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    Hi any one no how much a metre to skim over heavy artex
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    Skimming Legoland Windsor

    is it still monthly pay
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    Exterior Rendering - near Brighton

    im on southover st working if Yu would like me to take a look e.mail me an ill give Fone number thanks Pez
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    Looking for Plasterers,renderers and ceiling fixers Manchester.

    Hi text me yur number an I'll bell you 07599902596
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    Chimney rendering Bournemouth

    I'm doing 1 similar in Christchurch Saturday an its not cheap hard to get too
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    Prices on social housing

    Does any 1 no prices for skimming .dot an dab and sand cement render on social housing in London if I went 4.90 skim 3.50. Dot dab an 12 sand cement render does that sound reasonable
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    Plasterer wanted, Portsmouth area.

    You still looking for a spread in Pompey
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    Grosßen bussen
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    Plasterers, fixers and dryliners wanted North West

    Yul be surprised I've just finished with this mob in Sussex who bought 500 Quid's worth of tool s for these 2 renderers give em a van them made em supervisors then 2 weeks later sacked em cause they hadn't a clue wat they was doin
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    I'm interested done Saudi Arabia for 5 years sure can hack that an do plastering and rendering done farm house in France recently there be 2 of usus
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    Lime render plasterer required lancs

    I can come along an have a look limelite inside all day
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    what wud yu like to no vicky
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    lime render

    on bungaroosh what do others recommend me I go for lime but wonder if could get away with sand cement
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    looking for plastering or rendering work in sussex

    hi any 1 got any work in the Sussex area plastering or rendering cheers 07599902596
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    EWI system installers required mobile 07599902596 looking for a start in a fortnite today do all systems also brick render bassed Manchester thanks perry
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    What has happened to all the government funded ewi work?

    hi warkton any rendering going on in northwest or south east as I flit between the 2 do all systems