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  1. Mouldyoldspudgun


    Nice one, you just made me laugh out loud, funny look followed from Mrs
  2. Mouldyoldspudgun


    Just moved to a village in Kent, had a brilliant Chinese take away, we move in someone else takes it over and it’s s**t
  3. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Mental health help.

    f**k I never knew you had a pierced lip
  4. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Skimming over SBR

    Have you tried donkey jizz? Does it work? Do you water it down? Does it have to be tacky like pva or SBR?
  5. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Long time no see

    So much easier than nailing scaffold boards to a banker board, they were a god send. I actually had stomach muscles then, just a load of blubbery fat now.
  6. Mouldyoldspudgun

    1930’s Render

    We did, whole housing estates in Gravesend and Sittingbourne for a house building firm called SNW, they’ve gone now the recession f**k*d them over. I still have the Spurs from those days
  7. Mouldyoldspudgun

    1930’s Render

    So it should have been, horrendous stuff
  8. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Long time no see

    A tin bath if you mean the old galvanised baths we used to use for knocking up by hand
  9. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Long time no see

    That’s thrown another hand grenade into the hawk handboard debate. Now it’s dashing or harling they call it harling in the Shetland isles,
  10. Mouldyoldspudgun

    1930’s Render

    Looks like high build to me we rollered the f**k out of a lot of houses with that in the eighties
  11. Mouldyoldspudgun


    And the anti hawk demonstrations
  12. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Long time no see

    And I suppose instead of a plasterers hod, you have a plasterers opensided bucket on a stick
  13. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Angle beads - Sand and cement

    Yes, scratch it then plant your beads on making sure the margin is the same from the sides of your fire place to the edge of the beads then the same distance all the way up between the beads the front face of the beads will have to be worked to the inside edge of the fireplace so you don’t lose...
  14. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Sbr mixed with pva

    No, I call a hawk a hawk, I call a hand board a piece of wood or a thing brickies use to hold their muck when pointing
  15. Mouldyoldspudgun


    The spiders don’t appear to think so
  16. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Sbr mixed with pva

    I would probably leave mine for a month or two but hey what do I know
  17. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Christmas hits that were actually decent?

    There was one that went f**k off santa you c**t. I can’t remeber who it was by or any of the other words
  18. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Sbr mixed with pva

    And if you do don’t skim it when the PVA is tacky wait until it is completely dry
  19. Mouldyoldspudgun


    I think it’s because they consider your render easier to climb than a brick. Can you hang your coat on your flat? Render?
  20. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Someone going over your work.

    Surely not, he always comes across so friendly
  21. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Someone going over your work.

    May I enquire as to why you are going to give @essexandy a sound thrashing?
  22. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Newly painted plaster odour..

    You read so much s**t on here, plastering is pretty damned easy but people insist on making it hard and expensive, I blame all these bloody courses
  23. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Someone going over your work.

    Just tell him to stop f**k**g your work up he is making it more difficult for you as you have to sort out his f**k ups on your work. Failing that drop him where he stands
  24. Mouldyoldspudgun

    boarding over kingspan question please

    It depends how he has fixed the Kingspan and what he has fixed it to. I would either get him to take responsibility for the plasterboard coming away or get him to take the Kingspan off and you do it all. If he takes responsibility you need it in writing
  25. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Has the plasterer botched this job?

    I have never seen anything like that before. I really don’t have a clue where to start but your picture above shows he is not a plasterer, you do not straight join cove, it should be mitred. You have my deepest sympathies try @JessThePlasterer and don’t tell @essexandy i told you that I will...
  26. Mouldyoldspudgun

    The 5b,s

    And what’s wrong with the delightful Laura?
  27. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Installing new staircase on brick before plastering

    Your plasterer may not know how to float and set a wall, a lot of so called plasterers only know how to scim and so will dot and dab. A solid wall is much better (in my opinion) your chippy can fix it to the wall hopefully not having to pack it out if he does this can be easily sorted with the...
  28. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Advice about Sealing chimney

    What a tight git, no wonder you live in Scotland
  29. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Advice about Sealing chimney

    Over sixty threes not seventies
  30. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Hardwall and then screed?

    It might be Marina and the Diamonds Marina
  31. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Newly plastered wall is bumpy.

    Is that one of those hawks that’s about six inches square? I always thought they were for pointing, interesting to here they are called a handboard. Do you use midget trowels as well? Good job your not down south we use a hawk and they are around fourteen inches square imagine you having to use...
  32. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Newly plastered wall is bumpy.

    You are 100% right that is a shocking state and you shouldn’t have to pay for it to be sorted out. The only thing is if this is the best he can do then it won’t get any better. You will either have to live with it or get someone else who is a plasterer not a scimmer or a chancer who says he is a...
  33. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Help! Blue spots coming through white paint?!

    Oil based undercoat should stop it if you have any laying around
  34. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Which trowels

    I only use one trowel always have, my son uses one of those weird things if it’s greasy and won’t finish, me personally I think they are G**.
  35. Mouldyoldspudgun

    the wheat from the chaff

    I must own up to being Chaff too but I was chaffed by Cornwall Brothers, Tovil Maidstone kent, starting 1974
  36. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Recommendations using Smarter Surface magnetic plaster

    Apparently the thicker you go the more weight it will hold. Here is a link I don’t know if you have it
  37. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Recommendations using Smarter Surface magnetic plaster

    I think the easiest way to have the different plasters on the same wall would be to use stop beads as a frame or something else to give a break between the two. As for the weight issue I don’t know is the quickest answer but I suspect that no matter how thick you make the magnetic plaster it...
  38. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Mesh or skim ?

    Reboard the ceiling, get him to scim between doors you can fit the toe of the trowel in there it’s no problem and use whatever cove you like. Just make sure that if he over boards he uses long enough screws to go into the joist puts them in the joists and uses enough of them eight to a row on...
  39. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Hit my target

    A hundred weight, 112 pounds in weight, I thought you would know that, it’s how much the bags of plaster and cement used to weigh before the EU decided we were weeds
  40. Mouldyoldspudgun


    I thought links thingy was full of homos now
  41. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Hit my target

    Is that cwt
  42. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Roughcast rendering improvement

    You could hack it all off then rebuild the outer skin of your house so it’s brickwork. What you have there is pea shingle in sand and cement thrown at the wall, so pretty much concrete, not that easy to rub down with a piece of sand paper. Just paint it.
  43. Mouldyoldspudgun


    It’s bonding
  44. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Looking for your wisdom

    Plastic devil float with nails in or screws if you get fed up with nails disappearing
  45. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Looking for your wisdom

    What about a float?
  46. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Youll enjoy this one guys.. pics included

    I thought it was the staypuft marsh mellow man from ghost busters
  47. Mouldyoldspudgun

    Plasterboard on window/door frames - any advice?

    After another look it looks like you had plenty of room for it to be done properly, until he stuck the reveals, tell him to take them off, stick beads up and float and set it, if he uses sand and cement make sure he sticks the beads with it too and doesn’t top coat the same day. Then tell him to...
  48. Mouldyoldspudgun


    I know what you mean it’s the Bain of my life this predictive shite