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  1. mark ross

    Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

    Best setters I've had have been carbon. The metal remains true. Some SS I've had have warped. Normally once they have become good for setting.
  2. mark ross

    Plasterers and renderers required London and Kent

    Hi all Looking for experienced trowels only . Must have CSCS. Spec : patching , BG grit and over skim . We are refurbishing communal areas in a block of apartments, Park Lane. Must be able to bond out and rule to a high standard. Hours are 8 to 3.30. Also have mono and plastering jobs...
  3. mark ross

    20 weeks run of work Park Lane London

    Hi all Looking for experienced trowels only . Must have CSCS. Spec : patching , BG grit and over skim . We are refurbishing communal areas in a block of apartments, Park Lane. Must be able to bond out and rule to a high standard. Hours are 8 to 3.30. Please call Mark 07768311650 to discuss...
  4. mark ross

    Hi from Bromley Kent

    Hi Ant I'm in West Wickham
  5. mark ross

    Self levelling through Mtec

    All done today . 70 m2 . 2 hours . Went down a treat .
  6. mark ross

    Self levelling through Mtec

    Hi all I have about 120 bags of Nu Heat latex to put through the Mtec M300 Any body done this , and if so what setting on the water worked for you. Thanks Mark
  7. mark ross

    Screed accelorator

    Flexi screed F 0 Ardex A35 Rona crete 1 day overlay
  8. mark ross

    3/2 lime putty finish not curing

    There is a lot of stuff in that building at 100% relative humidity . I would suggest gauging your fine stuff with plaster of Paris to make it hydraulic . But only if your float coat is 100 % dry .
  9. mark ross

    Alfra Eibenstock Mixer - Special Offer

    110v with negative paddle please Ryan plus 1 x 18 Nela super flex plus 1 x bonus tool !! Thanks Mark
  10. mark ross

    The Makita UT1600 1800w Plaster Mixer Review

    Good drill !! On the subject of over spin. Leave the drill in the plaster until stopped. The plasters viscosity will rapidly reduce the drills spin on, after power off. Why would any one have a drill still rotating after they have removed it from a mix, apart from wanting to Tyrolean the...
  11. mark ross

    Waste carriers license.

    Get yourself a a waste carriers licence and register with the environment agency . Tel 08708506506 mark
  12. mark ross

    weber pral m monotouche render pro needed.

    Bet it was them fat boys ! Again .
  13. mark ross

    No beads again

    All done gary . That present you gave me was the nuts ! Steve is really good at using it lol .
  14. mark ross

    No beads again

    You said you wouldn't tell gary .!
  15. mark ross

    No beads again

    Found some .
  16. mark ross

    No beads again

    I'll pop some pics on .
  17. mark ross

    What's better?

    You ain't right mate
  18. mark ross

    Utiform Quattro vs m tech m 300

    Purchased an M Tec from Ryan 4 years ago. This machine has performed outstandingly , never missed a beat , only had to replace wear and tear parts such as the R/S , spray nozzles and dossing screws. Only negative I have on this machine is that it's bulky ness and small wheels make it awkward to...
  19. mark ross

    Knauf Day out & Go Karting 17th July

    Any room for another one ?
  20. mark ross

    Self healing technology

    Yep ! Free lime molecules assist in self healing . but we are talking cement based here , using a combination of shaped memory polymers , micro capsules and bacteria .
  21. mark ross

    Self healing technology

    Could self healing concrete crack technology find its way into the render market. one to watch !
  22. mark ross

    Couple of Acrylic questions

    Got to be spot on !
  23. mark ross

    Renderers required

    Experienced thin coat applicators required to help on ICF project . Just off junction 5 of the m25 Kent . mark 07768311650
  24. mark ross

    Nela s*p*r*lex

    How you getting on with the Ritmo Andy ??. Has it made you more efficient ?? and a better plasterer.
  25. mark ross

    Nela s*p*r*lex

    I was reading through Millars the other day. I couldn't find any reference to plazi this and flexi that. Are we just re inventing the wheel here??
  26. mark ross

    Nela s*p*r*lex

    What's wrong with using a normal trowel then ??
  27. mark ross

    Good trowels required for Kent work

    Looking for good trowels. Kent projects around Orpington. Roughly 4 to 5 weeks work, maybe more. Good rates paid. Quality expected. Pm me for details or call Mark 07768311650
  28. mark ross


    How low can you go ??? . I've done as low as 10mm . Well bonded .
  29. mark ross


    If you have the tolerance , which hasn't been established . Just lay a traditional Sbr modified screed , to a cement / SBR slurry . Go 25mm on highest point to 75mm lowest point .
  30. mark ross


    Watch how you cast. Cast straight on . Go up, down , left or right and you will distort the butter coat . And it will all look **** .
  31. mark ross

    OCR Price

    £4.65 plus vat Sheffield Insulations . By the ton price
  32. mark ross

    Lime burns on hands

    He's right . Or antiseptic cream. Just keep your feckin gloves on in future lad .
  33. mark ross

    K rend in the rain

    Sound like you've been to soft for too long Rigs.
  34. mark ross

    you boy's sure you want to hod carry for a living?

    Christ Kirk.. You've got to get with the times and get a projection machine.
  35. mark ross

    How to screed.

    Im getting old Andy :-(
  36. mark ross

    How to screed.

    James, We have a 180 m2 bungalow to do in Sittingbourne in about 3 weeks. Pop your head, run the barrow for a while, and Ill give you a few pointers.
  37. mark ross

    Coving - non 90 degree angles?

    Good advise. Should end up like this
  38. mark ross

    Joining Pebble dash

    If He has added it with a straight joint and not toothed it. Id suggest a stop bead 5mm of the existing dash , and tell him its a movement detail as its gonna crack there any way.
  39. mark ross

    Vat on a new build?

    A word of advise. If your zero rating invoices for " new build " , make sure you gather some proof that the contract was new build. If you have an inspection you may be asked for evidence. A copy of the completion certificate will suffice.
  40. mark ross


    Had some northern monkey convince me to by a couple of boxes the other day ( with some mandatory PVA and dust sheets thrown in). What a pile of C***p
  41. mark ross

    the best through coloured render suitable for new blockwork on new build.

    That sounds like inside information. Are you their R & D chief tester ??
  42. mark ross

    the best through coloured render suitable for new blockwork on new build.

    Its got to be Parex with out a doubt, these days. Call their representative covering your area and get a specification of them specific to your job.
  43. mark ross

    ashlar and raised quions

    The questions you are asking here are like " how long is a piece of string ?" . The work will take as long as it takes you as a gang. Are you fast or slow ?? I get the impression you have a limited experience with ornate rendering work. So with that in mind I would strongly recommend you over...
  44. mark ross

    any one no of any cheap ish render sprayers ie ritmot or similar??

    I see Dom...ino has moved to Sheffield !
  45. mark ross

    krend silicon overdash

    Get on with it Scots....MTFU your a tough mudder after all !!!
  46. mark ross

    PFT G4 and limelite

    Hope this helps. Lime lite is a cement based light weight pre mixed plaster.( not lime) Having a fairly small aggregate size , we put it through an M Tec 300 no problem at about 750 on the water. ( I guess it will go through a G4 ). If building out heavy, at least 4 days plus between coats...
  47. mark ross

    Fingers in the crack

    Sometimes...a silly piece of polypropylene mush just doesn't cut the mustard. 1870 s property sitting above a Victorian train tunnel. :RpS_crying:
  48. mark ross

    K screed alternatives?

    Flexidry f0 FlexiDry Fast Drying Floor Screed Calculator Advise architect first .
  49. mark ross

    Knauf Plaster Roadshow Gatwick

    Freebies you say . Excellent . I'll have 30 bags of topcem please sir.