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  1. mch

    Recommendations for dry lining course

    Hi all , can anyone recommend a dry lining course that comes with a qualification in south west uk ?
  2. mch

    What would you do ?

    i think the tricks to price stuff with plenty of extra headroom and as someone said be very clear and communication wise you need to repeat yourself , phone before , again and revisit....mis communication is one problem and yeah the odd person trying it on .When i price i tell them i will...
  3. mch

    whats the best plastering tip/advice youve been giving

    Best advice i ever got was from my Grandad who was a plasterer from the 50's up to the late 70's , when i said i was going into the game in the late 80's he laughed and said ' are you sure you dont want to be a plumber '.....?and he was serious i later found out.......25 years later.
  4. mch

    What would you do ?

    I think we all had this have to watch your back constantly dealing with Humans full stop ( i really wish i wasnt one somedays ) ......its getting worse .Everyones middle names ' Shaft ' now it seems , endess bullshite
  5. mch

    Looking fort start in the Chester area....

    it depends on experience really in actual plastering a lot more than they tell students , when i left college in 1987 with city and guilds the plasterer i went on with gave his labourer the job i went for and made me labourer for obvious reasons , If you can plasterer well and up to an ok speed...
  6. mch

    Are Quick Plastering Courses Worth It?

    will say down here in cornwall a mate did a course on weekends and by all accounts the teacher was bragging how they could all earn xxxxx amounts and there was work all over the place down here and i dont know what fking planet the course tutor was on but got the impression he was trying to keep...
  7. mch

    Are Quick Plastering Courses Worth It?

    tricky one as courses can be a good start but they often end with people thinking they can plasterer and getting on a job and then being told ' get on the mixer ' happened to me 25 years ago after a tops course :)....anythings worth a go but i dont think paying crazy £ is just to learn...
  8. mch

    minimum wage

    Parasite middle men / agencies are the problem and employers etc using them so they can just use humans like low paid slaves , its got much much much worse since agencies kicked in and the american style card systems were sold for a tender to american companies so we can be taxed via endless...
  9. mch

    wheres the money these days ?

    yeah its a shame i am shite with pipes and electrics...did consider it funnily enough like everyone else and did work with a plumber once and it did my head in more than plastering.
  10. mch

    wheres the money these days ?

    been in and out of the game a bit and was wondering about retraining in new finishes , machine etc , i was wondering where the cash is ? abroad ? machine plastering ? marble ? or is the best earner still local doing small work ? whos making the Real cash and where ?
  11. mch

    Plasterer looking for work - penzance - cornwall

    looking for work in the area , can travel a bit , open to the odd day or full work.