlastering

    Lights, camera and action!

    @beddy 4 of us outside all day pal, me putting the sbr on to the origanal building because the windows cost £26'000. Then beading and applying the krend in the aftrnoon. The lads base coating and meshing and then me takeing the opp to take pics showing the 'brand' and networking with k rend and...
  46. LongstrokePlastering

    Lights, camera and action!

    @beddy no mate that pic is me holding the mesh in front of a wall that has had a tight coat of hbx base coat, the mesh was then measured cut and binded in to it by my mate 'big jon' lol Half of the building is painted brick work. Notice how theres no mesh applied yet pal? Look at the dpc level...
  47. LongstrokePlastering

    Lights, camera and action!

    @essexandy yep the wall to the right of me is being preped and meshed by the lads whilst the labourer is cleaning up.
  48. LongstrokePlastering

    Lights, camera and action!

    @owls Where gloves some time pal but vinal so i can get a better feel. Go through about 5 pairs aday when rendering cause they always rip lol. @spunky they were there all day pal but wanted some more footage right at the end, hence ive got my driving trainers on and the lads trowel with the un...