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    putzemiester or g5

    I use the g5 and I'm on a contract at the mo using Weber products and have no problems with it. give me a call on 07739508468. I will try to help you if i can Russell.
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    Putting beads up.

    it makes a diffrence if you got 5 windows in a row.
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    insulated render systems

    well looks like you where pricing half of the full insulated render system, plasterjfe
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    insulated render systems

    The insulated render systems like Sto comes in at around 100 pounds a sq meter supply and fix, Alsecco insulated render systems is the cheaper alternative by about 30% on the materials and has the same results as Sto. The pro rend system is also a good system so is the terranova, but like most...
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    expansion beads

    I understand what the lads are saying, do you
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    hardwall and lathes?

    The use of scrim or fiber mesh is to bond the materials, just like eml would as to say interlocks the materials giving it less chance to move hense no cracks.
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    expansion beads

    The only bead you can use as a profile bead, if you should have to is a (T-bead) as they are designed for that purpose, if you use a stop bead for that type of work the materials will crack along the stop edge of the bead.
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    remove old bonding from wall

    Hi, If the back ground is solid leave it and use thistle sound coat 10mm plus then skim as normal.
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    hardwall and lathes?

    Hi, Its easy, just use fibre mesh with hard wall, bonding, browning or one coat, apply 2 to 3 mm of base coat then bed the fiber mesh into it, making sure you over lap it by 20mm, then skim normal.
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    G5 plastering machine

    Well lads the machine is 2 years old and complete with a spare compresser and water pump, I also have a Merz sprinter 4 years old and all the tools, selling everything as im going to do the Canada thing as soon as i get the paper work sorted.
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    plastering machine

    G5 Machine for sale