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    Damp patch on newly plastered wall

    And my thoughts are- im going out for a meal tomorrow and i might push the boat out and have a starter.
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    Another new trowel from NELA - PREMIUM ELITE

    I was nearly going for one, that has just sent me back to carbon again. disgraceful in my opinion looking at that.
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    Dewalt Carbon stapler

    Don't get the Rapid 7.2 it's not powerful enough to go though beads only between the gaps, had to buy mini mesh beads for it to work as I wanted. can anyone tell me if the Milwaukee 12v fires 15 brads or 12 staples through the metal itself on standard skim beads ??
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    Best radio on site

    Waaaaay to much bass comes from the Makita, so much I threw it away. Got a Dewalt Tstack to replace it and is far far better. it also charges the battery whilst its plugged into the mains.
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    8x4 sheets of ply or OSB -NO, not in a straight run 8X4 Sheets of plasterboard -YES and standing up in a straight run in my 66 plate.
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    Anyone tried the new plaster in B&Q 'Make Good' (seen it in other places too) I was Impressed

    Their Bonding equivalent is very good. (Make good Bonding) White in colour. Mixes good, spreads well and sets in 45 mins. It much less corse than BG Bonding. I used it on exmet under the treads on loft stairs and it troweled up with no need for skim. I plan to use it from now on for them.
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    Weighing up a screw gun

    I'm replacing my Dewalt 12v XR2 screwgun. There nothing wrong with it, I just think life would be easier with a collated one. I don't do "real" site work any more, only builder extension/lofts & domestic stuff. So It wouldn't be used loads. Here are my choices & why I have made them...
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    Dri coat over Gypsum

    no the walls have dried out now
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    Dri coat over Gypsum

    Thats it then il go and get my scraper out the shed Nice one lads Thanks for your advise
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    Dri coat over Gypsum

    it a mtr heigh mate A mtr too heigh So my options are take off all existing browning and use dri coat or wait until the walls completely dry out and use hardwall
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    Dri coat over Gypsum

    So what would be ok to use over gypsum residues on block work ? Hardwall ?
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    Dri coat over Gypsum

    so why cant you dri coat over gypsum resides then ?
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    Dri coat over Gypsum

    i thought id use dri coat as i was advised S and C would blow with gypsum underneath. would a pva seal help before applying dri coat ?????
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    Dri coat over Gypsum

    Hi guys Starting a job tomorrow where browning has been hacked off 1mtr high due to flood damage. it has dried out and Ive been asked to float over with dri coat as the customer wants some thing more than hardwall to replace. It does say on the dricoat bag NOT to use over residues of gypsum...
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    wet dashing in nottingham mate
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    would that be 3 sand 3 stones 1 cement 1 lime
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    Have a job on myself and Just reading the above. Ive scratched on 4. 1 intend to butter coat 5.1 and plasticiser. What ratio should i mix my wet dash?
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    hot in here

    Was in my green house today & decided it was far to hot in there, so i think il skim the glass roof to cool it down. Do you suggest pva & skim in the mid day heat or wait until midnight :D
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    Average on new build 40 to 50m2 Domestic, the scope is so varied you cant realy say
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    Get through? What finish, m2, Sandwhiches, Cat flaps ?
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    Rendering key

    Its ony about 5m2 so i'll do the EML route to be sure Cheers Boys
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    Rendering key

    Just looked at a job where ive got to hack of some blown rendering. Problem is, the brickwork to be re rendered has been painted. Any ideas of how to get over it to ensure it wont happen again ? I was thinking a Febond SBR slurry/Scratch /Render or use EML sheets & screw them over the painted...
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    recomended damp product ?

    Thank all for the advice, i shall take it to the customer & put the decision whith her. Pricing included of corse ;)
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    recomended damp product ?

    Ive read up on Throseal which says it absorbs into the bricks which still allows them to breath, all good , but these bricks cant breath already as they have been covered in three coats of glossy paint which i dont want to remove ! Is there owt else ?
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    what annoys you the most?

    Shakin out & folding dust sheets on your own on a wet ground
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    recomended damp product ?

    Evening all Got a job on tomorrow, gonna float out a utility room in bonding which has had painted brick work from day one. Problem is the external wall has got paint peeling & slight amount of salt coming through about 1m2 at 400 heigh. Does anyone know what i can get from B & Q which will...
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    cubic metres eh? Whats that in metres squared segs ?
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    Just on an average basis assuming that thers no hollows to dub out & the block or brickwork is flat, What is the genral meterage a 1 tonne of plastering sand will cover (scratch & top coat) at a 5 to 1 ratio ?
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    Is the Tyrolene applyed the same day or can it be left for a couple of days?
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    PVA- Tacky or Dry

    Is it really a must to skim over PVA only when tacky? even after sealing the walls / ceilings with 2 coats of PVA earlier that day or the afternoon before? surely once you have sealed & killed the suction its ok to skim wheather its still tacky or has dried. I do this & have had no probs & pulls...
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    Just done a simalar job as this only last week, 3 mtr high walls in hard wall about 28 mts2, hack off ,float & set. I charged 800 (no skip needed), took me 3.5 days. It was nice to do some old school stuff again.
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    Work getting tight?

    A bit quite for me at the min. Avin sayin that ive got a full house to start next week. Not had a call form my Ad in the paper for 10 weeks , so i took it out. I wouldnt bother with the yellow pages this coming year either i didnt find it that good. Im gonna put all monies into internet...
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    Straight Edge with Multi

    Yes i get what your saying. What i was asking was - 1. Do you go to the extent of checking all your internals with a 8ft straight edge before you PVA & skim? 2. If so, do you always sort them out by this method? Have been spreading for many years & think i'm far from being a bit rough, but i...
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    Straight Edge with Multi

    Are you telling me that you guys rule of your internals whith a straight edge when you PVA & skim? And what the heck is a skimming derby ?
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    Needing quick help guys

    Jute scrim AAARRHHHH. I still have a roll in my van to remind me that plastering is getting easier, so i keep telling my self !
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    2 coat,,0r 1 coat work..plaster????

    Ah good, Question answered. Have been spreading for 20 yrs & I was also wondering this. No doubt 2 coat is best. I guess its what you were taught as an apprentice or if your teacher has any morrials about him & we have all heard this before " Your only as good as your last job "
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    screw gun dilema

    I did mean cordless of corse
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    screw gun dilema

    Got an 18v Senco but as already said crap in reverse. So i tried a Dewalt 12v drywall screw gun( same as cordless but with a dept locator purposely fitted) Wicked tool ! Ok, you do have to put each screw on the bit, but can drive them in pretty rapid in the second gearing. I would recomend one.
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    Ooooh ! Far to much info , i think that scared him off. I can always come & give you a quote ;)