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  1. hstoke

    Thistle pro finish.

    Did the finish go like chewing gum when u first coated ?
  2. hstoke

    Thistle pro finish.

    It goes like s**t off stick cheers Gary 3 seperate mixes in the loft room today I proper stretched the day out lol
  3. hstoke

    Renovation plaster over tanking

    Top with renovation high impact plaster the white s**t not the pink
  4. hstoke

    Half time ingredients

    No need fast set this weather
  5. hstoke


    I bet it’s more dearer than diesel
  6. hstoke

    Edwardian property - Lime plaster or sand, cement and lime mix?

    Here we a go again lime is the way ,it’s your house — not the flipping builders
  7. hstoke


    N 30% water
  8. hstoke


    Everbuikd Contractors Pva and kiln dried sand job done ✅
  9. hstoke


    Never that’s ripped bags only !!!
  10. hstoke


    Huws n gray board finish £6.23 plus beat that Casper lol
  11. hstoke


    Multi n board finish @Casper ?
  12. hstoke

    Sponge float help

    Valid point youth look at the view count lol I bet they don’t do the sponge s**t no more
  13. hstoke

    Sponge float help

    Watched this shite u might learn something how to work in 2’s lol
  14. hstoke

    My friends at

    souness told them to lose he must havebeen on for a large payout
  15. hstoke

    Skimming over SBR

    Ruff old cock u mean
  16. hstoke

    Skimming over SBR

    Blue plasterboard then skim
  17. hstoke

    Kirk on ask the plasterer @7 YouTube

    Kirk on @7
  18. hstoke

    A day of domestics

    Is that b4 u started youth lolllllll. ??
  19. hstoke

    Fan venting

    No that’s the first time I’d seen that mate, surely must be another option
  20. hstoke

    Fan venting

    That’s cheap mate but if yer need it @Danny
  21. hstoke

    whats the best plastering tip/advice youve been giving

    I think it was guy called lodan he did the goldtrowel course n slept in his van for a week top lad
  22. hstoke

    Fan venting

    I’ve looked at that b4 ,but only in America mate nothing over here
  23. hstoke


    Is he cracking on with your ultraflex method laying on
  24. hstoke

    Is this acceptable finish? Work is done, but not sure about quality

    Come on Wind up or what @Danny ? Is this @lurpak again @Andy g
  25. hstoke

    Big bish.

    YouTube bish bosh ?
  26. hstoke

    Has the plasterer botched this job?

    Did u ever hear off him again ,Crewe is rough it’s like Beirut around sum of those back streets
  27. hstoke

    New trowel

    Nobody using the search icon anymore mate
  28. hstoke


    If we can get top 2 and when we get Campbell back fit soon score goals Be good see WBA n Stoke go back up again and both not playing “pullis ball “lolll
  29. hstoke


    I’ll take that tonight mighty potters r going up @themucky1
  30. hstoke

    the multi market

    Joiner told me renovators brought 20x 6”x2”‘ by 4.2m long for a roof £800 From Buildbase in Nantwich I s**t u not Must have money to burn
  31. hstoke

    Alternative to timber for outside building

    And @Danny you were have to pick them yourself cus we have no lorry’s and fuel to get them to you
  32. hstoke

    no multi

    Anybody fancy driving the fuel tanker
  33. hstoke

    Lime plaster on damp brick walls

    We’ve told previously on this thread that builder of yours is a pee taker and doesn’t know s**t
  34. hstoke

    Solar Panels

    At mine we had them on our roof with the cost of energy in la 6 months we getting minimal return ,if we could store what’s generated in the day would help We got analogue meter (disc version) so we can track if there doing the job
  35. hstoke

    Lime plaster on damp brick walls

    U don’t wait for it too dry out it will dry naturally , yer wet the walls when u apply lime ,that builder is taking the piss and doesn’t want the extra expense of lime ,as long as isn't running like a stream down the walls crack on with it With somebody who knows what they r doing
  36. hstoke

    Lime plaster on damp brick walls

    Lime for that ,definitely no gypsum !!!! do your research online about lime and it’s uses in old properties
  37. hstoke


    Also straps the watch to his dogs leg for bonus steps
  38. hstoke

    Easiest money you ever make

    Hope your betting was more than a success as your Leeds today Bring howard Wilkinson eh lol
  39. hstoke

    Easiest money you ever make

    Yeh I get that lol which team u gone for
  40. hstoke

    Easiest money you ever make

    Don’t get betting lol , is that 5 home wins u gone for ?
  41. hstoke


    Your cheating mate u probably got the watch/iPhone strapped on your trowel hand lol
  42. hstoke

    There back

    @Andy g can spell
  43. hstoke


    Few years ago there was all types of trowels lorded on here ,flex this n that This plastic easy skim is worth a shot no problems cleaning it either
  44. hstoke


    We all gone plastic mate
  45. hstoke


    Love u mate
  46. hstoke


    It’s a winner @MIXERMAN @zombie lol combination of a trowel n speedy in 1 I know the wall doesn’t show f**k all from a pic it’s flat no ripples
  47. hstoke

    Steico eco insulation board

    No cavity property I presume
  48. hstoke

    Carbon steel

    Medi flex @John j
  49. hstoke

    Idiots everywhere.

    The lad will find out eventually n he be off on his own when the penny drops