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  1. vince909

    skimming over hp12

    Will do thanks for that
  2. vince909

    skimming over hp12

    hi all,ive got to render and set the inside walls of a small outbuilding and ive got some hp12 left over from a job,can anyone tell me if i can treat it as sand and cement and set on top of it?
  3. vince909

    Artex sucking way too quick

    I plastered a ceiling today (3x4m) over artex( house is around 15 years old)I gave the ceiling 3good coats of pva and put a couple of handfuls of bonding in the first mix as I always do.I got about halfway across and realised it was going off so I got the rest on and with plenty of water on my...
  4. vince909

    bg smells like make good

    I’m in Essex/herts area
  5. vince909

    bg smells like make good

    my bg multi finish smelt exactly like make good multi today,haven't used the make good shite for months so it couldn't have been a lingering odour.has anyone else smelt it?
  6. vince909

    Plaster without bonding agent/pva

    It’s on now so just decorate it and time will tell
  7. vince909

    Foam gun

    I love the stuff,especially when you're expected to fill a black hole that brian cox would be excited to see.
  8. vince909

    DIY rendering help

    is that the new make good multi training video?
  9. vince909


    i find the speed skims are doing more damage than good lately so stopped using them but the plaziflex seems to flatten lovely.
  10. vince909

    Is my house held together with string and fag ash?

    i wouldn't worry,plaster was always grey in the 80s either carlite or syraphite and the scrim was a roll of hessian so all normal things to see on a house of that age.just fill it back in with sand and cement or bonding.
  11. vince909


    i did a job for a woman years ago and as she was a single mum she pleaded with me to drop from £120 down to £100 a day.i took pity and agreed and then i heard her ordering a new bed for £900.never again
  12. vince909


    in my experience just stay well away,as soon as you even start the work they have you and your money,learnt that lesson a long time ago.gut instinct is always the best gauge for these things so if it feels like aggro it probably will be.
  13. vince909


    I've had it for years probably due to walkmans and i pods,i always have something on in the background and most nights i go to sleep with a podcast on so i don't home in on the ringing.nothing will stop it as its a sound that comes from the brain and not the ear.i heard a terrible story of a...
  14. vince909

    Hi all you Experienced Plasterers,

    you could put another couple of coats of pva on the hardwall,its always worked for me.
  15. vince909


    pva for sure,5 mins extra work to save you running about like benny hill to get control again
  16. vince909

    multi problems (tearing/striping)

    Finally made it look good
  17. vince909

    Wire poking out of K-Rend

    their job wasn't to re route external wiring so not their fault at all unless you had previously ask for it to be hidden.
  18. vince909

    Customers a knob

    write with a candle over the finished plaster,that should separate the emulsion and reveal a secret message
  19. vince909

    The Plasterers Arms Disco

    I'm onto podcasts now,can't keep listening to the same old songs.don't mind a bit of ken bruce though.
  20. vince909

    Is this correct?

    must have bought a bag of out of date stuff cheap from the Facebook gang
  21. vince909

    Can we not help each other?

    I've no reason to to doubt him,him and his mate both came back with ten bags each.i saw that with my own eyes.
  22. vince909

    Can we not help each other?

    that was in the herts/north london area
  23. vince909

    Can we not help each other?

    must be getting better,the builder I'm working for at the moment picked up 10 bags on monday and was told he could have a pallet delivered if he needed it,that was wickes as well
  24. vince909

    Make good multi skim any one managed to get any sort of consistent finish

    so I'm stuck with 14 bags of plaster that aren't fit for purpose.about £112 of goods.would you charge more than that to swap them?
  25. vince909

    Make good multi skim any one managed to get any sort of consistent finish

    i rang the make good suppliers(got the number from p1 stop shop)and explained i have 14 bags of the first batch and would like to swap for the new batch so i can give it a proper try.they were aware the first batch is shite and said they'd be happy to swap them,all i have to do is go to their...
  26. vince909

    Make good .

    great thanks ill call then
  27. vince909

    Make good .

    I've been able to get some bg in the meantime thank god
  28. vince909

    Make good .

    i would but i had it delivered from plasterers one stop shop,i might ring them and see if they will do something,had 20 bags delivered and still got about 14 left
  29. vince909

    Unhappy with plastering job - cold bridge roof to blame?

    did they use a trowel or catapult to put it on? :sorprendido3:
  30. vince909

    Becoming a self employed plasterer after being a lorry driver for 8 years..

    you could work for a maintenance company,as i remember they never expect too much from you in a day,you can take on privates gradually, use the firms materials and build your speed and confidence that way
  31. vince909

    Make good .

    I still have the october batch and it does this,dries solid with a sticky wet patch (ooh matron) so you're left with small areas to fill.that photo is on a sheet of flat board so no rhyme nor reason for it to do that.
  32. vince909

    Make good multi skim any one managed to get any sort of consistent finish

    maybe not if it was a friday afternoon:LOL:
  33. vince909

    Make good multi skim any one managed to get any sort of consistent finish

    i would've let it set first,not gone over a wet mix of it,I'm bad but not that bad:endesacuerdo:
  34. vince909

    Make good multi skim any one managed to get any sort of consistent finish

    i put pva on the boards as they'd been up a while and as it was a hot loft they would've sucked the life out of BG so was just being precautious with the make good to give me half a chance before it for the first coat on an artex ceiling i'm not even going to use it for that, its so...
  35. vince909

    Plasterers Solutions

    baked potato show me the way
  36. vince909

    Just taken delivery

    no its tom
  37. vince909

    Just taken delivery

    great thanks for the tip
  38. vince909

    Just taken delivery

    yes yes its tom,you know him too
  39. vince909

    Scorched plaster

    from 3ft away
  40. vince909

    Just taken delivery

    just got a load of 'bond it' scrim from prestige,its a rep that used to work for wack,he's relentless so i just give in and have another order.the scrim sticks well but constantly frays as you unroll it :tonto:
  41. vince909


    they are called worktall boots, i think,
  42. vince909


    just like milk crates really but much easier than stilts
  43. vince909


    don't laugh,i bought these yesterday and i really like them,anyone else tried them?
  44. vince909

    Make good skim coat ????

    used it for the last seven days with varied results,needs a fair bit of water for the final trowel,I've been using a water butt and an elephant.
  45. vince909


    if no one stocked bg we called all use the other shite and save ourselves all the hassle of getting a perfect finish,be home in time for loose women